Happy Dogs, Happy Digs at Kriser’s Natural Pet

The back to basics nutritional movement marches on, and naturally (pun intended), the animals are getting in on the action. As Americans live longer, healthier lives- with a more focused, additive free diet and lifestyle-they want their pets to enjoy longevity right along with them. So “pet parents”, as they are commonly known, are becoming much more health conscious regarding the products they serve their little ones.

The natural pet product industry’s stock is rising as more and more consumers say they’re willing to pay more for the wellness of their pets. And many of these pet centric families call Austin, TX- an epicenter of small business-minded, quality controlled marketplace-their home.

It is within this arena that Kriser’s Natural Pet– a multiple-award winning pet supply company (2015 Global Pet Expo’s “Best Overall Pet Retailer” among others)-has decided to double up their presence in the Texas capitol (the debut Austin store opened last year off Rt. 183 near the Arboretum). Known widely as “the Whole Foods for pets,” Kriser’s- which opened its first storefront in Chicago and has since spread to numerous locations throughout the country- has been providing high-quality service of all kinds to pets and their families since 2006.


Kriser’s has been at the forefront helping to provide a wholesome lifestyle to our domestic counterparts. “The Austin pet community is thriving and we’re thrilled to continue our mission of helping pets live happier, healthier lives, naturally, with this second location,” said Brad Kriser, founder and CEO. “The store we opened last year was met with a remarkably positive response, and we’re excited to help even more pet parents care for their pets with education, outstanding products and grooming.”

So pencil in a visit and head down this weekend to the newest Kriser’s Natural Pet location. Whether your beloved pet (or pets) are in need of anything from toys to supplements to everything in between, they have you covered. Converse with their knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Browse their comprehensive selection and services (all extensively curated and “Kriser’s Approved”) and see why Kriser’s Natural Pet is revolutionizing the domestic animal kingdom.

4400 North Lamar
Austin, Texas