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Austin is full of great bars and pubs. From laid back to velvet rope, you are sure to find tons of great places to drink and socialize in Austin, Texas. So the next time you're looking for some nightlife fun make sure you check out one or more of the many great bars and pugs in Austin, Texas.

Looking for new places to try this year? Ruth’s Chris’ Happy Hour is one of the best kept secrets. They have a phenomenal nine dollar happy hour that  you can easily make you’re dinner.

A few of our menu favorites include:

  • Prime Burger with Fries
  • Tenderloin Skewer Salad
  • Steak Sandwich with Fries
  • Seared Ahi Tuna
  • Spicy Shrimp

They also offer an array of $9 cocktails, wine and select $4 wine.

Not only is the food amazing, the service is top notch. They just renovated the restaurant. The bar area now has two TV’s and plenty of bar or lounge seating. Defiantly a place to check out.

Happy Hour runs Sunday – Friday 4:30-6:30pm.

Ruth’s Chris
107 W. 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Austin officialy gets a new Chinese restaurant tonight, with the opening of Old Thousand, an eat-in/take-out Chinese brasserie and cocktail bar. The buzz from their preview nights has been exciting and the press release calls the menu an eclectic and inventive mix of flavors, ingredients and styles with modern interpretations of classic American-Chinese recipes. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect:

Starters include homemade pickles, pork and shrimp potstickers, pork ribs with honey black vinegar glaze, squid and shrimp shumai with flying fish roe and crispy garlic, and fried chicken feet. Hot offerings include an old g noodles with pork bone broth and egg noodles and nai nai chicken rice congee. Cool offerings include the tea leaf salad made with greens from HausBar Farms and the ooh baby I like it raw featuring yellowtail, charred grape, honey grape pickling juice, and garlic chive oil.

For mains, Old Thousand offers noodle and rice dishes including the dan dan noodles with shiitake puree, crispy mushrooms, and tofu and the brisket fried rice made with smoked brisket. House specials include the hot pot with pork belly, Chinese sausage, mushrooms, duck confit, and chili-soy; honey prawn with local honey and pecans; spicy fish in a black bean chili sauce, char siu Chinese barbecued pork with steamed buns; and the crispy noodle nest with shrimp, baby scallop, squid, crispy egg noodles, mushrooms, and baby bok choy.

Yum! Be one of the first in town to try this funky little neighborhood place.

When: Today, December 4th

Time: 5:00 p.m.

1000 E 11th St #150
Austin, Texas

Photo Credit: Kristen / Food Fash

After 12 years in the heart of downtown, the owners of the iconic Jackalope have decided to open a second location in Austin’s South Shore district. And hooray for us all, they are throwing a grand opening party for the ages!


The party on Saturday will have live screen-printing of limited edition Jackalope shirts, Austin Tattoo Co. onsite doing some live works of art, an interactive photo booth to document the occasion, Mr. Sparkle (a rare beer from Austin Beer Works that only unveils itself for the best of parties), DJ’s, dancing, free swag, and much more!

This new location has a  large parking lot, ample street parking, a large indoor space, and a beautiful patio to match—so it’s got everything basically. Whether you’re coming for a burger and beer, or to hang out and catch up with some friends, you will be happy and comfortable.


When: Saturday, November 19th

Time: 9 p.m. til close!

The Jackalope South Shore
523 Tinnin Ford Rd.
Austin, TX 78741



Every Monday at Craft Pride is video game night—and, guess what, November is Nintendo month! Show off your Wii skills and win gift cards, brewery swag, and gaming accessories. This is your chance to get all the glory and have a ton of fun while you’re at it.


When: Tonight, November 7th

Time: Free play starts at 8:00 p.m. | Tournaments start at 9:00 p.m.

Cost: Free to enter; 21+ only

Craft Pride
61 Rainey St.
Austin, Texas 78701



It’s humpday, so let’s go downtown and start the weekend waaaaay early. Stop by Italic this afternoon for a fabulous rustic Italian happy hour. Lots of goodies await you …

*$5 glasses of wine
*Free cheese tasting
*Four cheeses for $12
*Half-off pizzas

When: Today, November 2nd

Time: 3-6:30 p.m.

123 w. 6th St.
Austin, TX 78701

Easy Tiger and Irene’s have both added a Louisiana inspired item to their menu’s and all proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help with flood relief efforts. Come out and dine for a great cause!

Red Beans & Rice $15
White Rice, Andouille Sausage, Cornbread

Easy Tiger
New Orlean’s Board $15
Chicken Chaurice, Andouille Sausage, Creole Cream Cheese, Chow Chow, Muffuletta

506 W. Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701

Easy Tiger
709 East 6th Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Tomorrow is National Dog Day! Here are some ways to celebrate!
Little Woodrow’s and Vodka for Dog People, the charitable arm of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, are hosting a “Dog Days of Summer” Yappy Hour to raise funds for local dog charities! The event will feature drink specials with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, free treats, giveaways, Tito’s for Dog People merchandise, a photo booth and more. Stop by with your pup to sip, mingle and have fun while fundraising for canine charities!
When: Friday, 8/26 from 5-7 p.m.
Yappy Hour will take place at each of the following Austin locations:
• 12601 Tech Ridge Dr., Austin, TX 78753
• 6301 Parmer Ln., Austin, TX 78729
• 520 W. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701 (with Tito’s representative)
• 5425 Burnet Rd., Austin TX 78756
• 9500 S Interstate 35 #100, Austin, TX 78748
Ski Shores and Vodka for Dog People, the charitable arm of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, are hosting a “Dog Days of Summer” Yappy Hour to raise funds for local dog charities! The event will feature drink specials with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, free treats, dog pools, giveaways, Tito’s for Dog People merchandise, and more!
When: All Day Friday, 8/26
Where: Ski Shores, 2905 Pearce Road, Austin, Texas 78730
Uncle Billy’s and Vodka for Dog People, the charitable arm of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, are hosting a “Dog Days of Summer” Yappy Hour to raise funds for local dog charities! The event will feature drink specials with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, free treats, giveaways, Tito’s for Dog People merchandise, a photo booth and more.
When: Friday, 8/26 from 4-7 p.m.
Where: Uncle Billy’s Brewery & Smokehouse, 1530 Barton Springs Rd., Austin, TX 78704
Join BarkHappy in celebrating National Dog Day at Jo’s Coffee on South Congress, benefitting Austin Dog Rescue. You and your pup love each other—so you must take a pic in front of the iconic “I love you so much” mural! A professional photographer will be on-site. You can email the photo to yourself and share it with the world!
When: Friday, 8/26 from 5-8 p.m.
Where: Jo’s Coffee on South Congress

The power of the crowd has created a new normal. Did anyone imagine that, one day, we’d be fighting for the right to ride in a stranger’s car? Or that you’d hand over your apartment keys to someone you’ve only met online?

These days, those small personal interactions have not just become natural – we’ve grown to rely on them in our technology-filled lives. We’re connecting with people and sharing experiences in new ways.

Now, small businesses are also connecting with the crowd on a deeper level than just doing business. With a new twist on crowdfunding, businesses are inviting people to participate in their financial growth, making real investments and not just donations.

Luxury Hostel concept, "The Native."

Luxury Hostel concept, “The Native.”

When Austin’s SquareRut Kava Bar opened its first location in 2011, “relaxation drinks” were a foreign concept. The bar enjoyed early success the old-fashioned way, through a good product and stellar customer experience.

But when it came time to expand to a new location on Barton Springs Road last year, the owners decided to try something that not only got them the funds they needed, but also created advocates to help spread the word. SquareRut raised $100,000 for its next location through this new investment concept, which gave patrons an opportunity to invest in a business they could get excited about.

NextSeed is a new crowdfunding platform that makes it easy to invest funds in private businesses and start seeing financial returns quickly. Crowdfunding small businesses allows consumers to invest in the places they already love or in new concepts they want to see in their area. NextSeed’s Texas affiliate has facilitated over $1.2 million in small business investments within Texas over the past year (including SquareRut). And now, NextSeed has launched nationally under brand new federal laws, with plans to democratize investing across the country.

Several new Austin businesses are launching later this year, and they have an open invitation out to anyone who wants to be involved in their growth. A team of experienced bar and restaurant owners is creating a boutique, luxury hostel called The Native, the first of its kind in the region. Vigilante Gaming Bar is a full-service bar and restaurant that is creating a custom experience around board games. And a popular beer personality is rolling out a new craft beer and restaurant concept, The Brewer’s Table, in East Austin.

Rendering of the interior of "Vigilante Arcade Bar."

Rendering of the interior of “Vigilante Arcade Bar.”

Each investment varies, but investors could start seeing monthly payments coming from their investments in as little as a few months. Investing in the community is now a real alternative to savings accounts and stocks. SquareRut has been making monthly payments to its 31 investors with an 18% annual interest rate. Investors also enjoy perks by using the bonus rewards they received as investors in SquareRut, and many have brought friends to try it out.

So who can invest? Anyone, now. Due to recent changes in the law, people of all income levels can come together and support business owners they believe in. NextSeed carefully reviews every deal before presenting an opportunity to investors on its website. Investors can get information about each deal and choose which business they want to connect with and help grow.

Austin business owner Jenna Choe launched a campaign on NextSeed’s Texas platform earlier this year for the popular Jenna’s Asian Kitchen in Cedar Park. She raised $75,000 from investors to install a bar in her established restaurant.

Her investors didn’t need deep pockets to contribute – investments started at $100. By offering smaller portions of the pie, she was able to make it easier for everyone to get a piece. And giving her investors VIP perks like gift cards and party invitations also allowed her to connect with the community that supported the restaurant over the past year.

For NextSeed co-founder and CTO Bob Dunton, the secret to Jenna’s success and satisfaction with crowdfunding is the community.

Dunton says. “Instead of just borrowing from an institution that only cares about getting a monthly payment, Jenna was able to invite people from the community to invest and feel a sense of bond and commitment to her business and her success.”

Although NextSeed is new, community financing harks back to a more down-to-earth approach to building a business that was much more common before big banks took over. Now, Austinites are empowered to invest a range of dollar amounts to boost local bars, restaurants, salons, and other places they are passionate about.

For more information on this new crowdfunding platform, and to see which of your favorite businesses have active campaigns, visit NextSeed.


Any views expressed in this article reflect the personal views of the author only for discussion purposes and should not be viewed as investment advice or recommendation, and does not constitute any legal or tax advice with respect to any securities.

Jeffrey’s, opened in 1975 and revamped in 2013, has been named one of the top 10 Best New Restaurants in America by Bon Appétit magazine. It’s some of the finest dining in town and a place many people think of only for special occasions.

But on Mondays they have all night happy hour featuring half price bar food and $2 off each cocktail, beer, and glass of wine. Take advantage of this deal and see why this restaurant has been an Austin institution for decades.



When: Mondays

Time: 4:30 p.m. – Close

1204 West Lynn
Austin, Texas 78703

There’s something about dive bars that makes them quite magical. Or rather, it’s the lack of some things. Now, before we dive into this list of Austin’s best, it’s crucial we get a few of these things straight.

First, dive bars are not concept bars. They were not designed to project any predetermined vibes. The interiors aren’t “inspired by” and the drinks aren’t “infused with” anything. The mismatched tables and stools are not ironically so, and there is no such thing as mood lighting (moody maybe).

There is no irony.

Dive bars are just really old bars. Think “B.C.” —Before Cocktails.

In the most respectable sense, they’re cockroaches that have survived Austin’s cataclysmic expansion, often appearing as misfits mashed between neighborhood developments, shiny strip malls, and fancy restaurants. Nonetheless, their musty walls, cranky bartenders, and carpet-clad floors have withstood the test of time.

Dive bars are remarkably unremarkable and that’s what makes them so magical.

So far we’ve covered age and irony, but here are a few more mandatories:

  1. Where there are dive bars, there are beer-guzzling loyalists, AKA regulars.
  2. Quarters are the key to operating anything beyond your beer can.
  3. There is likely a pool table or jukebox, but if nothing else, there’s a TV that plays some type of courtroom drama or Wheel of Fortune.
  4. The décor is nothing short of plastered Poloroids and handcrafted signs designating where you can and can’t smoke.
  5. The bar may or may not accept credit cards and may or may not serve liquor.
  6. There’s a bathroom so dank, no amount of soap can help you.

Now with these qualifications in mind, the following are six of my personal favorites.

Simply put, Donn’s Depot is a bar built out of a train depot from McNeil, Texas. And that train made its last stop on 5th Street over 40 years ago. Anyone who’s been will tell you: This place is something special. It’s not just old; it’s old-timey. It’s carpeted and cozy and strung with Christmas lights. The regulars are rambunctious and some of them have been frequenting the establishment since ’72 (they’re called the “Royalty Table”). There’s a dance floor that floods with people after 9 p.m. and a self-serve popcorn machine. Donn owns the joint and performs weekly on the piano, while his son runs the bar.


This next bar straddles a fine line between appearing oddly unassuming and utterly unoccupied. G&S Lounge is square and brick… and for the record, not vacant. In fact, it’s been up and running for over 25 years. It quietly sits between Warehouse Liquor and that one jail release billboard on South First. If you feel like you’re trespassing onto private property, you’re in the right place.  But don’t worry—wonders await you! Come here to drink from the extensive beer collection and play pool or Pac-Man or Pinball or Zoltar. If none of that appeals (and why not?), you can sit out back and chain smoke while you pet the bar dogs. Get on their good side because I’m pretty sure they run the place.

If you find yourself in South Austin, I highly suggest you stop into Giddy Ups. The red-painted wood marks its territory on Manchaca Road right before it dead-ends into Ranch Road 1626.  Now the rules get blurry here, call it a saloon, call it a honky tonk, I call it a dive bar. The structure itself has been a bar since the ‘50s but it was reborn as Giddy Ups over 15 years ago. Let’s just say, you don’t come to a joint like this looking to hit the town… a townie maybe. But don’t let “Mom” catch you; it’s Nancy’s bar and she’ll throw you out. This ain’t a barn, after all. That said, this place is rural. Like, tie-your-horse-to-a-post rural. Come play shuffleboard and listen to live music. Or if you’re lucky, you might find yourself in a washer-pitching tournament.

Looking for something less blue collar, more bureaucratic? The Cloak Room has been hiding under Austin’s Capitol grounds since the ‘70s, appropriately buried like many of the rumored political dealings that took place here. This basement bar isn’t just old and “divey,” it’s historic and distinguished—the sort of speakeasy where debates break out over Dewar’s and Dean Martin. But don’t let those classy tunes fool you; this is very much a dive bar. Just look for the massive Polaroid collection that lines the bathroom hallway. Now let’s talk about Bev—magical, mystical Bev.  She’s a local legend whose been manning the bar since the ‘90s. I could go on and on about her but people already do. I will say that she’s big on manners. I learned the hard way not to kick my feet up on her chairs. Bev doesn’t have to tell me twice.

If there’s a mother of all dive bars it’s Dry Creek Saloon. This place doesn’t just have regulars; it has generations of regulars.  People have been drinking at Dry Creek for decades, ever since it first opened on Mt. Bonnell as a cedar chopper joint in ’53. It’s rickety and old like a tree house or pirate ship. There’s no air conditioning and there’s no liquor. But there is a bartender and her name is Angel. She took over the place once her predecessor, “Crazy Sarah,” passed away at 91. Although rumor has it she still haunts the place. The beer is cheap, the selection is limited and the koozies are communal. Pick your favorite from the pile and escort your beer to the upper deck while you wait for your turn at the pool table, because there’s only one. This place has changed as little as humanly possible over the years, and that deserves some serious respect. The records run until they break and the same goes for the portable fans.

Last but not least, Deep Eddy Cabaret is not only a dive bar but also an Austin tradition since it opened its doors in 1951. It lingers right off of Lake Austin Boulevard, sharing a block with Deep Eddy Pool. If you’ve got a hot summer day to kill, I suggest a Deep Eddy double dip. Follow up a day at the pool with a round of pool. This place smells like cigarettes and sunscreen and is perfectly plastered with hand-rendered instructions outlining where you can and can’t put your beer. Until about eight months ago, this was one of the last-standing cash-only bars in town. But even though they take plastic these days, Deep Eddy will always have a cash-only soul.


So next time you’re itching for a change of scenery, skip the bar scene for one of these beauties instead. Perhaps you’ll walk in, have a beer, and never leave again. That’s been known to happen. Because hanging out at a dive bar is like spending time with an estranged relative. Sure, they’re mostly tired and a bit dysfunctional, but you’ll always get a good story and a cheap buzz.