Give the Gift of Anything Delivered

Wait, seriously, how did this happen? Christmas is days away! Don’t panic, you still have time to conjure up a great gift for the people you care about. We actually have the best, last-minute gift idea in the world. In fact, even if you had all the time in the world this would be what they really want: a Favor Delivery gift card! That’s right y’all, give the gift of having anything delivered.

Favor Delivery gift cards are great for new parents, busy college students, or anyone who wants to save time and get items from local restaurants and stores delivered to their door. It’s so much better than any other gift card because using those often involves braving the elements and wearing something dressier than your coziest pajama pants. Why would they want that?

If you’re on the fence about becoming a true holiday hero and giving the gift of delivery, let’s imagine what your loved one could use it for. Austin will be their oyster! Here are a few thoughts off the top of our head …

JuiceLand Because Austin is full of healthy people, and also sometimes hungover people who really need super fresh coconut water brought to them.

Fresa’s Because your person wants something hot and local and savory and amazing—like tamales or roast chicken. And they want it now!

Hopdoddy Because cheeseburgers and also because truffle fries. And because there is always a line to get into this place and that sounds like a lot to manage.

Amy’s Ice Cream Because the only thing better than eating delicious, Mexican Vanilla ice cream is having a nice person knock on your door and hand it you.

H-E-B Because literally everyone in this city is in need of something from our fav Texas-grown supermarket at all times. Paper towels! That awesome guacamole they make! More ice cream! The possibilities are endless.

Chuy’s Because their queso is our founder Kristy’s No. 1 Favor order, and because that sounds really good right now.

The Grove Because your parents would love an excuse to relax and indulge. And because you really want them to feel loved this year. And because you want to teach them about Favor.

CVS Because the convenience of having someone run that late-night pharmacy run for you is priceless.

Home Slice Pizza Do we need to explain this one?

And BLOOMS flower shop, because flowers make everything better. They can dress up their house for any occasion—even if it’s just a Tuesday.

To purchase a Favor gift card, go to Choose a design, your desired amount, and the gift card will be sent your way via email. Also it easily fits in a stocking, so minimal wrapping is required. We have all the holiday tips!