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Danielle Mcintosh


We’ve been doing our Favor series for a few months now and it’s been a hit. It’s included the most favored burgers, healthy food options, and so forth. But, it’s time we address why we truly love Favor. Favor is a hungover person’s dream. A “I woke up like this” (with a headache and cannot move) person’s dream.

You’re telling me I can order anything I want without having to move an inch? And it’s going to be delivered to my door quicker than me starting my car and picked it up myself? If I’m nursing a hangover, the goal is to achieve as little movement as possible for the day so, I’m sold.

Since it’s holiday season and national hangover day is right around the corner (New Years Day), we’ve put a list together of some of our favorite Austin hangover cravings that Favor will delivery right to your door. Favor operates during normal hours (8am-3am) on the first day of the year and they’re available to deliver Austin’s finest hangover cures.

1) French Toast from Austin Java 

If you’re one of those people that eats ice cream after a big night out (me), then Austin Java’s french toast will hit the spot your sweet tooth has been craving.

2) Huevos Rancheros from Juan in a Million
Juan in a million don juan

Two eggs any style with the best ranchero sauce you’ve ever had. Refried beans and potatoes, all smothered on flour tortillas, served and delivered warm for you to devour. Try the huevos rancheros from Juan in a Million or the Don Juan (pictured).

3) Tamales from Tamale House

tamale house east

Photo credit: austinnot.com

Mmm steamy, moist tamales. We recommend the bean and cheese tamale to kick your new year’s hangover in the butt!

4) Migas tacos from Veracruz
Veracruz migas

Need we say anymore than breakfast tacos? These are a hangover necessity and if you’ve yet to try breakfast tacos from Veracruz, then you’ll thank us later for this one.

5) Steak and Egg Sandwich from Paperboy

photo credit: atasteofkoko.com

Photo credit: atasteofkoko.com

Wagyu steak, sunny side up egg, brioche, and chimichurri mayo. Give me all of the carbs and protein, please.

6) Brunch Burger from Porter
brunch burger porter

You can’t go wrong with a breakfast burger and Porter’s is no exception. White cheddar and a fried egg, topped on a toasted english muffin. Bonus points: this burger has bacon jam! *loveheart eyes*

7) Grande Grilled Breakfast Burrito from Cenote

cenote breakfast burrito

Photo credit: @thelenseandknife instagram

At some point in the day, my hangover craves breakfast tacos or a breakfast burrito. If you crave the latter, this one has your name on it. Your choice of bacon or chorizo, potatoes, cheese, all on an organic flour tortilla. Wash that down with a refreshing iced chai, and you’ll be feeling back up to snuff in no time. *note: for vegetarians, you can substitute the bacon/chorizo for avocado.

8) Breakfast Frito Pie from Lambert’s [image by Wes Rowe]

Photo credit: Wes Rowe

Photo credit: Wes Rowe

If Frito pie wasn’t already good enough, Lambert’s tops there’s off with a poached egg AND queso. I’ll never say “no” to Frito pie, let alone Frito pie with queso. This is the epitome of hangover heaven.

Use the code: 365THINGS to get $5 off your first Favor delivery

Time to get the gang together because today, on the 11th day of Christmas, we’re giving away something that will unite all Austinites.

*Drumroll please*

Today you can win up to $200 worth of Torchy’s tacos delivered right to your residence or office by Favor. That’s right…we’re bringing you a taco party which will feed up to 10 people. Not to mention, we’re giving you the gift of being the most-loved coworker, favorite friend, or best family member. People will talk about you for years to come because of your legendary ways of  scoring $200 worth of free tacos.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow 365 Things Austin on Instagram and tag someone you’d share Torchy’s tacos with  
  2. Follow Favor on Instagram

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And on the 10th day of Christmas, we juice cleanse.

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been eating peppermint bark and eggnog a little too regularly this holiday season. Is your body in need of a detox? Have no fear – we’ve got the perfect giveaway to get you back on your feet.

Today we are giving away two 3 day cleanses of your choice, courtesy of our favorite juice/smoothie container on South Congress, Juice Austin.

  • Pick from the green cleanse, the roots cleanse, or the custom cleanse.
  • Details of each juice cleanse type can be found here
  • This is a $300 value price. Enter away!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow 365 Things Austin on Instagram and tag who’d you share the cleanse with. 
  2. Follow Juice Austin on Instagram

Our friends also at Juice Austin helped us put together FAQs and tips for those who aren’t too familiar with cleansing – 

  • How many juices should I have per day? One juice every 2.5 hours. (If you start at 7:30 am, your last juice should be at 8 pm)
  • Should I exercise while cleansing? Absolutely! But ensure it’s in moderation; listen to your body.
  • What should I eat post-cleanse? Take it easy on the processed foods. A natural diet with limited processed foods is recommended for a day or 2


  • Keep juices refrigerated
  • Shake each juice before drinking
  • Hydrate during the day
  • Get lots of rest
  • Listen to your bodyJA_container pic

About Juice Austin
They’re located in the heart of downtown (South Congress) and offer free delivery for those residing in Austin. They also offer organic options as well as three different Juice cleanses to choose from. In the new year, they’ll offer two additional ones (Clean Eating Cleanse and Advanced) so stay tuned. Order online at juiceaustin.com.

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