How to Get Your Yoga Fix Everywhere

We’re always one to snoop around and see what’s happening around town (as you may already know judging by the fact that you’re reading this) and one of our favorite local names is Black Swan Yoga. With another new donation-based studio up on Anderson Lane, they’ve been doing it big in the community! The latest thing happening at Black Swan is the launch of So of course we had to test it out…

What is it?

BSY.TV is designed to bring you the Black Swan Yoga class experience wherever you are. Whether you’re on vacation or just can’t make it into the studio, BSY.TV offers an array of classes that you can access wherever you have wifi, which is basically everywhere.

We’re big fans of the anywhere component. Black Swan Yoga at Barton Springs? Yes, please…

How to:

You can get your yoga fix just about anywhere. Phone, iPad, computer — they’re all compatible so just pick your class and turn up the volume. There are a variety of lengths and types of classes so you can meditate when you’re feeling anxious, do a full flow when you’re feeling ambitious or even learn a pose breakdown (for you brave souls who want to learn how to stand on your head).

How much:

BSY.TV offers unlimited access to all the teachers and all the videos for only $8 a month and you can try it for free for 8 days. Apparently our swan friends like the number 8 and we ain’t mad about it. It’s pretty cheap for a whole lotta yoga.

Why you should:

Black Swan Yoga is one of Austin’s favorite local businesses. By enrolling in BSY.TV you are directly supporting your favorite BSY instructors.