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Jason Lustig


Everyone loves an underdog story. And this one starts with a power washer.

Back in 2001, the founder of Westlake Home & Commercial Services, JT Hasty, spent his last $300 on a power washer, believing in its benefits for the care and maintenance of Austin homes around the area. He hit the streets and went door to door demonstrating how transformative a simple and relatively inexpensive pressure wash can be.

Through his hard work, they grew from a simple one man operation. Day by day, JT built up clientele in Westlake Hills and Tarrytown. Over fifteen years later, Westlake Home & Commercial Services is now Austin’s premier pressure washing and window cleaning company. They have expanded all over Texas and work with residential, commercial, and multi-family properties.


The Art of Customer Service

While the growth of Westlake Home & Commercial Services reflects the rapid growth of Austin, they still maintain their original values as a neighborhood business. Believing in excellence in service in every aspect of what they do. They truly care about providing value to their customers. They love to see their customers’ happy faces after seeing results of a cleaning. They even work around your schedule, so you can get service when it’s most convenient for you.


Active in the Austin Community

They wouldn’t be where they are today without the support of local friends and neighbors here in Austin! That’s why at Westlake Home & Commercial, they are dedicated to giving back to the community, including being active members and giving back to Austin Pets Alive!, a local nonprofit that maintains comprehensive and innovative programs for animals at high-risk for euthanasia. They also work with food banks in the local area and encourage their employees to take time volunteering for the causes they personally care about.


People Over Profits

At the heart of Westlake Home & Commercial Services is their employees. Taking pride in each and every one’s success is at their core. They’re proud to provide great jobs for people all over Texas. Their employees earn competitive pay and are fully protected by health insurance plans. They believe, “when you treat your employees right, you build a happy and healthy company.”


A Service For Every Cleaning Need in Austin

As their business and team grew over the past fifteen years, so have the number of services provided. Their clients expressed a need for things like pressure washing for all types of surfacesgentle but effective roof washing.

In the Austin area, lakefront properties rely on their boat dock cleaning services. And today’s energy-efficient homes maintain solar panels with their low-pressure soft washing service.

Whether it’s time to deep clean your tile and grout or you want to refresh your deck and pool area with power washing before a big party, they can help a neighbor out.

Want to breathe new life into the exterior of your home or business?

Get in touch with Westlake Home & Commercial Services today for a free estimate. They can answer any questions you may have.

Big things are happening in your life all the time—things you really want to remember. There are birthday parties, housewarmings, weddings, showers, going-away happy hours, and holidays with the fam. Since research shows that we can’t be in the moment and take a photo of it, too—wouldn’t it be nice to put down your iPhone and let someone else capture it all for a change?

A new local company called Kandid.ly wants to disrupt the stressful process of hiring a professional photographer and make the experience much easier for everyone, while also making better photography more accessible. The site lets you compare local photographers, ranging in style and price, and then book them at a price that works for you.

Kandid.ly verifies their photographers’ identity, making it safe for you to connect with them. They also use a secure service to process your payment and the photographer gets paid only when you receive your photos.

There are basically infinite ways to use this service, but a few came to our mind right away:

Idea # 1: Your next party, birthday, or corporate event.



Kandid.ly captured by Rodney Martinez


Kandid.ly captured by Cassandra Klepac

Idea # 2: Portraits for dating profiles and LinkedIn



Kandid.ly captured by Cassandra Klepac


Kandid.ly captured by John Marcus

Idea # 3: Adorable photos of your pets!



Kandid.ly captured by Liz Moskowitz


Kandid.ly captured by Ellie Chavez

Idea # 4: Personal paparazzi. Beyonce has one, why shouldn’t you? – #squadgoals #weekendwarriors



Kandid.ly captured by Josh Lona


Kandid.ly captured by Kayla Snell

Idea # 5: Because you really don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime shot: Engagement photos!

Kandid.ly captured by Liz Moskowitz

Kandid.ly captured by Cary Noel