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Name: Kevin 
Animal ID:A763454
Age: 3 year old
Breed: Orange Tabby

Kevin is a super loveable cat who might actually think he’s a dog. He loves to follow his humans around and always wants to know what you’re up to. When you’re ready to relax though, Kevin is your man!


Name: Sheba
Animal ID: A750191
Age: 2 years old
Breed: Pitbull Mix
Location: In foster

Sheba is a super sweet girl who loves to explore her surroundings and show affection to the people around her. She knows lots of great tricks and would enjoy learning even more with her new family! Sheba is currently in a foster home, so you can meet her by contacting Austin Animal Center and arranging a meeting with her foster parents. 

Meet Kanuk.

This little guy is a Labrador mix. He’ll be one year old on December 15th, and he’s had quite an adventurous life in the year that he’s been alive.  His mom was rescued from a high kill shelter in south Texas, and Kanuk was born in a loving foster home. At four months old, he was transported to an adopter on the east coast. At this point, Kanuk was fully mobile on all four legs, but something happened during his short time with his new family to cause his hind legs to stop working.

The adoptive family decided that they weren’t able to care for him properly, so Lucky Lab Rescue took him back and transported him back to Texas. After consulting with several veterinarians and specialists, it has been determined that he is not a candidate for surgery, but he is in physical therapy to continue to build strength in his back legs and to get him to spinal walk.

A kind animal clinic donated a wheelchair for Kanuk, and he absolutely loves going for walks in his wheels! When he’s not using his wheels, he scoots around the house or the yard by dragging his back legs. Either way, he’s fully mobile, it just takes a little additional time to get him into his wheelchair or to put some protective socks on so he doesn’t scrape up his paws.

Kanuk is so very loyal and loving to his family. He’s currently in a home with two dogs, one being a high energy puppy, two cats, two kids and a lot of traffic. He would do well in a home with other animals as he enjoys the companionship of both the other dogs and the cats. He’s curious but also cautious, but once he’s comfortable with his people and surroundings, he becomes incredibly trusting. He likes to play, hasn’t chewed up one item in our house since we’ve had him, and would be the perfect addition to a family that can spend a little extra time on him. If you’re looking for a dog who will help start a conversation, he’s the one for you! Most people we meet on our walks stop to ask about what happened to him, and I’ve since made several new acquaintances. Thanks, Kanuk!

He’s been passed up for adoption several times, and his foster family will be traveling quite a bit for the holidays, so the hope is to have him in his “furever” home by Thanksgiving. If you think you’re the right fit, please complete an application at Lucky Lab Rescue.


Name: Bella
Animal ID:
Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Pit Mix
Age: 3 Year Old
Location: Kennel 203

Hello all!  My name is Bella and I have a few things to tell ya.  First off, if you can’t tell, my favorite color is blue and I wear it every day. Lots have people have told me I’m a good girl and have used words like cute, stoic, beautiful, cuddly, calm, funny, sweet and easy (going) to describe me. 

I prefer being in the same room as my owner at all times. I don’t need to be all up in your business, just hang out and play with my toys while you relax and know you’re there. I’m good at letting you know when I have to go potty and promise to not destroy your house when you’re gone. I don’t mind being in a crate and am easy to walk on a leash.

You should adopt me if you’re looking for a laid back companion dog that generally only barks when I need to let you know someone is at the house, and is confident and independent in themselves to be content just chilling but won’t turn down a good snuggle session either! 

Meet Bella in person Saturday October 28th

The Buzz Mill event is Saturday the 28th from 11am – 1pm.

People can come meet our longest current stay dog. Plus they can get a fun mini polaroid photo taken with her, and turn it into the bartender for a free Michelada, courtesy of Buzz Mill.

Buzz Mill is at 1505 Town Creek Drive, just of East Riverside

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Name: Deli
Animal ID:
Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Pit Mix
Age: 3 Year Old
Location: In Foster

This girl came into AAC back in December with horribly cropped and infected ears and was overall in pretty poor shape. She has been in foster since January, has had two surgeries to fix her ears (thanks vet services!), and LOTS of love!  A few facts about Deli:

– Her three favorite things: her people, walks, and car rides! 
– She is dog social. She currently lives with and gets along great with my 4 yr. old female pup..
– While she LOVES to walk, shorter walks.
– She is highly food motivated and thankfully this has helped immensely with training.
– She is mostly deaf due to her ear surgeries but has learned hand and touch signals and is quite smart!
– She is a heavy sleeper and sometimes snorer and it’s adorable. 
– She is inherently good and deserves the very best! 

Feel free to email me at  if you have any questions or interested adopters!

Name: Vanna
Animal ID:
Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Great Pyrenees mix
Age: 1 Year Old
Location: In Foster

Vanna is a Great Pyrenees/Australian Cattle Dog mix that weighs about 40 pounds and is about 15 months old. She just had a litter of nine puppies and all her puppies have been adopted out to their new families and now Vanna is looking for hers.  She is a very sweet and loving girl that likes to cuddle, has a lot of energy, and loves to play.  She loves toys so much that she will take every one out of the toy box then decide which one she wants to actually play with!  She has lived with small and large dogs in her foster home and has gotten along well with them.  She is housetrained and she is learning basic commands.  Vanna would love to meet her “furever” family and go to live happily ever after with them. Vanna is in foster through Austin Animal Center, please contact us at 512-978-0500 if you would like to meet her!

Name: Maverick
Animal ID:
Sex: Nuetered Male
Breed:  Hound Mix
Age: 3 Year Old
Location: In Foster

Mavericks foster reports that he is simple the BEST dog in the world! “He’s the best dog in the world, he LOVES to be with other dogs. He did great since the first minute here!!!! He loves to cuddle, he loves to be kissed and he loves to kiss. He loves to go for walks, and he also loves to sleep in the bed with Sassy and my sister.” Maverick is also housetrained and walks on a loose leash. Are you ready to make that lifetime commitment to a really GREAT dog?

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Despite his hard life of abuse and neglect, Jake Ryan has a sweet demeanor and a kind heart. Chained to a tree to endure Texas’ extreme weather with no shelter for 5 years, Jake Ryan is all snuggles and loves being indoors. He is great with children and other dogs, but does not do well with cats. A quick learner- he know sit, lay down, & stay. He is respectful, eager to please and looking for a loving and safe forever home. Jake is being treated for heart worm and has all his vaccinations.

To meet or learn more about Jake please email:

Name: Petey 
Animal ID:
Sex: Nuetered Male
Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Age: 5 Year Old
Location: In Foster


Everyone meet Sweetie Petey! He’s a lovable, sweet, snuggly guy who loves people. He loves meeting new people and is friendly with everyone he meets. He’s so thankful for kindness and pays you back with attention and kisses. He’s house-trained, crate-trained, and not destructive when left alone. He also enjoys toys and playing fetch. He’s been to some training classes and is a star student. He learns quickly, is food-motivated, and wants to please. He know basic cues and walks well on the leash when there aren’t lots of cars around. Seeing cars passing is a bit scary for him, but we’re teaching him how to handle uncomfortable situations. He’s a great hiking buddy and enjoys dipping in streams along the way.


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Name: Layla
Animal ID:
Sex: Spayed Female
Breed:  Chihuahua mix
Age: 1 Year Old
Location: In Foster

Layla has been in foster for over a month now, because she arrived at AAC with a broken leg. Since she has been in foster, we know that she gets along with cats and large dogs!

Her behavior is wonderful, too. She is crate trained and will sleep quietly all night long! She loves to cuddle with people and other pets. Layla rides well in the car, and is respectful of supervised children who are gentle with her. Layla is mostly potty trained, and seems very healthy. If you would like to meet Layla contact Customer Service at 512-978-0500.

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