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If you have a four-legged friend and you’re living in Austin, you’ll be pleased to know that the Texas capital is one of the most dog-friendly cities out there. With our plethora of parks and outdoor patios, your pup will be able to accompany you to brunches, days at the pool, and post-work happy hours.

Moving to Austin? Find a great real estate agent who is licensed and has completed their continuing education coursesthey should be able to point you toward the right neighborhood with plenty of places where your dog will be as welcomed as you are.

Check out some of the best dog-friendly bars, restaurants and patios in Austin (listed in alphabetical order).

4th Tap Brewing and Co-Op


Amy’s Ice Cream (Burnet)

Austin Java

Austin Terrier

Banger’s Sausage House

Bar 96

Barton Springs Saloon

Billy’s on Burnet

Black Sheep Lodge

Black Star Co-Op

Bouldin Creek Cafe

The Buzz Mill


Cedar Door

Central Market Cafe

Cheer Up Charlies

Cherrywood Coffee House



Corner Bar

Crown and Anchor Pub

Dog House Drinkery


Draught House

Easy Tiger

El Mercado

Fado Irish Pub

Galaxy Cafe

Gibson Street Bar




Hops and Grain

Irie Bean Coffee Bar

Jo’s Coffee

Kerbey Lane



Little Woodrow’s

Luke’s Inside Out


Maria’s Taco Xpress

Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill

Moontower Saloon

Mother’s Cafe

Motzart’s Coffee Roasters

North by Northwest

Opal Divine’s Marina




Phil’s Icehouse


Radio Coffee

Red’s Porch

Salty Sow


Scholz Garten

Shake Shack


Skylark Lounge

Soup Peddler

South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery

Spider House Patio Bar and Cafe

The Brixton

The Gatsby

The Ginger Man

The Liberty

The Picnic – Foodtruck Park

Uncle Billys Brewery

Vera Cruz

Whip In


White Horse

Work Horse Bar

Yard Bar

Yellow Jacket Social Club
When in doubt, just give your favorite establishment a call to see if your furry friend is welcome! You’d be surprised how many restaurants and bars are happy to have your pup.

I’m convinced people are born dreading the day they have to step foot inside the Department of Motor Vehicles. But if you’re new to Austin and have a license to drive in another state, you only have 90 days to trade it in for one with a light blue Texas State Capitol printed on the corner.

State law requires that within roughly three months of establishing in-state residency, newcomers must get their new state license, otherwise they’re considered to be driving illegally. Though the steps for getting a Texas driver’s license as a new resident are the same as anyone getting their license for the first time, the silver lining is you don’t have to re-take the knowledge and road tests (unless you’re from a different country).

There are a number of places around the city where you can get your new license—five to be exact. There’s the DMV North Lamar, one on Denson Drive, one just off the expressway in South Austin, one on Research Boulevard, and, though it’s technically not in the city, there’s one located on the outskirts in Pflugerville.

texas license

One good thing to note about the DMV is that now there are plenty of online ways to make your experience much less of a hassle. If you’re planning on going to either the North Lamar or Pflugerville locations, both will allow you to check in online before you go. Though it’s not always the most accurate service, the online check-in gives you an estimate on your place in line, sending out a text notification when your time is near. And if you’re new to Austin, but not to Texas, you can change things like your address online and have it mailed directly to your house for a fee of $11.

But if you’re heading out to the DMV to get your new state license, make sure you have all the necessary documents to prove that you are who you say you are. First, you will need a completed driver’s license application which can be printed at home or filled out at the DMV office. Make sure you take your social security card; documents to verify your identity like a birth certificate and insurance policy; proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful presence; two documents from different sources showing your name and residential address to verify Texas residency like a utility bill and insurance card; Texas registration and insurance policy for all the vehicles registered in your name; and if you’re younger than 25 years old, a certificate of completion for a driver education course. Lastly, if you’re ages 18 to 24, bring $25 because that’s how much a license will cost you. A full list of everything you’ll need plus examples can be found here.

Once you’ve made it to the office and you’re done going over all that proof with the DMV, you’ll be asked to surrender your out-of-state or out-of-country license. After that, you’ll be given a receipt which you can use to drive legally until your new license arrives. After about three weeks,, your driver’s license should arrive in the mail and if all goes well for you, it’ll be another six years before you have to return to renew again.

So newcomers, best of luck making your way to the DMV or navigating its online resources. Pretty soon you’ll be set to legally join the rest of us on that glorious beast we all know as I-35.


1. You are guilty of taking a picture of the temperature gauge in your car and sharing it on social media.


2. Wednesdays are spent orchestrating how your crew will find each other at Blues on the Green


3.  The countdown to Texas Football has officially begun. 


4.  90 degrees equals a “cool” day.


5. You have the hours of Barton Springs memorized. 

barton springs pool

6. Floating the river. 

photo credit: tuberous.com

photo credit: tuberous.com

7. You literally can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Thanks GoodPop for this demonstration.

8. Speaking of GoodPop, instead of cocktails you are now drinking poptails. poptail

9. Trail workouts are now reserved for dawn or dusk. 


10. Even though it is “touristy” you’ve stopped to watch the bats fly. 


11. You hope the heat deters people from moving here, even though you probably moved here yourself. 


12. Qui Opened. 

photo credit - Qui Facebook Page

photo credit – Qui Facebook Page

13. You have seen a “Movie Under The Stars” at someplace or another. 

photo credit: Austin Parks Blog

photo credit: Austin Parks Blog

14. It’s the season for Zilker’s Summer Musical in the Park


15. It’s time for Fido’s summer shave. 


16.  You’ve finally taken the time to make that day trip to Fredericksburg. 


17. Waiting outside in line at Hopdoddy makes you feel like you are waiting outside the fiery gates of hell. 


18. Oh the sweet paradise you find at Hamilton Pool

Hamilton pool

19. Keeping up with the free summer concert series becomes a full time job. Unplugged at the Grove anyone? 

unplugged at the grove

20. SnoBeach is part of your weekly routine. 


21. You drink frozen margaritas like water. 

22.  Suddenly you become best friends with your friend that has a boat. 

ski shores

23. It wasn’t a “flash” mob you participated in, it was a “splash” mob. 


24.  When you are out paddle boarding in the middle of the day on a Tuesday you find yourself wondering, do people actually work in Austin? 


25. You’ve purchased your ACL tickets meanwhile complaining about the fact that it is two weekends again this year.  


26. The 300 days of sunshine a year make you welcome the rare rainy day. 


27. The Greenbelt. 


28. It’s officially the summer of Deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka and you can’t get enough. 

deep eddy

29. If sweating were a sport you’d be a champion. 


30. Despite the heat you still enjoy a good outdoor patio. 


31. Those summer sunsets. 


32. Even the Dell Diamond has a swimming pool to make baseball games “cooler.”


33. You don’t need to a Bikram studio to do a 105 degree yoga session, just go outside. 


34. It is Pecan Street Festival season. 

pecan street festival

35.  Beer tastes better during Austin summers. 


36. You are enjoying the “lighter” traffic with less UT students around. 


37.  Calories don’t count if it is in the name of “cooling off.” 

Sandy's Frozen Custard

38. Schiltterbahn Season.


39. Hula Hut is always a good idea. 


40. Leaving home without your sunnies can be downright blinding. 

von-zipper-sunglasses-hoss-GPB Gran_Prix_Black

41.  You’ve considered checking out Rio, Austin’s rooftop pool bar despite the fact it sounds so Dallas. 

photo-credit: Rio Rooftop Pool Facebook Page

photo-credit: Rio Rooftop Pool Facebook Page


42. The only thing hotter than the heat are the girls. 

photo-credit: thisainthell.us

photo-credit: thisainthell.us

43. That feeling when you step on hot pavement. 

dog on pavement

44. The ice cream almost melts faster than you can eat it at the Austin Ice Cream festival. 

ice cream festival

45. You’ve ended the weekend at the Long Center’s free Concert in the Park. 


46. It’s prime season to play Superhero. 


47. The “Shady” in Shady Grove has new meaning. 

photo credit: Shady Grove Facebook Page

photo credit: Shady Grove Facebook Page

48. You did indeed set off fireworks this year on the Fourth of July as there was no ban in effect this year. 


49. Every out-of-town visitor wants to eat at the Oasis


50. Despite this Texas heat, your car feeling like a sauna, and almost endless sun, you know it’s all worth it because you live in the greatest city on Earth.  

baylor street