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Name: Sunny
Animal ID: A742005
Age: 10 years old
Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: In Foster


There is nothing better than a soulful pup with a great smile and love to give for days. Sweet Classic Canine Sunny is currently in foster and available for adoption. She loves everyone and is great with other dogs. Her previous owners describes her as, sweet, affectionate and mellow. Sunny prefers to be inside and is housetrained. If you have a place for Sunny in your home, please email her foster at:


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Meet Boudreaux aka Bubba B aka Bou! He’s a big boy: a 6 & 1/2 year old, 80 pound, dogue de bordeaux mix. Boudreaux has been returned to the Austin Animal Center three (3!) separate times: the first two were when his owners moved and could/would not take him with them. The third time he was returned after only a few days when the prospective adopters realized they were unable to give him the home he needed.


In November, he faced his exit date at the Austin Animal Center: the date requiring him to find a foster or forever home, or else become part of the small percentage of dogs still at risk for euthanasia. Because of his age/size/time spent in the system, it’s harder for him to get noticed.
Dogs Out Loud, the wonderful shelter assistance group that helps train larger, harder-to-place dogs, is once again trying to find a home for him. They’ve had to scramble a few times over the last month — and even work through broken bones — to keep him out of the shelter through temporary fosters.
Boudreaux’s story has gone viral — from Reddit to newspapers in Finland! But in spite of fans sharing his story far and wide … DOL still hasn’t found the right family for him.
As expected, the kennel has made him more stressed and he doesn’t understand why he keeps getting moved around.
Bou is eager to find his quiet and calm home. He loves to go for car rides, snuggle with his person, nap and get spoiled with P. Terry’s burgers & Starbucks croissants. He loves bully sticks and sunbathing. He has been evaluated by a behaviorist who thinks he is a lovely dog. And he is eager to please his forever family.
 Anyone who is interested in potentially adopting him should contact (He’ll do best in a home without other pets or small children.)
– Friends of Bou have been sharing his adoption search on Facebook & Instagram using the hashtag #findahomeforbubbab.

Name: Burnie
Animal ID: A742531
Age: 8 Month Year Old
Breed: Cream Tabby
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel JO3

Please send all the cuddles, happy thoughts and kind words to this sweet kitty. He came to us today and no longer has eyes. Our vets think he had an eye or upper respiratory infection as a young kitten that went untreated and caused his eyes to rupture. Even with his condition he is very loving and social. Luckily he is with us now and on the road to recovery! He will be neutered and ready for a new loving home this weekend!

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Name: Mercedes
Animal ID: A719716
Age: 3 year old
Breed: Pittie Mix
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Austin Animal Center Kennel 217


Beautiful Mercedes will be with AAC 365 days as of January 26!! We know she loves loose leash walking with her easy walk harness on, loves long walks and will be your running buddy if you want her to. Perfectly housetrained and knows sit, down and come. Come meet this girl before her 1 year anniversary with us, she can be your best exercise buddy for the new year!

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Name: Bert & Ernie
Animal ID: A737539 & A737550
Age: 13 weeks old
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sex: Neutered Males
Location: In Foster

Are you thinking about adopting a kitten? What about two? Meet happy best brother buddies, Bert and Ernie! These little cuties have been in a wonderful foster home for the last few weeks and are ready to be adopted. Bert and Ernie are around five pounds each, and just 13 weeks old. This is what their foster mom has to say about them.

“I just love Bert and Ernie and I’m looking for a loving home for them! They came from the same litter and they cry for each other when they are just a room apart. They are both playful and cuddly and Bert likes to be turned over and have his chin and chest tickled. They love playing with other playful cats as well. No information on how they do around dogs. When I have taken them back to the shelter for vaccinations, they have become really shy and fearful, so I am looking for an adopter soon so I don’t have to bring them back to AAC. They are neutered have had age-appropriate shots are microchips and ready to go to a loving home!”

If you’re interested in meeting Bert and Ernie, fill out an adoption application on our website and email

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Name: Poppy
Animal ID: A733846
Age: 6 month year old
Breed: Labrador/Collie Mix
Sex: Spayed Female
Location: Kennel  430


Sweet Poppy has endured a lot during her short life. When she arrived at the shelter at 12 weeks of age, x-rays revealed that her left rear leg was fractured and her left hip was luxated. In addition to her injuries, Poppy had patches of hair loss and irritated skin. Poppy has been receiving excellent veterinary care, and has undergone orthopedic surgery to repair both her leg and hip. Unfortunately, her leg did not heal as it should have and ultimately had to be amputated. Her foster mom reported that Poppy goes on long hikes, and since she lives in an apartment on the third floor, about 5 times/day she went up/down 2 flights of stairs! She gets around great on her 3 legs, so don’t let her fool you! With a little work she could be a jogging partner for a slower person. She knows sit and down. Her favorite thing in the world is for people to sit on the floor with her so she can put her feet on you and lay her head on your lap. Poppy is ready for her forever home now, waiting in kennel 430 at Austin Animal Center.

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Name: Harrison
Animal ID: A729499
Age: 1 year old
Breed: Terrier mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel  333


Harrison is so joyful! Even though he has been with us 6 months now, Harrison is still a fun pup! He has a limited attention span . . . but definitely keeps things entertaining. He loves going for a walks, play a little fetch, beat up on a soccer ball, cuddle, sit for treats, sniff every square inch of a play yard . . . Harrison is lively and fun – volunteers who take him out report having such a good time with him. Harrison is in kennel 333 come go for a stroll today!

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Name: Cy
Animal ID: A738199
Age: 2 year old
Breed: Dogue de Bordeaux mix
Sex: Neutered Male
Location: Kennel  318


Meet Cy! He’s only got one eye, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down. It’s kind of like he’s always winking at you 😉 While on a walk, he spent a good five minutes staring at his reflection in the windows of the shelter and then finally decided he should bark at it. Cy knows how to sit and knows that’s the fastest way to get a treat. This guy is sweet and affectionate. We hope he warms your heart tonight like he has ours.

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Name: Elroy
1 year old  
Animal ID:
Cattle Dog Mix
Neutered Male
Kennel 210

Elroy is a terrific dog with so much to offer. This boy is like a sponge! He soaks up all the new tricks anyone is willing to teach him and he just wants to make his person happy. There’s really not much we could say about how great he is that you can’t see in this video 🙂 Elroy has been with us since the beginning of October and it’s time he gets his forever home!

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Name: Phoebe  
10 Month Old  
Animal ID:
Domestic Short Hair
Spayed Female
Kennel H01

You’ve got to hand it to our Phoebe girl: She’s got personality. This goober has been with us for 59 days, and we just can’t seem to figure out why! Are you ready for a charming, spunky young lady in your life? Come meet Phoebe!

What better way to spend this holiday weekend than saving a pet’s life? Give a playful pup or cuddly cat something to be thankful for! Big thanks to and Best Friends Animal Society, we are offering FREE adoptions from November 25 – November 28!
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If this is not the Pet of the Week for you try one of our previous featured pets!