Your Trivia Brain Could Win You $25,000 During SXSW

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We know you were probably planning on spending a lot of money during SXSW on drinks, pedicabs, late-night food, Ubers, and more drinks—so we’re excited to tell you that you can actually make some money this year. And maybe even $25,000!

PROVEIT is the trivia app that lets players compete against their friends and random opponents in head-to-head trivia challenges for real cash. And they are making the most of this crazy week in Austin with a big presence around town and lots of chances for you to win. Starting tomorrow, March 8th at 6:00 p.m., test your knowledge of random trivia in their Austin Trivia Contest.

When: Thursday, March 8th @ 6:00 p.m. – Thursday, March 15th @6:00 p.m.

Here’s how to play:
1. Download PROVEIT and create an account
2. Make a deposit with a CC or Apple Pay
3. Add a profile pic
4. Play head-to-head trivia challenges to move up the Austin leaderboard (positions are
based on average score/game +2 points per win)
5. 1st place at the end of the week wins $25,000 (2nd wins $2,500, 3rd wins $1,000, and the
Next 97 also win smaller cash prizes)

In addition to the challenges on the app, there are three other ways to boost your luck and cash flow. While you are out and about enjoying the fest, look for these chances to win bigger:

Golden Ticket
PROVEIT is giving away Golden Ticket promo codes to all new users who sign up via an online marketing partner or a street team encounter. Promo codes will boost a user’s initial deposit by $1- $1,000 in cash. The user must make initial minimum deposit to discover the secret value of the code.

Street Team
Find PROVEIT’s Street Team to charge up your phone and play in-person trivia to win even more cash. You’ll find them roaming the streets or hanging out at their physical locations (Red River and 4th behind the Convention Center and East 6th across from the Vegas Hotel). 

PROVEIT Cash Truck
The Cash Truck will be in Austin all week and two definite spots will be the physical locations above. Players who take a selfie with the Cash Truck and publicly post it to social with #thisismoney and tag @playproveit will have a chance  to wine even more cash. The funniest selfie of the week wins $500! 

Follow along on Instagram @playproveit for secret Cash Truck stop announcements!

We want to give you $150 to play! Learn more here