A Texas Company Is Making the World’s Best Cowboy Boots

When all he could find on the market were uncomfortable and outdated boot options, one UT Austin alum decided to make his own. As he set out on his mission, Will Roman ripped open all kinds of boots and spent months experimenting with improvements to both structure and design. Along the way he was inspired to make comfortable cowboy boots that were not only great looking, but a force for good. 

Founded by Roman, Chisos is a boot company on a mission to spread the gospel of Texas by creating the world’s best cowboy boots and advocating for Texas land conservation. Named after the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park, the values of generosity and stewardship are core to the company’s mission. 

In terms of style and fit, the designs forgo traditional western patterns for more Texan, understated motifs and a proprietary post-tanning process creates the unique softness and beautiful depth of the Chisos heritage cowhide. They are also ready-to-wear and require no break-in period. 

The company has just debuted its inaugural line of intricately designed, responsibly sourced cowboy boots. The artwork of the handcrafted first-edition collection alludes to the West Texas mountains, and a portion of every sale goes to support Texas land conservation. 

“Boots are core to the legend of Texas and the identity of Texans,” Roman says. “What a great tool to bring people together to take care of the special places in our state.”

The first-edition Chisos boots retail for $495 and are exclusively available at Chisos.com.