Eat, Save, and Get Paid With TasteBud

You know what? You’re amazing. You deserve to get paid just for being you. And that’s basically what the people at Tastebud have come up with in the form of an app. TasteBud is an extremely straightforward and effortless way to get cash back for dining at your favorite restaurants. Yes, you will be getting paid for doing exactly what you’d be doing anyway.

Here’s how it works: When you are deciding on a place to eat, open the TasteBud app and lock an offer at the restaurant of your choice. The offers are are applicable for food and drinks! Once you arrive at said hotspot, order whatever you want off the menu. When it’s time to pay your bill, simply pay with your VISA card. As soon as your card gets swiped, you’ll get a push notification to your phone saying you just saved X% at that restaurant and a cash back refund will go directly to your VISA card. The card linking program is what makes TasteBud so easy and enjoyable to use.

No coupons, no barcodes, no awkwardness at the restaurant, just cash back directly to your VISA card.

Tastebud works with restaurants and bars throughout downtown Austin to get you the best deals possible and the experience is super discrete. No one has to know you are bargain hunting—even though bargain hunting is totally cool—so it’s great for dates!

Consumers have complete purchasing power. Order whatever you want! TasteBud makes going out and trying new places more affordable. No more guilt for not eating ramen at home—it’s time to get out of the house and live it up!

Looking for the perfect opportunity to give them a try? They’re doing a 50% off deal with BaseCamp on March 1st from 5pm-7pm.