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Name: Clyde
Animal ID:
Sex: Neutered Male
Breed:  Mix
Age: 2 Year Old
Location: Kennel 211

Clyde is currently our longest-stay dog still living in the shelter, he has been with us since November 1st, 2016!

Clyde says he loves outings, especially if swimming is an option. Quacking ducks and birds on ground posed no interest but, lizards, beware! Clyde was calm in the car but curious about everything! He aced “leave it/take it” with cheeseburger bites. He likes the view from the top of tables best. He is an easy and delightful companion. Come meet Clyde today!

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Name: Faith
Animal ID:
Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Age: 3 Year Old
Location: Kennel 336
Days In Shelter: 131



This is Faith, who is staying with us at the Austin Animal Center until we can find her a family of her own. She is a special pup and has a special person. She came in as a stray and no one came to claim her. Faith was so afraid and fearful, initially, and wouldn’t let anyone get close to her. Most shelters would have euthanized her.

But time was asked for and it was granted. With the patience and love from staff and volunteers, she finally allowed herself to trust. The moment she let staffer Dena Dixon walk her out of her kennel will be a memory she will always hold priceless. Just look at her now! Faith gives kisses! She plays…she’s silly…she hops around in the play yards with delight! We’ve never seen a dog learn new commands with so little effort! All these things we know about her. The only thing we don’t know is her future. We don’t know who is that amazing family yet, that will be fortunate to receive all the love she has to give. If you know who they are…please tell them Faith would LOVE to meet them!

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Name: Heaven & Harmony
Animal ID:
A744985 & A744986
Sex: Spayed Females
Location: In Foster

Heaven and Harmony stayed with one of our volunteers for a sleepover and they were so good they earned themselves another night!
This is what our volunteer has to say about them.
“They have been perfect house guests. They already know how the doggy-door works and they are very house trained. They come to us for a little love then go right back to their beds just to relax. We left them alone for a few hours and they did great by themselves. They both know “sit, “down”, and “off”. They are a perfect balance of being super mellow with medium energy to play a few rounds of fetch and go on walks around the neighborhood. They are low maintenance and as a bonded pair they don’t need much more than a good belly rub every now and again. I think they would do great in any home!💛”

If you know someone who would like to make this odd couple a part of their family send them over. Keep in mind, we do out of state adoptions. For more information please call us at 512-978-0500.

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Name: Kurt
Animal ID: A734959
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Lab Mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: In Foster


Kurt is around 1 year old and has been enjoying foster-life while his foster parents and 4-legged foster siblings help him face his fears and come out of his shell. He is the sweetest and silliest boy who warms up nicely in a new home and wants nothing more than a kind person to follow around and doggie siblings to play and cuddle with. Shown in one of the pictures is his foster sister, Pearl, a.k.a. Kurt’s Security Blanket. Following the lead of his foster sisters, Kurt knows when his foster is ready to leave and he runs and crates himself! How’s that for easy? Do you think Kurt would fit in your pack? Email his foster mom, Theresa, at  to set up a visit to meet Sweet Kurt in real life!

Learn more about Kurt and watch his video’s on his own FB page!


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Name: Hugo
Animal ID: A738100
Age: 3 year old
Breed: Lab Mix
Sex: Neutered Mix
Location: Kennel 106



Hugo is a wonderful dog. He is a huge snuggler and likes to think he is a lap dog sometimes. He loves toys with squeakers, although he goes through them very quickly. He also loves to play fetch and run! Hugo would be THE BEST running buddy! He is one of our Playgroup Rock Stars! He is house trained and well behaved on his first overnight with a volunteer. Overall Hugo is an amazing dog and I hope he finds his forever home soon! Come visit Hugo, take him for a walk or play ball!

Check out his video!

Name: Cupcake
Animal ID: A735044
Age: 7 year old
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Kennel 321


Cupcake has spent some time in foster care, so we know great things about her! She is absolutely PERFECT in a home: Totally house-trained, not destructive, cuddly and low-key, silly and playful, and loves leisurely walks around the neighborhood. Loving, gentle and kind are some the ways we describe her. We’re becoming low on kennel space, so Cupcake is searching for another foster!! WHO WANTS TO FOSTER THIS ADORABLE DOG?

Ace is a handsome, striking black GSD, estimated to be around 6-years-old. He is very gentle and loving and gets along with other dogs well. He responds to commands well and will stay right by your side when being walked. He loves to play with his foster brother and sister and can get a bit rough at times, so he might be best in a home with other larger dogs. Play your cards right, and Ace could be a loving member of your family.
Come out to meet Ace and other available German Shepherds on Saturday, April 8th at Kriser’s Natural Pet on North Lamar. 

Name: Beau
Animal ID: A609221
Age: 8 year old
Breed: American Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel 110

Austin’s longest stay shelter Dog, Beau, has been in the shelter for over 225 days.

Beau was in a short term foster and proved to be a great dog at home!

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Name: Ronnie
Animal ID: A702298
Age: 2 year old
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel 113

Ronniw 1

Rad Ronnie is ready to start the rest of his life! Are you looking for a terrific dog to take on your adventures? Come meet Ronnie outside of his kennel to see his lovely personality! Sadly in his kennel, he’s pretty stressed out. Grab a friend and come meet Ronnie for yourself. Ronnie is currently being sponsored by Austin Animal Centers partner group, Dogs Out Loud. DOL will provide the following post adoption support:

  • Free take-home visit to help the animal adjust to the new surroundings.
  • In home visits as needed.
  • Free spot in DOL’s Sunday Skills and Games class.
  • $100 training scholarship to select trainers once he graduates from their class
  • Free support for the life of the relationship between this pet and their family.

This Saturday, March 4 from 2-4pm, the Dogs Out Loud crew will be in our event room off the main lobby, providing snacks and chilling with fetch-master and handsome hunk, Ronnie.

The shelter is currently in desperate need of fosters. Commitments range from weekends to a month or longer.

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Name: Chad
Animal ID: A742506
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel 333

Chad is such a gentle dog. He sits quietly in his kennel waiting for people to take notice. This boy walks on a loose leash, is VERY house trained, knows some basic commands and is an all-around love. He is treat motivated and likes to sit as close to you as possible – most of the time when asked to sit you’ll find his rear end right on top of your feet. This guy has been with us since the end of January – he’s already stolen a piece of every staff members heart! Chad is hoping someone will notice what a great dog he is and take him home. That doesn’t seem too much to ask!

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