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Name: Bingo
Age: 1 
year old
Animal ID:
American Bull Dog
Neutered Male
Kennel 324



Bingo is the kind of dog greeting cards are made of. He loves getting his photo taken! Everything about this boy is cute. His little side tongue, he’ll head butt your leg to get you to pet him, he’s just a charmer. He is very affectionate and snuggly, walks great on his leash and will give you several sloppy kisses. Come meet him today in kennel 324!

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Name: Gilley
Age: 5 
years old
Animal ID: 
Pittie Mix
Spayed Female
Kennel 313

Gilley is our current longest stay dog at the shelter. She’s been with us for over 380 days without a single night away. And why? Well, we’re not really sure because she’s a doll! She was so happy when she got a chance to go on an outing with volunteer Peggy. Here’s what Peggy had to say:

“Our first outing to the park was a true joy. I’ve taken other dogs I’ve loved (now adopted) there, and they sometimes got pretty distracted. Not our Gilley! She was calm when she saw other dogs, running/playing kids, geese, a new friend in a wheelchair, food trailers, fountains, whatever. You name it, she rolled with it. She was happy to be a team of two and it made for a fun day. She also withstood a bath afterward. Love this girl!”


Come meet our Gilley girl and give her a chance. You might just fall for her too!

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Name: Lady
7 years old
Animal ID:
Beagle/Kelpie mix
Spayed Female
In Foster


This is Lady and she’s a stunner inside and out. According to her foster, she’s fantastic in the home. She’s a perfect angel that loves to play with her toys.
She would make a perfect companion dog, along as the other dog is as mild mannered and mature like her! Contact us at Austin Animal Center and we will put you in touch with her foster.

If this is not the Pet of the Week for you try one of our previous featured pets!


Name: Benjamin
Age: 12 years old
Animal ID: A732068
Breed: Dachshund
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: In Foster

Benjamin is in a foster home and he’s getting used to his glamour shots taken! His foster mom says Ben is a cuddle bug and loves fast walks! He absolutely loves to be around other dogs, and would do well in a small pack! Ben is a Classic Canines of Austin and you can find out more about him by

If this is not the Pet of the Week for you try one of our previous featured pets!

Name: Barton
Sex: Neutered Male
Breed: German Shepherd Mix 
Age: 2 Year Old
Animal ID: A731878
Location: Kennel 2 at Town Lake Animal Center


Baron is one of our exceptional pups at TLAC! You can find him in the front corner kennel, #2 ? Nothing seems to bother this happy, go lucky dog. Baron has beautiful markings and his medium energy level would be perfect for most homes and families. He’s always full of love and kisses! The little white spot on the tip of his tail has our hearts melting. Someone scoop this cutie up!

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Name: Donner & Blixen
Sex: Neutered Male
Breed: Labs
Age: 6 Year Old
Animal ID: A697131
Location:  Kennel 211



At just six years old, these boys are best friends, brothers and all they need is to find a great family to love them forever. They ride great in the car, walk great together and seem housetrained! Want to try out an adoption with them? Foster to adopt and see if they’re a good fit for your home!

They have been with AAC over 4 months now!!!

If this is not the Pet of the Week for you try one of our previous featured pets!

Meet your new sidekick, Bradley! He is so enthusiastic about, well, everything!


Bradley doesn’t want to watch the world go by; he wants to get out and go with it! He loves to go for car rides and seeks new adventures. He is thrilled to go walking or hiking, likes to run around and play in the yard, and finds games (especially games involving treats!) to be just his thing. His favorite pastimes are rolling in the tall, cool grass while making little snorting noises or splashing about in a baby pool to cool off in this blazing heat. These are his ideas of heaven on earth!
Don’t let that goofy personality fool you, though! Bradley has gone on overnights with a shelter volunteer and has been a fantastic house guest! He is extremely house-trained, respects items that are not his, and is hands down the best little snuggler at bedtime. And if that’s not enough, Bradley is GREAT with kids! He truly thrives outside of the stressful shelter environment and just wants a family in which he can play with people and feel loved, wanted, and needed.

Bradley is a participant with AAC partner group, Dogs Out Loud.  He comes with a fantastic adoption package!

  • A free take-home visit
  • Free post-adoption visits as needed
  • A free spot in our group class
  • A $100 training scholarship to one of our preferred, local trainers (once he graduates our class)
  • Free support for the life of the relationship with his new family

If you are looking for a new buddy to keep you company and remind you that life is a grand adventure that should be enjoyed, email DOL at  or come in and meet him in kennel 217!

It’s also kittypalooza this Saturday!


If this is not the Pet of the Week for you try one of our previous featured pets!

Name: James
Animal ID: A728842
Age: 2 year old
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel 214

JAmes 1

Have you met James? He’s always making this same cute face! This boy is happy, go lucky and extremely sweet. He loves people, belly rubs and playing with toys. James is very polite and is always seeking your attention. Come meet him!



Name: Star
Animal ID: A716968
Age: 2 year old
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: In Foster



Star rides well

Star is magical…she shops, she cuddles, she rides well and she sleeps! Housetrained, quite good girl. Our Star is a sensitive and loving girl. We’ll let the picture do the talking.

Star cuddles

Name: Titus
Animal ID: A720866
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel 335

Titus loves to get all tuckered out from his walks!  Titus loves car rides, walks and plays well with other dogs.  He also enjoys playing  tug-o-war with big fat ropes!

The shelter is currently in desperate need of fosters. Commitments range from weekends to a month or longer.

If you are interested in adopting, check out animals that have been featured as Pet of the Week.