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Austin, Texas sporting events offers UT football, Round Rock Express Baseball and many others. Come check out sporting events in Austin, Texas for a great time.

First of all, it’s a special day in American history and I hope we all take a minute to remember the heroes from 9-11. May God Bless America.

The way this city comes alive on game days is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s as if the entire city is rooting for the Longhorns, and the only thing on the agenda for the day is to watch football and wear burnt orange. I grew up in Houston, and I never saw the city come alive with such pride and excitement for Texans or Oilers games. Something about Longhorn football is just mesmerizing.

There’s something magical about being inside Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium on game days. It’s one of those experiences that you can’t put into words. The excitement, tradition and camaraderie is something that makes it one of the best football watching experiences in the state.

I don’t care how many times I’ve seen this Texas commercial (, every single time I see it on the jumbo-tron inside the stadium I get chills.

The stadium official capacity is 100,119, making it the largest in Texas and one of the biggest in the nation. It’s come a long way since its opening game on November 8th, 1924 when Baylor defeated UT with a crowd of 13,500.

As Longhorn great Ricky Williams said, “If you want to surf, move to Hawaii. If you like to shop, move to New York. If you like acting and Hollywood, move to California. But if you like college football, move to Texas.” Truer words have never been spoken.

It should go without saying that of course this was going to be a list item, and since this is the first game of the season, you have the entire fall to work on scoring some tickets.

As always, Hook ‘em Horns, and it’s a great day to be alive in Austin, Texas.

For a complete schedule visit,

Texas Memorial Stadium
2100 San Jacinto Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78712

photo: (September 18, 2009 – Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)

This is so Robin Hood, and I’m totally intrigued. I didn’t even know they had any archery festivals in town, and archery is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to try but never have. The bow and arrow — it gives me visions of Native Americans hunting buffalo, but I’ve heard bow and arrow technology has come a long way since then.

This is supposed to be the Super Bowl of Archery, so if you’re going to go to an archery event, this is the one.

Activities include live music, a red-neck parade (if anyone knows what that is please fill me in), a wild cook off, a battle of the bands, seminars, demonstrations and much, much more.

Performers throughout the weekend include a personal favorite LC Rocks (some of the best 80’s in Austin), Asleep at the Wheel, Steve Wariner, Travis Tucker and many more.

For those looking for some fun this weekend, the festival goes through goes through Sunday. They’ll have fun for the entire family, so even if you are not an archery fanatic you can probably make a good afternoon out of some live music and cook-off food.

Famous Austinite and football great Earl Campbell will be making an appearance on Saturday at his tailgate party. Don’t miss the opportunity to get some photos with an NFL Hall of Famer.

So everyone with a Robin Hood Fantasy out there, this is your chance to live out a childhood dream and have a little fun Austin, Texas style.

Admission: $10.00, 16 & under free

Travis County Expo Center
7311 Decker Lane
Austin, TX 78724

Has the heat got to you, do you need some random, off the wall Austin thing to cool you down? Conveniently  enough, I thought today would be a good day to blog on a “Try out” no not the American Idol tryouts taking over downtown, something a little less commercial, a little more Austin. .. Here is your opportunity to try out for Austin’s own Synchronized Figure Skating team.

This appeals to my childhood fantasy of acting like my rollerblades were ice skates, doing synchronized things or anything involving rhythm was never my strong suite. None the less, I must say that this would be a fun thing to give it your best shot and see if you could surprise yourself.

The Stars of Austin Figure Skating Teams are award winning.

They welcome ALL skaters, ALL ages beginners through advanced are all welcome. Tryouts are FREE to new skaters.

Try Out Dates:
August 11
August 18
August 25


Chaparral Ice Northcross
2525 West Anderson Lane
Austin, TX 78757

For more information visit: or email them at

Good luck synchronized figure skating hopefuls!

SO MUCH FUN. After a great season sadly enough summer kickball came to an end last Thursday. I started playing with my friends this year and it is always one of the highlights of my week. They have different levels of play ranging from “social to super social,” we are a super social crew. Basically, it is a night to bring out your best competitive skills and have some fun with friends. Some of my friends are on the team and just come to drink beer, cheer and serve as the team mascot (Hi, Megan).

It is great fun and they always have deals with local bars around town so after the game you can go to “the chosen location” and if you are in your ASSC shirt you can take advantage of drink specials.

They offer all sorts of sports including, bowling, dodge ball, flag football, soccer, sand volleyball, wiffleball and plenty more.

If you want my recommendation, I would try to play on Thursday nights because it’s always easiest to make it though a Friday if you had a little too much fun the night before. Kickball Thursday pretty much seems to get me every week.

If you do not have an entire team you can sign up with just a few people and ASSC will put you on a team or you can just join alone, if you are interested in playing they will make it happen. To find out what sports are currently taking signups check out their website.

Let me start out by just saying, “Awesome.” This place has it all when it comes to bike rentals, and they are as Austin as you can get.

I discovered this spot when visiting my friend whose office is directly above it. We naturally decided to go down one day and not only ask about what they had to offer, but about the “Woodie” bus that is always jam-packed with bikes in the parking lot.

Here’s the deal: You can rent a bike, or they have some pretty cool bike tours that I would recommend. It‘s always fun to see and learn about the city from a different perspective than you are used to on an everyday basis. That’s why I think the tours are great. Plus, you can rent all different kinds of bikes, including: Beach cruisers, kid’s bikes, tandems, mountain bikes, electric bikes and electric mopeds.

Now for the story behind the “Woodie:” It’s used to move bikes. So, if you are in from out of town, are having some sort of party or are coordinating a large group, they will just pack up the bikes and bring them to you! Great, great idea! The “Woodie” reminds me so much of Southern California, which is where my dad is from, and it makes me think of him every time I see it. Maybe that’s why I have some sort of fascination with this place.

Also, I’m going to go ahead and say this is cool: They were featured in the New York Times! That is pretty legit. To see the whole article (including what else is said about Austin), here it is:

Don’t miss the half off special for the Peace, Love and Zilker beach tour on a stylish, rented Cruiser,

1529 Barton Springs Rd. Suite 31
Austin, TX 78704

Honestly, I’ve probably driven by this place over 500 times and never even noticed it. I discovered this little Austin treasure last month when playing in a tournament there. What a fun Friday afternoon! Why didn’t I know about this place sooner? Apparently, it’s been an Austin favorite since 1950. Even after I knew where it was located, I still couldn’t picture it. It appeared out the blue like a little hidden treasure, and I’m so glad I found it.

My golf skills are on the beginner side, but I do love hitting some balls and bringing out the “Phil Mickelson” in me. All you need is a putter and another club (a driver or an iron). I’d go with an iron because you don’t need too much power on this 9-hole, par 3 course.

From my experience, it seems to be an “anything goes” establishment. There’s a very casual, friendly group of people there. It’s also a BYOB (Bring your own beer) joint, so grab a few cold ones, some friends (even your furry friend is welcome), and you’re in for an afternoon of good times. What more can you ask for– not to mention, the course has a fantastic view of downtown!

Even though this course is casual and laid-back, it’s drawn out pro’s to the tune of Ben Crenshaw. I can’t wait to get back out there and play a round. If I have any chance of ever making a hole-in-one, I think this is the place where the magic is going to happen.

$7 first round

$6 second round

$5 each additional round

$20 for the whole day


M-F: 9 a.m. til dark
Weekends: 8:30 a.m. til dark

201 Lee Barton Drive
Austin, Texas 78704

Information and photo from:

For those who just didn’t get enough from the World Cup and still have a little more soccer-watching in you: How about getting out and supporting our local Austin team?

The Aztex’s are new to Austin and were founded in 2008 by Phil Rawlins. It’s already midway through the season– the last home game is September25th –so time is running out for you to get out and show some support.

I don’t know soccer at all. I’ve never played. In fact, the entire “off sides” concept has always been hard for me to follow, so I can’t comment on the quality of play. But if you ask me, it’s always fun to cheer for the home team, and most sports are pretty easy to get into with good fans. The Aztex’s have some great regular fans that always make the games exciting and fun to watch.

Fun Austin Trivia: The Aztex’s are Austin’s first major professional sports franchise. I think it’s really cool we have a professional team, and with Formula One coming in 2012, I don’t know if I am going to be able to stand the excitement!

Bonus points for playing their home games at House Park since it’s within walking distance to The Tavern, a great little spot for some after-game cocktails.

Looking to make plans for Saturday, August 7th? Here’s your opportunity to get $15 tickets to the 7:30 p.m. game for only $9,

Go Aztex’s!

House Park
1301 Shoal Creek Blvd.
Austin, TX 78701

Information from:

Photo from:

First off, what a week for Austin, Texas. First it is announced that Formula One is coming to Austin, personally I cannot wait, I am gitty excited, like when you first have a crush or something. Second, we are named Best City for the Next Decade by (thanks for telling me what we all already knew but it is still very exciting!)

Yesterday I took the dog route, I love, love our furry friend but this is a trail that you can get a little more of a workout on. My friend used to live over here so we would go often and I did bring my dog, its just definitely more of hike than Red Bud.

This is a newer trail that was completed in late 2005. This 1.3 mile hike is a great workout, I am fairly in shape but it is enough to get my heart rate up and a fun way to get out of the gym! I am not too much of an expert of all the trails around town, I just got used this one because it was very convenient. It is the perfect not too long, not too short hike for an evening outing with a friend. I would say plan for a little over an hour to complete the hike.

The highpoints are definitely the man-made waterfall and the awesome stonework that you get to see.

183 South on Spicewood Springs Road
Right onto Scotland Well Drive
Right onto Middlebie Drive & look for parking
Start of Trail – Just Across the street from Mountain View Park

I am not going to lie it is day two of me debating what to blog on so I went with something that has been on my agenda and after thinking about it more now is the perfect time with it being NBA playoff time, we all need a sports bar to head too.  Plus yesterday I blogged on an Austin Institution so today I decided to do something that was on the up and coming.

Living in South Austin this happens to be a convenient little place for me, I admit a little far south but Slaughter and Mopac is doable, at the end of the day you are by far avoiding all that hustle and bustle of downtown and as far as the south, south Austin part of Austin this is one of the few places to go catch a good game.

Not every day can I blog on something that has been around forever sometimes I like to blog about something that is new and that I think will turn into a local favorite. I am not a sports bar expert but I am a foodie and the food there is not disappointing, my guy friends totally dig the beer selection and they have plenty of TV’s so you can catch whatever your heart desires.

Let’s talk food for a second as that is one of my specialties… food I can render a somewhat valuable opinion –  the burgers make the grade (if I was grading they make a solid A and when it comes to burgers I am pretty picky) and when it comes to sliders around town I have become somewhat of an expect – these sliders are some of the best sports bar sliders I have had, trust me.

I have to say the prices are pretty commendable.  Something that is important to me when deciding on something should be featured is if they are a place that provides good service, you know that “small town feel” where it’s like you have been going there forever – they have great, friendly service.

All and all a perfect place to catch your favorite game, to be honest I didn’t even who was playing tonight but I hear the Spurs are taking on the Sun’s so to be true to our homeland, Let’s Go Spurs!

5000 West Slaughter Lane
Austin, Texas 78745 (website still in the works)

Blog followers: This weekend you can get a voucher for 50% off, visit for all the details!

With it marking the “World’s Biggest Disc Golf Weekend” I felt that it was time to pay tribute to a favorite Austin pastime, Disc Golf (for some reason I want to refer to is as Frisbee Golf, but I am pretty sure the correct name is Disc Golf).

Austin is a community that loves to be outside always tackling a new adventure or activity it goes without saying that we would be all over this sport. I am no expert at this game for some reason my aim and accuracy when it comes to throwing the discs just as never been too great.

For those that do not know the concept – players throw Frisbees into baskets, each basket is called a “hole.” Just as in real golf, the goal is to get the hole with the fewest amount of throws.

This city is jam-packed with courses, one of the most popular is probably Zilker Park – they do seem to encompass all of Austin’s favorite outdoor activities. You do not have to be a God Given Athlete to have fun – its sport that anyone be pretty alright at.

Looking to meet other disc golf lovers – join the Waterloo Disc Golf Club or Lone Star Disc Golf Alliance.

Here is a great map to help you figure the most convenient place to play, This is also a great map,

All you experts out there where do you think the best course in town is? I’ve heard that there are a few good course off Slaughter Lane as well as Pease Park.

**Random Thought: I was at Trivia Night on Tuesday and one of the questions was “What Does GOLF Stand for?” Answer: Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

Happy Weekend Austin, it is going to be a great weekend to call yourself an Austinite – well, it always is a great weekend for that.