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I’ve told myself many lies in this lifetime, and if we were to flashback 10 years ago, one of the biggest lies would have been, “Getting your real estate license will be easy, Kristy!” While it was way harder than I thought, in spite of all the twists and turns, I still would do it all again.  

I was a senior at UT and about to graduate college with no real plan for my life. All I knew was that I wasn’t ready to go sit at desk for the foreseeable future. I know! I’ll get my real estate license. They’re always out and about and can make their own schedules. Problem solved. So with about three weeks left until graduation, and my dad’s coverage of most of my expenses about to expire, I decided to figure out how one does such a thing.

There were two options: 1. Sit in a classroom for six to eight weeks, eight hours a day. I definitely didn’t have time for that. 2. Order textbooks online for about a grand, study at home, and take the test. Option number two it was!

After three attempts, I finally passed the test. The online classes that went with the books were gut-wrenchingly boring and did nothing to prep me for the state real estate test. Unfortunately, they also didn’t prepare me much for being a Realtor. But the state of Texas said I could practice real estate—so off I went.

At 22, real-life real estate was a far cry from the glamorous life I’d imagined, which was basically just showing jaw-dropping, million-dollar homes and having your phone ring off the hook. In actuality, I was showing low-income housing in parts of town where I wish I had a security guard to accompany me. And it was 2008, so the Austin real estate market bubble had just popped. It wasn’t the best time to dive into a new career. I got a side job as an assistant to one of the best realtors in town and that’s where I finally started to learn about the business and pick up some of my own clients. Like most things in life, true education comes from actually throwing yourself in the mix and learning from trial and error.

Fast forward a few more years—lots of life happened—and while I am not practicing real estate anymore, that attempt at a career led me to my current job. I do however still have my license and collect referral fees when I can. Gotta love making money for not really doing anything! It’s the American Dream, right? When I started down the path to becoming a realtor, it took me down a road I didn’t expect, but I am so happy it did.

Would I do it all again? Yes. But if I did, there is no doubt that I would use AceableAgent for my real estate licensing (see above how witty they are). Despite being a really great driver, I have had to use their Aceable defensive driving program to get a ticket taken care of. Their education software is convenient because it’s in an app and online and it’s written in a really witty way. I didn’t hate having to do it. And, now, they offer products that were not previously available for aspiring real estate agents (to help them prepare for the state licensing exam) and for established agents (to meet their continuing education requirements). This is a game changer, and I think it will allow more people to enter the market. It’s the best real estate education course I’ve seen. I just wish it has been around 10 years ago!


One of the markers of any great city is its dedication to the arts—and on that score, Austin is pretty darn great. It’s a thriving art city and this annual event is your chance to see a ton of talent in once place. Art City Austin, a three-day art fair and festival will return for its 68th year April 13- 15 at the Palmer Event Center. Individual artists from across the country (120 to be exact) will showcase their work. A combination of street art and contemporary art from local and national artists will be on display.

The festival grounds will also feature multiple art installations created by local artists and commissioned specifically for the occasion by Art Alliance Austin. Noteworthy artists this year include international photographer Greg Davis, roadside landscape artist Rachel Dory, as well as international artists like Israeli painter Yoram Gal.

A selection of local food trucks, drinks, and fun activities for the whole family will be on the festival grounds. As always, Art City Austin 2018 will host a children’s section with hands-on, interactive activities meant to encourage creativity and appreciation of the arts for Austinites of all ages!

Tickets range from $10 for a single-day admission to $40 for the VIP experience, which includes access to the Friday preview reception plus weekend access to the festival. Children 12 and under receive free admission. Parking will be available with at the Palmer Event Center Garage for $8. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Here’s the full schedule:

Friday, April 13th
Art City Austin Preview: Art in the Twilight
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 14th
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday, April 15th
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Whether you’re an ATX transplant or born-and-raised, there are a few things everyone comes to know by heart: Tacos are acceptable for every meal, Austin is weird, and all your friends talk about moving here. But how well do you really know Austin when it comes to being healthy … or at least kind of healthy?

Don’t sweat it, yet—we’ve got you covered! Our friends at Fitt have narrowed down the options. Fitt’s healthyish guide to Austin is your go-to for grub you can feel good about eating, sweat spots that’ll actually make you want to workout, and the best local spots to hang out with your crew. Now, the hard task of choosing (or trying them all) is all yours! 


Flower Child
Put up your peace fingers. Flower Child has proven itself as hotspot for salads, soups, mix-and-match bowls, and wraps of the truly healthy variety. Head to their digs in The Domain or downtown on 2nd St. on a day when you don’t have to do anything but enjoy the sunny patio and your Mother Earth Bowl. Like any healthy eatery, the dishes here are highly customizable, so you can order exactly what your inner flower child is craving.

Café No Sé
Head over to South Congress to snack at Café No Sé. It occupies the amazing South Congress Hotel and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner creations to die for. This all-day cafe offers innovative takes on healthy dishes with the freshest ingredients. Think quinoa bowls, tuna poke, kale salads, and more. The vibe is great, too — you know, the kind you can’t help but Instagram … so have those phones close by.

Picnik fits the bill if you’re looking for clean eating. Priding themselves on real food, Picnik serves up dishes like the Southwest Hash in the AM and Eggplant Rollatini for PM. Plus, count on lots of Butter Coffees (they’re the butter coffee connoisseurs around here), or go for one of their delicious heathyish cocktails. At either location, you can find lots of real (and local) foods free of any gluten, corn, peanut, or soy products.


Black Swan Yoga
Whether you live north, south, or somewhere in between, Black Swan Yoga has a studio nearby. But beyond being super convenient, all of its locations offer fun, donation-based classes with an upbeat soundtrack and funky-fresh lighting. Instructors here are encouraged to express themselves in their practice—no class is the same! Their Power Yoga sessions are a community favorite, but you’ll want to have a bit of beginner experience under your belt before you check ’em out.

This is a gym as much as it’s a movement in South Austin—and they make the word “boutique” a little less cutesy. Workouts are uniquely planned, interval-driven, and involve a combination of strength and endurance training. Each week, you can expect to experience three kinds of workouts: momentum, anaerobic, and durability (MAD). Not to worry though—intensity is tailored to your needs and all levels of fitness are welcome.

Onnit Academy Gym
Onnit Academy Gym is the real deal. The trainers here focus on technique and advanced methodologies that deliver crazy results and peak performance (though, they cater to aspiring athletes, too). You’ll get an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals from trainers who really know their shit. Head over to this South Austin gym if you’re ready for ropes, kettlebells, weighted maces, sprints, and one heck of a post-workout protein shake!


Zilker Park
Ah, Zilker. The crown jewel of the Austin parks system. A large expanse of grass crawling with pick-up soccer games, cute dogs, picnics, and people reading books under trees. Zilker also hosts some of Austin’s most famous festivals throughout the year: Austin City Limits, Kite Festival, Trail of Lights, Zilker Relays, and Blues on the Green. This place truly is an outdoor oasis.

Barton Springs
If escaping the heat is your main goal, Barton Springs Pool is the best place to do it. The water is spring-fed and sustains a chilly 68 degrees year round. Wade in the deep end, take a jump off the diving board, or spend your afternoon people-watching. Bonus: You don’t need to pay an entrance fee to enjoy the best of Barton Springs. The greenbelt is free, and along the hiking path you can find Gus Fruh and Twin Falls—two great places to take a relaxing dip or throw yourself off a rope swing.

Lady Bird Lake Trail
Austin’s beloved (and convenient) Lady Bird Lake Trail is a 10-mile loop with a number of access points. With entry at Downtown, Zilker, and Butler Park, it feels like a natural refuge right in the heart of the city. Dogs, joggers, walkers, and strollers populate this busy route, enjoying skyline views and access to the river. There are also stops along the way to rent paddleboards and kayaks if you’re looking to cool off from the Texas heat.


Easy Tiger
A bake shop AND a beer garden—say no more. Easy Tiger on East 6th gives you the best of both worlds with delicious brews, pastries, pretzels, and the list goes on. And if you thought this spot couldn’t get any better, think again. Easy Tiger has a killer outdoor patio that’s the perfect place for a laid-back hang sesh or an epic ping pong battle with friends. In Cedar Park and craving one of Easy Tiger’s house-made sweets? Stop by their outpost in Whole Foods Market 365 for a quick fix.

How do you say no to house-made sausage, craft beer, Big Band Brunch, Smoke Out Saturday, and an off-leash dog park? At Banger’s Sausage House on 79 & 81 Rainey Street, you’re always in for some good, old-fashioned fun, quality food, and Texas-sized hospitality. And with an outdoor patio that’s second to none, you’re going to have to be convinced to leave once it’s time to close shop.

Yard Bar
All the convenience of your backyard but with local beer and spirits on deck, kick back at Yard Bar on Burnet Road. to unwind. Oh, and we should mention that they have an off-leash dog park, complete with “bark rangers” to pet-sit your pooch while you wolf down hush puppies, burgers, and charcuterie boards with your friends. Don’t want to let your dog do all the socializing? Take a shady seat in the yard with your beer and forget you have a care in the world.

Easy Tiger and Madabolic images via Instagram. 

Want to take a ride?  Check out Rowing Dock’s newest addition to their fleet, the SUPJet.  SUPJet is both a quality stand up paddle board as well as an electronically powered watercraft.  When you want an extra boost or just want to sit back and relax, you simply push a button and the built-in drive will move you along at 5 mph (8 km/h) for well over 1.5 hours. This paddle assisted SUP is great for beginners, parents with small kids, and experienced paddlers on windy days. 

Rowing Dock is the first to release this fully integrated electric powered SUP technology on Lady Bird Lake and they are open 7 days a week from 9am-8pm. Visit their website  for more information or head down to the dock to get your paddle on!

SXSW is a marathon, not a sprint. And there will be several times after a show when you will be starving, in a hurry, and waiting in snaking lines at a food truck court. This will feel like tortue. Don’t let this happen to you. Luckily, there is an app that takes you right to the front of the line and helps you get on to the next cool thing.

Partake, a technology platform enabling a seamless purchasing experience for the Sports and Entertainment Industry, has just announced that it will release the Partake App at
SXSW for attendees to pre-order, pay, and pickup food at nine (with more coming!) participating food truck vendors—which means long lines and wait times are part of your past.

The Partake App is totally free and available for immediate download for both Apple and Android devices. Participating food truck vendors this year are Belly Up, Burro Cheese Kitchen, Dee Dee’s Northern Thai, juice Austin, kebabalicious, mmmpanadas, Noble Sandwich Co., Ranch Hand, and Taco Flats.

Seriously, stop waiting in line. We are all better than this! Click here to learn more about Partake.

You know what? You’re amazing. You deserve to get paid just for being you. And that’s basically what the people at Tastebud have come up with in the form of an app. TasteBud is an extremely straightforward and effortless way to get cash back for dining at your favorite restaurants. Yes, you will be getting paid for doing exactly what you’d be doing anyway.

Here’s how it works: When you are deciding on a place to eat, open the TasteBud app and lock an offer at the restaurant of your choice. The offers are are applicable for food and drinks! Once you arrive at said hotspot, order whatever you want off the menu. When it’s time to pay your bill, simply pay with your VISA card. As soon as your card gets swiped, you’ll get a push notification to your phone saying you just saved X% at that restaurant and a cash back refund will go directly to your VISA card. The card linking program is what makes TasteBud so easy and enjoyable to use.

No coupons, no barcodes, no awkwardness at the restaurant, just cash back directly to your VISA card.

Tastebud works with restaurants and bars throughout downtown Austin to get you the best deals possible and the experience is super discrete. No one has to know you are bargain hunting—even though bargain hunting is totally cool—so it’s great for dates!

Consumers have complete purchasing power. Order whatever you want! TasteBud makes going out and trying new places more affordable. No more guilt for not eating ramen at home—it’s time to get out of the house and live it up!

Looking for the perfect opportunity to give them a try? They’re doing a 50% off deal with BaseCamp on March 1st from 5pm-7pm.

Since 1938, Rodeo Austin has been the place “Where Weird Meets Western.” From Austin’s largest carnival and funnel cakes, to mutton bustin’ and amazing live music, there is something for everyone. Because the attractions and big-name acts seem to grow exponentially every year, we’ve compiled this rundown of everything you need to know about the rodeo before you go.

Put on your ten-gallon hat, and all the denim and turquoise you own—it’s time for the best time in Texas. Here’s the deal:

Rodeo Austin Ticket Prices:

Rodeo tickets range from $20 to $175.
Parking is $15 cash only at the gate.

Fairgrounds only:
Children (2 & under) One Day Admission – FREE
Children (3-12 years) One Day Admission – $5.00
Adult One Day Admission – $8.00
Children Season Admission – $15.00
Adult Season Admission – $25.00

Fairgrounds & Carnival:

SPRING BREAK SPECIAL – March 12-15, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
$2 Tuesday: $2 Fairgrounds admission, $2 carnival rides
Carnival wristbands available at gate.

Rodeo Austin Music:

Rodeo Austin has nearly 100 live performances throughout March.
There are performances at the Outdoor Stage, 100X Dance Hally, Bullet Proof, and at the ProRodeo & Concert. 

ProRodeo Performances include:

  • March 10: Josh Turner
  • March 11: Dia Del Vaquero with Duelo
  • March 12: Ludacris
  • March 13: Cody Johnson
  • March 14: Chris Janson
  • March 15: Young the Giant
  • March 16: Josh Abbott Band
  • March 17: Justin Moore
  • March 18: Tracy Lawrence
  • March 19: LANCO
  • March 20: Gladys Knight
  • March 21: Lee Brice
  • March 22: Dwight Yoakam
  • March 23: Turnpike Troubadours
  • March 24: Kevin Fowler

Rodeo Austin Carnival/Attraction Facts:

Rodeo Austin is proud to host Austin’s largest Carnival. Crabtree Amusements brings great entertainment to the Fairgrounds each year with over 80 rides, games and other amusements.

In addition to the carnival, the Fairgrounds offer a variety of things to do. From a new and expanded Craft Beer and Wine Garden, Butterfly and Parakeet Exhibit, and rotating food trucks to a petting zoo, pony rides, pig races and more, there is a little bit of something for everyone!


The public can take a FREE tour and see a “Behind the Chutes” look at Rodeo Austin!

Gives the public an opportunity to see inside the 100X Dance Hall, Founders Club, Avenue of Breeds, Vendors, the Arena, and more!

Every day at noon and 4:30 p.m. (No 4:30 p.m. tours on Sunday’s)


Rodeo Austin’s Wild West Tent will feature Tomás Garcilazo – The Charro, a world-renowned, traditional Mexican Charro whose rope artistry and horsemanship skills are among the best in the world. Also appearing in the Wild West tent Every Saturday at 3:00, is Mutton Bustin’ Mania, presented by H-E-B! Sign your children up online or on-site at the Wild West Tent.

Fairgrounds for Kids

North Fairgrounds is open daily 10 a.m.- 8 p.m. and includes the Great American Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, and the Southwest Dairy Milking Show.

You can learn about milking a cow during the Southwest Dairy Milking show. Daily Show Times: 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. After the show, take a ride on a real pony at the pony rides and enjoy feeding and petting baby deer, goats, llamas, and wallabies in the petting zoo!


Animal Science Center features the Avenue of Breeds, an educational exhibit showcasing a variety of animals found in Texas that originated from various places across the globe.

The first week, Row of Champions will be empty however, the second week, Row of Champions will display the Grand Champion Junior Market animals from the 2018 Junior Livestock Show.


Pig races occur daily and feature the swiftest swine in the business! Catch the porky speedster’s race around Pork Chop Downs International Speedway toward the prize of an Oreo cookie.

Daily show times: 10:45 a.m., 11:45 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 3:45 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m.


Join Rodeo Austin March 23 – 24, 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. as they close out the Rodeo Season at the Bullet Proof Blowout! This exclusive two-day event featuring great live music entertainment, food and drinks is a great way to show groups of friends and clients a good time!

Contributor package options available for purchase below. No sales available at the door. Packages must be purchased in advance.

Funds generated at the event support the Rodeo Austin mission of Promoting Youth Education – Preserving Western Heritage. Rodeo Austin would like to recognize and thank the presenting sponsor of Bullet Proof, Greater Austin Development.

100X Dance Hall, Presented by PlainsCaptial Bank and Jack Daniel’s

Wind down after the ProRodeo and Concert at the 100X Dance Hall! This Exclusive club offers hospitality on the Rodeo Grounds with live entertainment each night. Members and their guests can enjoy live music and a closed-circuit coverage of Rodeo Austin. The public may enter the club with a $5 cover charge.

Competitive Events:

Rodeo Austin has over 7,000 entries for this year’ competitive events, which includes the Junior Livestock Shows, Open Livestock Shows, Horse Show, Gold Stirrup Horse Show, Longhorn Open and Youth Show, and Ultimate Scramble Championship.

You can’t live your best life in Austin without getting out on the lake from time to time. Float On Boat Rentals, the highest-rated boat rental company in ATX, is here to help you do just that. Now going into their sixth summer, the company is owned and operated by a local family who has a staff of energetic and friendly people who care deeply about how much fun you have. Deeply! Pontoons, ski boats, Aqua Lily Pads, and various towable toys are available for you and your people to enjoy a day in the sun. They’re also one of the few companies that rents boats on both of Austin’s lakes.

If you’ve rented from other companies before, you know that most vessels have a lot of wear and tear from years of being rented and partied on. Float On’s boats are all only a couple of years old and since they require captains on most of their rentals, they stay looking brand new. No barnacles, no rust, no busted seat cushions—no sad people in your crew!

Last year they decided to take their services beyond the water by adding the option of a cool woody van that takes your group to and from wherever you are staying and in perfect Austin style. Float On hosts a ton of bachelor and bachelorette parties and they’ve made it their goal to make your boating experience the most memorable part of your trip to Austin.

Another thing that sets Float On apart from the competition is the way they give back to Austin. They’ve donated countless free rental certificates to organizations looking to raise money and their whole team donates their time and resources multiple times a year to help with big events and fundraisers.

We could all use a few hours boozing and sunning ourselves in this beautiful part of the world—plan your next excursion with Float On and it they’ll make your dreamy Austin day come true.


Has there ever been a town with as much love for animals as Austin has to give? We think not. Our rescue pets are family and we celebrate them at every opportunity. That’s why, of course, Austinites will finally get to celebrate Mardi Gras with their furry best friends, because Mardi Paws, the city’s first-ever dog Mardi Gras parade is upon us. Sponsored by the animal lovers at Grocery Pup, a company making insanely fresh and natural dog food right here in Austin, this parade is basically guaranteed to make you happy.

So what goes into a dog Mardi Gras parade, you might ask? Well everything. Just like the human version in NOLA, they’ll have a king, queen, and royal court who parade in little floats that are made from wagons. People and dogs in the parade will throw treats and beads to the crowd.

The theme for this inaugural year is “Saturday Bark Fever.” All floats will be disco-themed and attendees (of every species) are encouraged to dress like John Travolta walking into Studio 54.

Our king for the day will be Sebastian, who was rescued by Cutie PITooties and was fostered by Krista Allenby, owner of Ruff Adventures Dog Photography, at the end of September. When she first got Sebastian, he had severe mange and a skin infection. After just one month, he made a full recovery and was officially adopted by Krista. To celebrate his recovery and finding a new home filled with love, Sebastian has been crowned the King of Mardi Paws! Half of all proceeds from Mardi Paws will go to Cutie PITooties so they can rescue more pups like him.

Our original queen, Lil’ Kim, was rescued by Austin Dog Rescue in November from a shelter in Lockhart, and after multiple surgeries, she was close to being ready to be adopted. After appearing to be on the road to recovery, she developed a type of neurological disorder about a week ago, and her condition steadily worsened despite several visits to her veterinarian and the emergency room. With her passing on January 21, her furry foster brother and fellow Austin Dog Rescue pup, Kaxan, will ride in her honor as the Duke of Mardi Paws

All funds raised for Mardi Paws will be split 50/50 among the two organizations that rescued the king, queen and duke. Come out and have the time of your life for an incredibly worthy cause.

When: Saturday, February 10th

Time: 2 -6 p.m.

Lustre Pearl East

Can’t make it? Click here to donate to the cause and help spread the word on your social media pages.

Austin Food + Wine Festival co-founders Charlie Jones, partner of C3 Presents, chef Tim Love, and restaurateur Jesse Herman, in partnership with FOOD & WINE, are pleased to announce the culinary, wine & spirits and musical line-up for the seventh annual festival, April 27-29, 2018.  Tickets go on sale today, January 18, 2018, CT, at

The seventh annual Austin Food + Wine Festival will feature more than 40 events over three days at Auditorium Shores and Fair Market, including the debut of Friday night’s Grillin’ and Chillin’ hands-on, interactive dinner party; Rock Your Taco competition on Saturday night; Sunday Gospel Brunch; engaging cooking demonstrations; interactive fire pits helmed by an all-star lineup of chefs and celebrated pitmasters from across the country; food, wine and cocktail tastings in the Grand Taste Pavilionlive musical performanceschef tastings; book signings; and more.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Austin Food + Wine Festival and a stellar roster of incredibly talented chefs, restaurateurs, and wine and spirits experts from the Hill Country region and beyond,” says Hunter Lewis, Editor in Chief of Food & Wine.  “With incredible barbecue, vibrant Tex Mex, world-class fine dining, and innovative wine, beer, and spirits culture, Austin is a dynamic culinary crossroads that represents the best of what it means to eat and drink in America today.”

On Thursday, April 26, the pre-Festival Feast Under the Stars, an intimate outdoor celebration, will once again be hosted at Austin’s Auditorium Shores.  This five-course, family-style meal with wine pairings from Jackson Family Wines will be held on Festival grounds and feature a collaborative menu from Tyson Cole (Hai Hospitality: Uchi); Mary Catherine Curren (ELM Restaurant Group; Todd Duplechan (Lenoir); Kevin Fink (Emmer & Rye); and Michael Fojtasek (Olamaie). Feast Under the Stars tickets are $250/per person (inclusive of wine pairings and parking) and must be purchased separately from any Festival tickets at  

“I take great pride in my home state of Texas and always look forward to welcoming some of the greatest chefs in America to experience it firsthand,” says festival partner Tim Love.  “Austin Food + Wine is the perfect platform to do just that and this year’s festival, lucky number seven, will be the best year yet!” 

The 2018 Festival officially kicks off at Auditorium Shores on Friday, April 27, with Grillin’ and Chillin’ – the ultimate hands-on grilling dinner party hosted by Tim Love.  This event will offer All-In ticket holders the opportunity to sharpen their grilling skills as they join Tim for an interactive and lively night of hands-on grilling, drinks and dinner, all underneath the gorgeous Austin skyline.  Grillin’ and Chillin’ attendees will have their own grill to share with a partner as Tim guides them on how to become grilling experts.  Grillin’ and Chillin’ is exclusively included with the All-In ticket and will be the only time that the hands-on grilling demo will be offered throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, April 28, and Sunday, April 29, the Festival grounds at Auditorium Shores will come alive with cooking demonstrations, book signings and an interactive area where chefs will cook over live Fire Pits and offer tastes to attendees throughout the weekend.  Offering multiple stations daily, the expanded Fire Pits will provide interactive experiences cooking with live fire from local and national pitmasters and chefs, including David Bull (Second Bar + Kitchen, La Corsha Hospitality Group); Sonya Coté (Eden East, Hillside Farmacy); Billy Durney (Hometown BBQ; Brooklyn, NY); Wayne Mueller (Louie Mueller Barbecue); Rodney Scott (Rodney Scott’s BBQ; Charleston, SC); Victor Sandoval (Parkside Projects); Andrew Wiseheart (Contigo, Contigo Catering, Chicon) with more chefs to be announced.

The Chef Showcase will feature a dynamic roster of local chefs and restaurants in the Grand Taste Pavilion all weekend. Enjoy signature dishes from participating chefs, including: John Bates & Brandon Martinez (Noble Sandwich Co.); Stephen Bonin (Geraldine’s); Jeff Brown (Old Thousand); Thomas Calhoun (Aviary Wine & Kitchen); Taylor Chambers (Justine’s Brasserie); Ji Peng Chen (Wu Chow); Austin Ewald (Grizzelda’s); Kazu Fukumoto (Fukumoto: Sushi and Yakitori Izakaya); Natalie Gazaui (Eberly); Albert Gonzalez (Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile); Taylor Hall (Apis); Clinton Kendall (East Side King); Lance Kirkpatrick (Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew); Geronimo Lopez (Botika); Harold Marmulstein (Salty Sow); Stephanie McClenny (Confituras); Jason McVearry (Poke Poke); Brian Moses (Olive & June); Ashley Neave (Forthright); David Norman (Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden); Sterling Ridings (Guild); Maribel Rivero (Yuyo); James Robert (Fixe); Charles Schlienger (Sway); Eric Silverstein (The Peached Tortilla); Max Snyder (Pitchfork Pretty); Anthony Sobotik (Lick Honest Ice Cream); George Thomas (Unit-D Pizzeria); Joshua Thomas (Mattie’s) Carmen Valera (Tamale House East); Miguel Vidal (Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ); Josh Williams (Texas French Bread) with more chefs to be announced. 

Rock Your Taco, Saturday evening’s signature tasting event at Fair Market, will bring out the competitive side of all participants, with a live musical performance by award-winning Latin Pop artist, Gina Chavez. Chefs will square off against one another to create the ultimate taco, with winners chosen by an esteemed panel of judges, including legendary chef and cookbook author, Lidia Bastianich (Felidia, Becco, Del Posto, Eataly, Lidia’s; Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC). Chefs include Tatsu Aikawa & Takuya Matsumoto (Ramen Tatsu-Ya, Kemuri Tatsu-Ya); Nyesha Arrington (Native; Los Angeles); Jamie Bissonnette (Toro, Coppa, Little Donkey; Boston & NYC); 2017’s Rock Your Taco champion, Tyson Cole (Hai Hospitality: Loro); Andrew Curren (ELM Restaurant Group); Cassidee Dabney (The Barn at Blackberry Farm; Walland, TN); Jason Dady (Jason Dady Restaurants; San Antonio); Amanda Freitag (Chopped); Diego Galicia & Rico Torres (Mixtli; San Antonio); Ray Garcia (Broken Spanish; Los Angeles); Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat, Little Goat, Duck Duck Goat; Chicago); Paul Kahan (One Off Hospitality Group; Chicago); Tim Love Bryan Voltaggio (Volt; Frederick, MD); and Michael White (Altamarea; London, Istanbul, Hong Kong, New Jersey, NYC, Washington, D.C.). 

A star-studded collection of sommeliers, wine, beer and spirits experts rounds out the Austin Food +

Wine Festival line-up, including Devon Broglie (Master Sommelier, Associate Global Beverage Buyer Whole Foods); Craig Collins (Master Sommelier, Beverage Director ELM Restaurant Group); Helen Johannesen (Owner Helen’s Wines, Partner Jon & Vinny’s, Joint Ventures; Los Angeles); and June Rodil (McGuire Moorman Hospitality, June’s All Day).

 Additional programming announcements will be made over the course of the spring; please visit for more information and updates.

Tickets for the 2018 Austin Food + Wine Festival go on sale Thursday, January 18, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. CT at The All-In ticket is $625/per person and includes Saturday and Sunday Festival access; over 40 culinary demos; beer, wine and cocktail tasting sessions; access to the expanded Fire Pits; all-day access to the Grand Taste Pavilion, including the Chef Showcase; a special Sunday Gospel Brunch; Grillin’ and Chillin’; and entrance to Saturday night’s Rock Your Taco.  

The Weekender ticket is $250/per person and includes Saturday and Sunday Festival access; over 40 culinary demos; beer, wine and cocktail tasting sessions; access to the expanded Fire Pits; all-day access to the Grand Taste Pavilion, including the Chef Showcase; and a special Sunday Gospel Brunch.