Pet of the Week: Faith

Name: Faith
Animal ID:
Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Age: 3 Year Old
Location: Kennel 336
Days In Shelter: 131



This is Faith, who is staying with us at the Austin Animal Center until we can find her a family of her own. She is a special pup and has a special person. She came in as a stray and no one came to claim her. Faith was so afraid and fearful, initially, and wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. Most shelters would have euthanized her.

But time was asked for and it was granted. With the patience and love from staff and volunteers, she finally allowed herself to trust. The moment she let staffer Dena Dixon walk her out of her kennel will be a memory she will always hold priceless. Just look at her now! Faith gives kisses! She plays…she’s silly…she hops around in the play yards with delight! We’ve never seen a dog learn new commands with so little effort! All these things we know about her. The only thing we don’t know is her future. We don’t know who is that amazing family yet, that will be fortunate to receive all the love she has to give. If you know who they are…please tell them Faith would LOVE to meet them!

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