Unwind and Get Glowy at Spa Luxe

If I had to pick one word to describe Spa Luxe it would be “experience.” From the warm welcome you receive upon walking in the door to the truly first-class treatments, the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

I’m not sure how many spa days you need under your belt to be considered an expert, but whatever the number is—I’m close! This is probably very obnoxious, but I swear it’s just part of being a lifestyle blogger. That, and lots of 5Ks, heavy appetizers, and cheap champagne! I’ve been scrubbed and buffed and steamed in hotels and day spas at various price points. But I can tell you: The sprawling Spa Luxe in Georgetown has set a new bar.

A critical part of the spa day for me is the relaxation room, the staging room if you will. A luxurious robe and some not-so-cheap champagne before a massage always sets the tone for some serious me time. Spa Luxe set the stage just right. Next up was a 90-minute massage. You now how certain people are born to do things? Like Michael Phelps was born to swim like a fish? Beyoncé was born to bring the house down? Well my masseuse was born to rub muscles! She had a gift for knowing the right amount of pressure and feeling points of tension without me even mentioning it. It was magical and my 80 minutes were over far too soon.

Photo Credit: Aubrey Young Photography

Next up was a HydraFacial, which is the latest and greatest when it comes to facials. I’ve long struggled with clogged pours and this treatment was just what I needed. It’s been three weeks and my face still feels and looks clear and fresh. That most definitely will not be my last HydraFacial.

Topping off my day of self care was a pedicure, with my glass of bubbly in hand. The thing about Spa Luxe is that everyone was so good at their specific job. I felt like I was the only client of the day and they were truly invested in my longterm wellness. A real highlight in the crazy life of a blogger. Duty calls!