Dog Looking for Home for the Holidays

Meet Kanuk.

This little guy is a Labrador mix. He’ll be one year old on December 15th, and he’s had quite an adventurous life in the year that he’s been alive.  His mom was rescued from a high kill shelter in south Texas, and Kanuk was born in a loving foster home. At four months old, he was transported to an adopter on the east coast. At this point, Kanuk was fully mobile on all four legs, but something happened during his short time with his new family to cause his hind legs to stop working.

The adoptive family decided that they weren’t able to care for him properly, so Lucky Lab Rescue took him back and transported him back to Texas. After consulting with several veterinarians and specialists, it has been determined that he is not a candidate for surgery, but he is in physical therapy to continue to build strength in his back legs and to get him to spinal walk.

A kind animal clinic donated a wheelchair for Kanuk, and he absolutely loves going for walks in his wheels! When he’s not using his wheels, he scoots around the house or the yard by dragging his back legs. Either way, he’s fully mobile, it just takes a little additional time to get him into his wheelchair or to put some protective socks on so he doesn’t scrape up his paws.

Kanuk is so very loyal and loving to his family. He’s currently in a home with two dogs, one being a high energy puppy, two cats, two kids and a lot of traffic. He would do well in a home with other animals as he enjoys the companionship of both the other dogs and the cats. He’s curious but also cautious, but once he’s comfortable with his people and surroundings, he becomes incredibly trusting. He likes to play, hasn’t chewed up one item in our house since we’ve had him, and would be the perfect addition to a family that can spend a little extra time on him. If you’re looking for a dog who will help start a conversation, he’s the one for you! Most people we meet on our walks stop to ask about what happened to him, and I’ve since made several new acquaintances. Thanks, Kanuk!

He’s been passed up for adoption several times, and his foster family will be traveling quite a bit for the holidays, so the hope is to have him in his “furever” home by Thanksgiving. If you think you’re the right fit, please complete an application at Lucky Lab Rescue.