Acro Jam at Barton Springs – Winter Edition

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It’s a beautiful day to play outside. And you’ll feel like a kid again at the Springs today as you basically learn to fly. No partner needed. And pool admission is free during the winter!

When inside the Barton Springs fence, please abide by these common-sense rules so we can continue to enjoy this brilliant outdoor acro location:

– No acro on beach towels or the ground. Be sure you’re playing on puzzle mats or a thick yoga mat.

– No standing acro, no handstand canes, and no pops where base and flier lose contact with each other. You’re welcome to go outside the fence to practice those skills. (Get a hand stamp so you can return inside.)

If you see someone breaking the rules, kindly inform them!

When: Today, January 6th

Time: 2:00 p.m.

*They meet at the top of the grassy hill under the trees. Use the South Entrance Gate off Azie Morton Rd. 
Barton Springs – South Gate
1076 Robert E Lee Rd.
Austin, Texas 78704