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What’s one more day when it comes to destroying your liver? Ease back into your post-fest life with Irene’s SXSW Recovery Party!

  • $5 Glasses of Rosé
  • $5 Tito’s
  • $3 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale & Otra Vez Cans
  • $3 Full Sail Session Lager
  • $2 Off Snacks

When: Today, March 19th

Time: 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

506 West Ave.
Austin, Texas


If you want to go all out on St. Patrick’s Day, Fado’s Irish Pub is the place. Austin’s Largest St. Patrick’s Day Outdoor Festival is as green and as fun as it gets. The pub takes over 4th Street with a giant tent and beer garden that is absolutely packed all day. As always, there will be live music, giveaways, beer, beer, green beer, and more beer.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and may your luck keep on Dublin!

*Seriously, don’t forget to wear green. 

When: Today, March 17th

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Fado Irish Pub
214 W. 4th Street
Austin, Texas 78701


If you want to enjoy SX but skip the downtown scene, I’d recommend South By San Jose. Hotel San Jose is one of my favorite spots in town—they make a mean Michelada and the courtyard lounge has the perfect Austin vibe.

During the festival they transform their parking lot into a live music venue with local vendors and what they’re calling “good times.” It becomes one of the most happening spots on South Congress.

Here is a look at this year’s killer line-up.

When: Today, March 16-March 18th

Admission: Free & Open to the public

Hotel San Jose
1316 South Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78704

Photo Credit: South By San Jose Facebook Page

Celebrate Pi Day and toast to mathematics with “Bar Math” at Little Woodrow’s. Enjoy complimentary pizza by Brooklyn Pie Co. from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. while supplies last. In addition, Little Woodrow’s Tech Ridge location will host a pie eating contest at 6:30 with prizes for the winner.
When: today, March 14th

Time: 6-7 p.m.


  • 5425 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756
  • 6301 W Parmer Ln, Austin, TX 78729
  • Southpark Meadows, 9500 I-35 #100, Austin, TX 78748
  • 12601 Tech Ridge Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

With SXSW Music officially kicking off today, we’ve thrown together an alphabetical guide for which acts to check out.  The complete list of artists playing this year is available here, but odds are you don’t have time to sift through hundreds of acts in a few short days, so we have you covered!

We have chosen an artist from each letter of the alphabet, as well as a few other suggestions to help plan your week. Enjoy!


The 4onthefloor – “On Tuesdays” (Minneapolis, MN)

Fittingly kicking off this alphabetical rundown is a booze-soaked bar-room anthem about not letting which day of the week the calendar happens to show prevent you from tossing a few back.  “I’m drunk on Tuesdays.  I’m drunk on Wednesday, too” may sound a little sophomoric on the surface, but one spin through this jam will have you heading straight for the fridge.


Amine – “Caroline” (Portland, OR)

Very few (if any) artists featured on the SXSW lineup can boast a song with north of 150 million plays, but this Pacific Northwest rapper can make such a claim with this out of left field hit.  “Caroline” may have nearly hit the Billboard Top Ten, but Amine’s name isn’t a household one just yet.

See also: Alex Lahey, Acid Dad, Anna Meredith, Au/Ra, Autre Ne Veut


The Band Of Heathens – “Hurricane” (Austin, TX)

I fully expected going into this to feature Philadelphia punk band Beach Slang here – a band whose two most recent albums have really resonated with fans and critics alike – but “Hurricane” by hometown revivalists Band Of Heathens really knocked me on my ass.  I have only been to New Orleans two times, and I don’t have any personal connection to the city, but songs about the city’s resilience In the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster always trigger me emotionally.  If Randy Newman’s “Louisiana 1927” gives you goosebumps, then “Hurricane” will hit you just the same.

See also: Baskery, Beach Slang, Big Thief


Chastity Belt – “Joke” (Seattle, WA)

Anyone familiar with Seattle radio station KEXP and their excellent music-only podcast “Music That Matters” is likely well-versed in Chastity Belt and their shimmery, yet languid dream pop constructions.  Their songs are cheeky, playful, but always with an unsettling undertone about them.  “Joke” was one of my favorite songs of 2015.  This is a band I would highly recommend checking out.

See also: Calliope Musicals


Diet Cig – “Harvard” – (New Paltz, NY)

I can’t think of a line I’ve enjoyed singing alone in my car in the last two years than “FUCK YOUR IVY LEAGUE SWEATERRRRR!!!”  like lead singer Alex Luciano exalts as “Harvard” draws to a close.  There’s a bitterness running beneath this song that manages to emerge as a charming and humorous quality – the singer recognizes her own shortcomings as a girlfriend, but is utterly unwilling to apologize for anything.

See also: Dams Of The West, Deep Sea Diver, Danny Golden, Dat Boi T, Dem Yup


ELEL – “40 Watt” (Nashville, TV)

Consider this your regularly scheduled reminder that Nashville ain’t all banjos, fiddles, and whatever the hell Keith Urban is trying to do these days.  ELEL sounds like they could be from just about anywhere in the world.


Fat Tony – “BKNY” (Houston, TX)

The borough of Brooklyn has enough hip hop native sons to fill a phone book, and almost everyone has at least one lovesong to their neighborhood buried somewhere in their discography.  Never has an outsider penned an ode as good as this.  Fat Tony brings a hazy Southern sound that pairs perfectly with the spirit of 1988, as if the Geto Boys and Slick Rick joined forces way back when.

See also: Flasher, Forth Wanderers, Frontier Folk Nebraska


Girlpool – “Before The World Was Big” (Los Angeles, CA)

Girlpool’s 2015 breakout album Before The World Was Big possesses a sense of wonderment that is usually reserved for children’s books and fairy tales.  The album has sonic qualities that at times seem at odds with the power the songs are able to evoke.  The entire record is devoid of percussion, as well as any trace of instrumental virtuosity, which places it squarely in the K Records tradition of elemental twee pop.  The title track will return you to a time where things made more sense.

See also: Gold, Grrr


Hippo Campus – “Suicide Saturday” – Woodbury, MN

Through some sporadically released singles and a 2015 EP that generated something approaching a national buzz, this midwestern quartet seems poised for a breakout with this year’s upcoming full length debut.  Hippo Campus’ sound conjures memories of My Morning Jacket’s spaciousness and the Local Natives’ soaring melodies.

See also: Har Mar Superstar, Hoops, Hurray For The Riff Raff


Idle Bloom – “No Body/No Control” – Nashville, TN

Another Nashville entry on the list, which further underscores the town’s sonic diversity.  “No Body/No Control” features lo fi vocals and what the group’s Bandcamp page refers to as “guitarmonies”.  How very 90’s!


Jay Som – “1 Billion Dogs” – Oakland, CA

As badly as I want to, it’s very difficult to shy away from comparisons of this artist to 2016 indie breakout star Mitski.  While Jay Som’s music is far from breezy, it veers closer into warmer guitar pop waters than Mitski’s Puberty 2.  However, if “1 Billion Dogs” is any indication of what is to come in 2017, there might be fuzz rock gold in store.

See also: Jackal Onassis, J-Me, Jade Bird, Justin McLean


Kaiydo – “Fruit Punch” – Orlando, FL

This year’s festival is loaded with really talented hip hop gems like this one.  The recent Migos/Makonnen controversy has cast an uncomfortable light on hip hop’s place in the social spectrum, but tracks like “Fruit Punch” are a reminder of what an uplifting factor music can play in our lives.

See also – KP Tha Profit


LVL UP – “Hidden Driver” – Brooklyn, NY

Let’s get the fact that this song sounds like a lost track from Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea out of the way.  I’m sure some listeners will find that fact too distracting to dig further into this band’s catalog, but in my view that would be a mistake.  Jeff Mangum has deprived me of this sound since 1997, so I will take it in any incarnation I can get.

See also” LAYNE, Lane Mack, Linying, Lovespeake


Minus The Bear – “Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse” – Seattle, WA

A long time ago, in a little town called Boston, where I attended college, my roommate introduced me to this band.  I probably saw them live four times in college alone, so while I can’t really attest to their latter-day material, I can assure you that they will play this song live, and that you won’t want to miss it.

See also: Mail The Horse, Malcolm London, Maggie Rogers, Mal Blum, Marisa Anderson, Meatbodies, Merchandise, Mothers


NE-HI – “Stay Young” – Chicago, IL

I assume the name is pronounced “Knee High”?  Either way, this song is great.  Like labelmates Twin Peaks, their unpolished brand of rock maintains a level of twangy-ness and soul that harken back to classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s.  Simple, unpretentious, and fun.


Open Mike Eagle – “Admitting The Endorphin Addiction” – Chicago, IL

Even if you are in tune with the latest and greatest in hip hop, there’s a good chance this dude has slipped under your radar.  His conversational, comedic style recalls laid back west coast old school in the vein of Freestyle Fellowship, laced with smooth jazz/funk hooks.  If you move forward a decade, you can trace his flow to underground mainstays like Living Legends and Murs.

See also: Ovolve


Priests – “Nothing Feels Natural” – Washington, DC

This is the band probably entering SXSW with the most buzz, with a lot of critics dubbing them the second coming of Savages.  Given its status as our nation’s capitol, D.C. maintains a long tradition of boasting the most politically outspoken musical acts, and Priests find themselves carrying the torch lit decades ago at the dawn of the hardcore era by Ian MacKaye and Dischord Records.  Aside from the obvious Savages comparisons are traces of modern post punk acts like Ought or Protomartyr.

See also: PAWS


Slim pickings here. If you know of a band that should be on our radar, or of a secret Queens of the Stone Age show… please fill us in. 


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “Clean Slate” – Melbourne, AUS

In my humble opinion, the best band playing at SXSW this year.  After hearing last year’s EP Talk Tight, I told just about everyone I thought would care about this band, but I always got the sequence of the four words in the band’s name mixed up.  There is nothing confusing about what makes these songs great, though: they don’t take long to get revved up, and they never let up, like the The Feelies without the nervousness.


Sad13 – “<2” – Philadelphia, PA

Sadie Dupuis rose to relative prominence in 2013 as the lead singer of Speedy Ortiz, a band that felt like the universe was trying to force me to love, only I could never quite get there.  I like her solo project quite a bit more, since it feels less like a 90’s nostalgia act and more of its time with synthesized grooves and a feminist bent that feels especially urgent given the current environment.  Sadie’s lyrics don’t allow you to listen to her songs passively – just try to listen to the first chorus of “Hype” without doing a double take.

See also: San Fermin, Scott H Biram, Spoon


Tei Shi – “Bassically” – Vancouver, BC

The concept of the “break” is one of the most powerful weapons that electronic music can deploy: the gradual build up of energy, like water waiting to break through a dam, that is finally released, unleashing the pent up emotion and harnessed joy from within the listener.  Tei Shi operates under a similar model, only without the pinpoint break, stretching out the euphoria for five breathtaking minutes.


Ugly Beats – “Motor” – Austin, TX

Certain songs were made for the road, and hometown rockers The Ugly Beats have them in heavy supply.  Organ based jams like “Motor” will bring Austin old timers back to the days of the Thirteenth Floor Elevators (if you live in Austin and haven’t heard of this band, get on that!)   While this band is deeply steeped in 60’s psych/garage music, there are more recent analogues, including Jason Pierce bands like Spaceman 3 and Spiritualized.


Vaya Futuro – “201 – Tijuana, MX

It’s hardly a secret that Mexico has a strong affinity for Morrissey.  Vaya Futuro, from just over the border in Tijuana, appear to share that same passion, only somewhere along the way they must have gotten their hands on some Can and NEU! records, too.


Weaves – “One More” – Toronto, ON

This Canadian quartet can vary from ramshackle garage rock methods to early 80’s Talking Heads styles reminiscent of the Talking Heads (the opening track to last year’s self titled record is evidence of this).


XXX – “Flight Attendant” – Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Can I interest you in some Korean hip hop?  This is a country known for excessively packaged pop stars (I’m talking about K-Pop, not Psy) that are so immensely popular domestically that they do not need to leave the peninsula, but XXX provides proof of burgeoning scenes with more in common with their American counterparts.


Yawpers – “American Man” – Denver, CO

Though they hail from Colorado, Yawper’s blend of country and Americana finds its roots in Texas, where lead vocalist/guitarist Nate Cook grew up.  The guitars are sturdy, and there are plenty of songs about drinking.  The part where the drums kick in on “American Man” will really rope you in.


Zona Tango – Acid Milonga – Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Again, not a very robust list in the Z category, so I’m going international with this one.  Zona Tango are very much in the Argentine tango tradition, only with a bit of a dance-y beat to it.


Article by Austin Rubel for 365 Things Austin.

This is not your grandmother bingo y’all! Join Maria’s Taco Express for Big Boobie Bingo with their always lovely hosts Cupcake and Mauve Haven. Enjoy four rounds of Drag Queen Bingo with a special performance from each of the hosts!

Doors open at 6 and the first round of bingo starts at 7. Get there early to claim your lucky bingo spot and have a few margaritas.

When: today, March 7th

Time: 6- 9 p.m.

Maria’s Taco Express
2529 South Lamar
Austin, Texas 78704


Patrons can savor the culinary creations of Executive Chef André Natera and his talented team of chefs with this progressive dining experience and wine pairings.

It begins with a specially crafted amuse and first course in Bartons Lounge, then head to 8212 Wine Bar & Grill for a special second course and third course. Enjoy your fourth and fifth course in the Hill Country Dining Room and finish the evening on the Hill Country Veranda with an incredible dessert.

More information:

When: Thursday, March 9

Time: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Pricing: $85 per person plus tax and gratuity. Reservation may be placed now by calling (512) 329-7906.


  • Charred Asparagus in Buttermilk with Crispy Milk Skin
  • Duck Rillettes, Duck Skin, Olive Powder, Chive Blossoms
  • Blonde Pâté, Loquat Jam, Candied Frilly Mustard Greens, Rosemary Cracker
  • “Spring” Lobster, Peas, Wild Asparagus, Potato Springs, Thumbelina Carrots, Ramp Leaves, Potato Confit
  • Smoked Lamb Loin, Morel Mushrooms, Green Pea Congee
  • Caramelized White Chocolate Palet d’Or, Malted Soy Milk Sorbet, Candied Peas, Green Strawberry, Rhubarb, Violets, Pea Tendrils

The 2017 SXSW Film Festival kicks off this Friday (3/10). Here are five films we’re looking forward to seeing.


Article by Chris Allen for 365 Things Austin



Directed by Giancarlo Esposito

Two words always catch my eye in film– Giancarlo Esposito. The world surely recognizes him as the suave and sinister Gus in Breaking Bad. But his cinematic bona fides reach back decades with performances in films like Fresh and The Usual Suspects. Here he takes the helm with a film about a suicide-showcasing gameshow- a prescient plot given the current popularity of dystopian themes and our maddening media culture. I’m curious to see if Esposito’s thespian genius translates to the director’s chair. James Franco co-stars.



Directed by John Carroll Lynch

Prolific character actor Harry Dean Stanton (over 100 film and TV credits) stars in the world premier of Lucky– playing an atheist in a desert town. If you need cinematic signposts to get an idea of Stanton’s long career- it spans from 1967’s Cool Hand Luke to the upcoming reboot of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks (Lynch also features in Lucky). And he played a judge in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The director has characterized the film as a “love letter” to the 90-year-old actor, and to be honest my interest in this film so far begins and ends with his prime role. Stanton’s weathered features and poet’s demeanor has been stealing scenes for decades. As for the story, the press release describes our main character a man who has “out-lived and out-smoked all his contemporaries” and is “thrust into a journey of self-exploration, leading toward that which is so often unattainable: enlightenment.” Deal me in.



Directed by Michael O’Shea

An official selection at Cannes, Michael O’Shea’s debut feature already has sizable buzz among film intelligentsia. Set in New York, this vampy genre thriller featuring a modern adolescent with a thirst for human blood and a collection of horror films seems to be shooting for high-brow philosophical statement regarding larger themes of alienation and urban decay. And perhaps looks to claw the gothic genre back from the clutches of more mainstream gory blockbusters. I hope so. Because many cinematic classics (think Kathryn Bigelow’s Near Dark) featuring archetypal bloodsuckers contained as much social commentary as carnage.



Directed by Max Pugh and Marc J. Francis

To escape momentarily the hectic, eclectic madness of SXSW, I look forward to spending 90 minutes with some Zen Buddhists from rural France. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, Walk With Me follows well-known Vietnamese Buddhist monk and author/peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh and his followers for a few years as they do their thing- namely, trying as politely as humanly possible to convince us that all suffer so might as well be nice to each other. A generalized understatement I confess. Perhaps I’ll leave the theater with deeper understanding.


NOBODY SPEAK: The Trials of a Free Press

Directed by Brian Knappenberger

The broader debate of celebrity privacy versus a public’s right to know is highlighted here through the prism of the strange and bizarre saga of Hulk Hogan, a sex tape featuring the wrestler and his friend’s wife, and a multi-million-dollar court judgment that brought down a media juggernaut. The case also introduced to American culture the venture capitalist lawsuit sponsor. As a media junky, I look forward to seeing Knappenberger’s take on this multi-pronged tale. Whether you get kicks watching exploitative media take their medicine or are a defender of unfettered free speech, this film is sure to provoke response.


SXSW Guest Pass

Join YETI for Texas Independence Day at their new Flagship location on South Congress.

5PM: Lucas Hudgins
6PM: Texas Trivia @ the Barrr hosted by Texas Humor
7PM: Jackie Venson
8PM: The Watters

When: Today, March 2nd

YETI Flagship Store
220 South Congress Ave.
Austin, Texas 78704

Street parking is available on Congress Avenue, and YETI Flagship offers validated parking for up to two hours from the Hyatt garage, located at 208 Barton Springs Road.