The Cathedral: 5 Reasons To Make This Your New Coworking Space

In case you missed it, atxGALS just announced their newest venture – a brick & mortar and creative coworking space in East Austin — THE CATHEDRAL. This gorgeous and refurbished 1930’s church will soon be your new go-to spot to work, create, and mingle. The Cathedral will open its doors this Fall as a place for artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a hell of a dreamy and inspiring environment. ​Applications officially are open. (​ visit their website​ to find our more info)



The GALS are excited to have a central hub for their growing network and plan to expand opportunities for their members through events, exhibitions, workshops and more. There is no doubt these ladies will be setting precedent in the Chestwood neighborhood with the opening of The Cathedral, and I can’t wait to get in there to see what beautiful setup they come up with.

Now, I am sure you are wondering – what makes this space like no other? Here are 5 top reasons why The cathedral definitely makes the list as one of Austin’s coolest and brightest new coworking spaces for creatives and entrepeneurs:

5 reasons why you should make The Cathedral your new coworking space:

1. Let there be light. This place has an aura like no other place in Austin

With architectural details dating back to the 30s combined with contemporary fixtures that elevate the space to an ethereal level, you will want to have meet ups here, you will want to show your work here, you will want to make magic here.

2. It’s unique to artists but also such an inspiring vibe for entrepreneurs

Work among Austin’s most energetic and innovative creatives. With potential for collaborations, partnerships, and just making awesome friends; The Cathedral will house the foundation for what’s next in the Austin entrepreneurial and creative markets.

3. The space is dog friendly!

You can finally bring your dog to work with you and cancel that dog walker membership. Equipped with a beautiful lush neighborhood perfect for walk breaks along with a mini dog park on property for pups to let out some energy in between meetings.

4. Parking, y’all. Parking

The Cathedral has a very generous parking lot with over 25 spaces and ample free street parking available on the surrounding streets. No PayToPark or garage rates to worry about! For artists, this is an even bigger perk when loading/unloading artwork from their cars to their studio.

5. Inspired and created by atxgals

Working with The Cathedral will directly support atxGALS, their events, and their ability to give back to the community. With a long history of partnerships through the Girls Empowerment Network, Austin Pets Alive!, The Cathedral will help build a stronger community in Austin by giving back to local organizations and enriching the arts

Now, join the atxgals at The Cathedral and make some magic!