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Austin’s favorite start-up has been expanding rapidly and making big moves across the country. They have just recently launched in the city that is home to the Philly cheesesteak. You guessed it – Favor has taken on Philadelphia!

Their pick-up zone covers the neighborhoods of Temple, University City, No Libs (Northern Liberties), Fishtown, Rittenhouse, Fairmont, Center City, and Old City. This zone will continue to expand.

Favor will delivery ANYTHING for a $5 delivery fee. Enter the promo code:  PhillyBlog and first delivery is free!

Tell all your Philly friends!

These rainy days are making us crave comfort food. Luckily, Favor is delivering Austin’s latest craze, Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches TODAY for just a $3 delivery (11 am – 2 pm).

Not only are Flyrite Chicken Sandwiches delicious, they believe in delivering fast food that is real food. They use the best, fresh ingredients from sources you can trust. They also use all natural chicken, raised without antibiotics. Their wraps and sandwiches will make you feel good, and not put you in an afternoon, energy slump.

Avoid the rain; get Favor to deliver because no doubt, it’s a chicken sandwich kind of day.

Download the
app today and order now.

Photo credit: Alison Narro

If you’re in town for SXSW, it’s the perfect time to think like a local. With the help of our friends at Favor, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best local food and drinks you have to try while you’re in Austin.

Haven’t heard of Favor? They’ll make crossing off the items on this list a breeze! Download the app and they’ll deliver while you’re waiting in line to see your favorite bands.

1. Breakfast Tacos – Veracruz All Natural

Veracruz migas

On a typical Saturday morning in Austin, people wait hours for a taste of these breakfast tacos. And for good reason—they’re the bomb.

2. Pizza Via 313


Who would have thought you’d find Detroit-style pizza in Austin? Thick crust and rich marinara sauce. This is a must try in Austin.

3. More Pizza Home Slice Pizza


Did we already mention pizza? Come on, we know you can’t get enough. If deep dish isn’t your thing, try the city’s thin crust pizza go-to, Home Slice.

4. Smoothies and Fresh Juice Juiceland


Feeling a little burnt-out from awesome showcases and free drinks? Grab a smoothie from Juiceland. It’s the best detox in town!

5. Healthy Prepared Meals Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen Pork

If you need something a little more substantial than a smoothie but you still want to eat clean, Favor will deliver you homemade, healthy meals from Snap Kitchen.

chameleon cold brew

Photo credit: www.chameleoncoldbrew.com/

Waiting in lines during SXSW and mustering up enough energy for Hype Hotel is not possible without iced coffee. Try this local favorite cold brew coffee, Chameleon. We can’t live without it.

7. Late Night Cravings P. Terry’s Burger Stand and/or East Side King


You can’t go wrong with a burger from P. Terry’s or some Thai Chicken Kara-age from Asian fusion food trailer, East Side King to finish off the evening. No regrets.

Happy South by-ing, y’all! And remember, if you make the rookie mistake of forgetting things like sunscreen, or a phone charger, Favor’s got your back.

It’s one of our favorite times of the year in Austin, Texas. Free food, free drinks, live music, and lots of visitors. That’s right – it’s South by Southwest.

You may have noticed a lot of buzz around local Austin company, Favor recently. And that buzz certainly isn’t slowing down for SXSW. They’ve teamed up with SouthBites Trailer Park, dating app – Bumble, and Car2go.

Free deliveries and free swag were plentiful this weekend from Favor, but the fun’s not over just yet. Check out some of the awesome giveaways Favor is doing for the remainder of SXSW.

Monday 3/14

Favor has teamed up with car2go to present you free deliveries. 12 – 2 pm

Tuesday 3/15

Favor has a pretty sweet sponsorship this year with SouthBites Trailer Park. Go check out some of the best local food and while you’re at it, treat yo self to a free massage (on Favor). 6 – 10 pm

Thursday 3/17

Free deliveries once again! Courtesy of car2go and Favor. 12 – 2 pm
Get stamped with tattoos on demand at the SouthBites Trailer Park. 12 – 6 pm

Saturday 3/19

There’s so much barbeque to eat, yet so many sxsw things to do. Get your fill of both, because Favor will deliver you some of Austin’s best barbecue (Salt Lick) from 11 am – 2 pm.

Check out Favor for more information. Don’t miss a beat and follow their sxsw moves on Snapchat – @Favordelivery

For all of the procrastinators out there, Favor is the perfect solution to show you put some thought and effort into saying “I love you.” The best part? You can do it all from your phone, without the mass chaos that may ensue in the chocolate aisle.

Whether it’s flowers for your sweetie, a latte to brighten their day or dinner for two from your favorite restaurant, with Favor you can take your pick from any restaurant or store in your city.

Check out our top 5 picks of best favored items for this Valentine’s Day!

1. The Sweetheart Collection from Austin Cake Ball

There’s no better way to treat your sweetheart than with Austin Cake Ball’s Sweetheart Collection. Favor will deliver but you will get all the credit for your smooth Valentine’s delivery!

Pro tip: Make he/she feel special by going the extra mile to customize your cake ball delivery.

2. A latte from Caffe Medici

For me, the perfect Valentine’s involves spending a lazy Sunday morning in bed with bae. Your home coffee machine is overrated; get Favor to deliver you some of Austin’s finest, silky lattes from Cafe Medici. 

Pro tip: Gentlemen – a latte will go perfectly with that breakfast in bed you’ll whip up. 

3. Flowers from Charlotte’s Fiesta Flowers


Photo credit: charlottesfiestaflowers.com/

Some may think it’s cliche to give flowers on Valentine’s day, but we (and most women) think it’s classic. After all, flowers are a gal’s best friend! Surprise your significant other with a beautiful, bouquet from Charlotte’s Fiesta Flowers. 

Pro tip: A grocery store bouquet is a nice gesture, but a specialized bouquet will make your lady feel like the bee’s knees. 

4. Shoes from Nordstrom

Mens Shoes

Going on a fancy-shmancy dinner date this Valentine’s Day? You want your man to look classy and sophisticated. Give him the gift that keeps on giving – a top of the line pair of shoes from Nordstrom. Avoid the hassle of lines and crazy crowds; let Favor deliver your man the gift of style.

Pro tip: Ladies – you’ve just found the perfect excuse to throw out your man’s rundown, worn-out sneakers. 

5. Southern Comfort Food from The Peached Tortilla


Going out to eat on Valentine’s day is a nice treat, but maybe you didn’t make that reservation months in advance. Enjoy a night in with your boo by getting Favor to deliver food from your favorite restaurant. Nothing beats southern comfort food from The Peached Tortilla, especially when it compliments your candlelit dinner oh so nicely. 

Pro tip: Put that delivery food right in the pan. He/she doesn’t have to know you can’t cook the best southern comfort food!

Use the code: 365THINGS to get $5 off your first Favor delivery


I’ll be the first to say that after coming home from a long day of work, searching through recipes, going to the grocery store, and then cooking a meal at 8:45 pm is not on my daily agenda.

But, what if there was something that made it all a little easier? Sometimes, all you want is a home-cooked meal, but it can be challenging to make time to search the internet for recipes and make a trip to the grocery store. We’ve found your solution; Austin’s very own, Cilantro Lime.


Cilantro Lime is a unique service that delivers fresh ingredients to your door and makes it possible to whip up a healthy, and very tasty home-cooked meal within minutes. Here’s the lowdown on how it all works –

  • You select from a list of unique and might I say, fancy entrees. (They have an extensive list)
  • Within the same day (as long as you order by 12pm), the food will be delivered to your door
  • Here’s the fun part – you get to cook the entree and have lots of fun while doing so.

Can you say perfect date night? Cilantro Lime makes for a delicious meal and fun experience that you can do with your partner or even with friends.

I checked out the service and made Gamberi al Rosmarino for two; it included these fresh ingredients – shrimp, pancetta, rosemary, zucchini, tomato, and pine nuts.

Take a look at the final product!


Be sure to check out Cilantro Lime and have the perfect Valentine’s Day date night!

Use the code DATENIGHT for free delivery

Fried donuts, topped with Nutella and fresh strawberries. Mexican vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, and all the crush’ns you could possibly think of. Austin is home to the creators of both of these iconic gems (Gordough’s Donuts and Amy’s Ice Cream), among many other dessert eateries. 

It’s a fact – sweet tooths rejoice here in Austin because we live in a dessert paradise. And for all your sugar cravings, our friends at Favor have compiled a list of Austin’s most favored, sugary treats. 

1. Red Velvet Cake from Hey Cupcake!


True or false: red velvet cake is chocolate cake with red food coloring? Who knows but we do know Hey Cupcake gets it right with the perfect ratio of cream cheese frosting and whatever red velvet cake actually is.

2. Miss Shortcake from Gourdough’s


On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being you need dessert and will go to extreme lengths to get it), if you’re at a 10, you better call Favor to deliver you Gordough’s. These donuts are one of our favorite treats in Austin. Miss Shortcake is a popular choice among Austinites – a warm donut, topped with an overload of cream cheese icing and fresh cut strawberries. This is what heaven looks like. 

3. Founder’s Fav from Blenders & Bowls

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.15.20 PM

If your sweet tooth craving has kicked in, you can get your sugar fix from many items at Blenders & Bowls without going overboard. You can also build your own smoothie bowl and get Favor to deliver it to you! Perfect for breakfast or a mid-afternoon treat.

4. Mexican Vanilla Ice cream + crush’ns from Amy’s Ice Creams


Is it too cold for ice cream? Never. Is it too cold outside to start your car and drive to the nearest Amy’s? Maybe. Whatever your flavor of choice may be, enjoy any of Amy’s decadent ice cream flavors brought right to your door.

5. Dark Chocolate with Olive Oil and Sea Salt Ice Cream from Lick


Lick has a good habit of combining unexpected ingredients to make unique, refreshing ice cream flavors. Hence, the dark chocolate, olive oil and sea salt combination. But don’t get up, Favor will bring any crazy Lick flavor to your door.  

6. Cake Shake from Holy Cacao


Holy Cacao. They don’t call it “divinely delicious” for nothing. Favor will keep you warm in winter and deliver Holy Cacao’s hot chocolate and/or satisfy your cake shake cravings. Yes. That is cake + milkshake combo of your liking.

7. French Toast from Kerbey Lane

quinn - SweetPotatoFrenchToast_Fido_QuinnBallard-8036 (1)

Breakfast for dinner, breakfast for lunch, breakfast for breakfast? We can’t get enough of breakfast, and we definitely can’t get enough of Kerbey Lane. For all you breakfast lovers, the good news is both Favor and Kerbey Lane are open late and Favor will deliver you breakfast at almost any hour you desire (8am – 3am). Go for their delicious pancakes or one of a kind french toast!

Use the code: 365THINGS to get $5 off your first Favor delivery


Is it just me or was it on the chilly side this morning? Okay, so we’re not dealing with the arctic temperatures of the northeast, but Austinites aren’t built for 30 or even 40 degree days.

Stay warm this winter with some of Austin’s best, soothe-your-soul meals. And with the help of Favor, you don’t even need to step outside of your central heating.

1. Tomato Basil Soup from The Soup Peddler

soup peddler

Whether it is a cold evening or a late night, you can always enjoy a nice hot bowl of Tomato Basil Soup and a grilled cheese.

2. Egg Noodle Soup with Chicken from 888 Pan Asian


You can’t go wrong with chicken noodle soup. 888 offers it all the way until 2 am and we highly recommend you try it if you haven’t had the opportunity already.

3. Sapporo from Michi Ramen

Michi Ramen

Photo credit: groupon.com

When in doubt, grab the Ramen. Michi Ramen offers an exquisite variety of ramen options. Don’t see what you like? Pick your broth, pick your ramen, and add your toppings to create your own ramen delight.

4. Hot Cocoa from Mozart’s

Ana W http-::www.yelp.com:biz_photos:mozarts-coffee-roasters-austin?select=SvSg0lTQL3cwAAL6Jy5yNw

Photo credit: Ana W. yelp.com

For all you coffee and hot cocoa lovers out there, Mozart’s has you covered. Enjoy it paired with one of their many pastry options.

5. Pho from Elizabeth Street Café

elizabeth street

Photo credit: Susan at friedtofu.com

You can’t go wrong with Pho. Elizabeth Street Cafe offers several varieties with fresh herbs from their own garden!

6. Tom Kha from Thai Fresh


Photo credit: thai-fresh.com

Looking for Thai meals with fresh local ingredients? We recommend the Tom Kah from Thai Fresh. This soup has all the flavors in Thai cooking; sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and savory.

7. Madras Soup from The Clay Pit

Pinteret user Megaroo

Photo credit: Pinterest user – Megaroo

In the mood for Indian Contemporary Cuisine? The Clay Pit has delicious dishes to choose from. We especially enjoy their Madras tomato-coconut soup infused with Indian spices along with onion, cumin, and garlic (vegan)

8. Manicotti Florentine from Enoteca Vespaio


Photo credit: austinvespaio.com

This hits the spot when you’re in the mood for handmade pasta. It’s baked with arrabbiata sauce and fresh mozzarella, and will make you feel warm all over.

Use the code: 365THINGS to get $5 off your first Favor delivery



The Escape Game is the newest (and possibly best in our opinion) interactive game in Austin. Participants work their way through complex puzzles and multiple challenges in hopes of “escaping” the room in under an hour.

Here’s the basic rundown and some tips for first time ‘escapees’:

You and the rest of your team will be led into a room and given some brief instructions (there are 4 different game rooms each with their own theme and mission). After receiving your mission objectives, the clock starts counting down from 60 minutes…time to start looking for clues and solving puzzles to ultimately complete your goal and escape! These games are not easy, so get ready for a challenge! You’ll need to practice exceptional communication, critical problem solving skills, and a dose of creativity if you want to escape in time.


Our group was lucky enough to play the recently opened “Gold Rush,” which is set in a cabin in the mountains. The objective of the game is to find the hidden treasure of an old, greedy gold prospector that has gone missing. Word on the street was that he gambled with the mob too much and has disappeared. Our team had to work fast and find his lost gold in under an hour. Through hidden clues and mind challenging puzzles, we worked our way through the game and escaped successfully. Sorry, we don’t want to give too much away…the mystery is half the fun! (watch game video here)

The Escape Game is perfect for friends, family, coworkers, and visitors to Austin. You can book a game for as few as one person but we suggest playing with at least one more friend to share in the experience with you. The Escape Game should absolutely be added to your list of “best things to do in Austin,” it’s definitely on ours.

Looking for something different to do this July? Sign up now and get 10% off with code ‘Summer10’ Monday-Thursday this month!


Does your New Year’s Resolution involve getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle? Good news – City Surf Austin has a giveaway that is perfect for you! They’re giving away 2 free months of classes, a $280 value (that’s 1 free month of classes for the winner and friend).


City Surf is a boutique studio that offers 7 unique classes on indoor surfboards. The unique concept is surfing meets fitness and works your core and stability muscles, not typically found in other, traditional workouts. Each class is 50 minutes long and incorporates, cardio, strength and balance; you’ll get toned and burn fat from regularly attending the classes the studio offers and have fun doing it!

Sold on this unique workout? Here’s how to enter –

  1. Follow the link, like and tag a friend
  2. Follow City Surf Austin on Instagram

The winners will be chosen at random in a few days!


For more information visit – Introducing a New Fitness Boutique