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Driving down Lamar Boulevard near 11th Street, you might notice what many locals call “the foundation,” which is the colorful ruins of an old commercial construction project that never got off the ground. Decades ago, it was the start of condo building that was abruptly abandoned and over the years it became a destination for partying teens and neophyte street artists. As the murals and graffiti accumulated on the foundation walls, the collective project became known as The Baylor Street Art Wall, and it has slowly become an iconic piece of Austin lore.

But what was once a free-for-all is now regulated by the nonprofit HOPE Events. Rechristened as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery in 2011 with the help of famous contemporary artist Shepherd Fairey, the wall is now an educational project, serving as a destination for school field trips, live art projects, and gardening classes, among many other benefits to the community. It’s also a popular spot to take maternity and engagement photos, and to host children’s birthday parties.

Though the days of wandering up the steps to the old foundation to throw a tag up while drinking a six pack of Lone Star with friends are gone, the proprietors of the land and the folks at HOPE are still proponents of local artists. You can receive a paint pass to HOPE Outdoor Gallery with proof of ID, a submitted questionnaire, and a mock-up of your design.

To participate in the mural project, or to learn more, email murals@hopecampaign.org.


We all have a need for speed. I know I’m not the only one who fantasizes about being on a racetrack instead of the mind-numbing traffic on I-35.

And there is a big difference between driving around town in the car I got for my 16th birthday and, let’s say, a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. The Drive Fittipaldi experience gave me the chance to go ridiculously fast in an exotic automobile. I still can’t get over what a unique opportunity this was.


When you show up at the driving school, they first go over the track basics with you in a classroom for about 30 minutes, then you’re off to the races. There is a professional driver in the passenger seat, but you are in control the whole time. My guy was awesome. He told me exactly when to accelerate and go into a turn (and don’t worry, they do have a kill switch in the event things get out of control). It was honestly one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done!

Even though there are other drivers on the same track, it’s not a race. The goal is to get the best lap time for yourself.

If you’ve ever had the desire to go to driving school or race cars, you need to try this. It’s also an incredible, unbeatable gift idea for the speed demon in your life. 

Visit www.drivefittipaldi.com to book your experience.


Living in Central Texas has its perks, including but not limited to incredible weather and access to the best barbecue in the country. But if one were to nitpick, we don’t have an ocean. Namely, there’s nowhere near here to surf. Well, those days are almost over. NLand Surf Park is coming to Austin!

Opening sometime this year in Del Valle, NLand purports to be the most inclusive inland surfing spot in North America, featuring 11 surfing areas at four levels of expertise, from beginner to pro.


Created by engineer and surfer Doug Coors and using technology from Spanish firm Wavegarden, NLand is the product of 15 years of trial and error to create seamless waves that break just as perfectly as the real thing. The waves will be one, three, and six feet, breaking every 60 seconds and will allow riders up to 35 seconds on each one. Never surfed before, or looking to simply perfect your skills? NLand promises a “surf school,” where pros will share tips and give hands-on advice.

Perhaps most importantly, NLand Surf Park wants to create a ski-slope-like atmosphere, but for surfing. Everyone knows that après-ski is the reward at the end of a long day on the slopes, and NLand hopes to provide that same type of experience, for riders and those who just want to lay on a beach and watch.

Pricing hasn’t been posted yet, but in an interview late last year, Coors said, “We are still tinkering with our pricing models, but it will be similar to a day of skiing or snowboarding.” At press time there were reports that the park is having permitting issues and the wave machine is being repaired. We may have to wait a bit longer for the grand opening (it was originally scheduled to open this spring) but we are going to stay optimistic. Study up on your surfer slang people, it’s almost time to catch a wave.

Above: A rendering of NLand Surf Park. Image courtesy of NLand Surf Park.



Welcome to 365 Things Austin’s Cocktail of the Week program. We’ve partnered with our friends at Sourced Craft Cocktails to announce a new cocktail (available for delivery in Austin) each week. Whether you’re looking for a fun date night at home, or hosting a party that your guests won’t soon forget, Sourced delivers EVERYTHING you need to make mixologist-worthy craft cocktails.

Originally crafted by Australian born Sam Ross at the famous Milk + Honey lower east side NYC bar, this cocktail will fix whatever ails you!


The Penicillin combines luscious, soothing flavors of honey, fresh ginger, and hand squeezed lemon juice fortified with a healthy dose of blended Scotch whisky. Shaken and poured over a flawless, hand cut artisan ice rock, we finish this life saving remedy with thin pour of Islay Malt to top with a wood smoked aromatic fragrance.

Go ahead, the doctor will see you now!


Johnnie Walker – Black:

The iconic squared bottle isn’t the only thing smooth…this premiere spirit takes Scotch from the four corners of Scotland and blends together into silky pure amber gold. Perfected in 1909 and exclusively featuring whiskies with a minimum of 12 years aging, this rich, complex Scotch offers the perfect balance of dark fruits, sweet vanilla and it’s signature smokiness.

Honey/Ginger Syrup:

The “medicinal properties” of our Penicillin may/may not be found in Mr. Walker’s Black Label. They are absolutely found in our homemade Honey/Ginger Syrup. Locally sourced Austin honey is combined with richly muddled fresh ginger to deliver velvety goodness…to use the technical medical term.

Fresh Lemon Juice:

We hand squeeze fresh lemon juice every single morning. You’re busy, we’ve sourced the absolute freshest product possible to help you add the acidity to this balanced cocktail.

Islay of Scotch:

Ahhh, the secret…we love sourcing the secret ingredient for you. After pouring your medicine over the perfect hand cut artisan ice rock we provide, we help you with a heady “aromatic.” What, you ask, is an “aromatic” for I thought we were drinking? Glad you asked…this wood smoked smell is placed right on the top of the rock so as you take each sip your nose alerts your brain that we’re now in the comfort of a roaring fire and well on our way back to health!


Included in your Sourced Barrel Delivery:

  • Written Recipe Instruction
  • Johnnie Walker – Black
  • Homemade Honey Syrup
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Candied Ginger
  • Double Rocks Glasses
  • Hand Cut Artisan Rock Ice
  • Scotsman Ice (for shaking purposes)
  • Shaker and Strainer
  • Small and Large Jigger
  • Pump Stray Bottle with Islay of Scotch

Visit Sourced Craft Cocktails now to order yours!

Join us at Austin Beerworks on Wednesday, January 27th for a celebration of sausage. The “Kings” of the Austin sausage scene will be onsite providing off-menu sausage creations in a friendly competitive format. Tickets are limited to 250 and will go fast.


Included in the $24 ticket price:


  • Samples from all eight sausage purveyors 
    Micklethwait, Salt & Time, la Barbecue, Smokey Denmark, Dai Due, Frank, Freedmen’s, Easy Tiger and Banger’s
  • Three Austin Beerworks Drafts
    Includes a glass to take home
  • The smooth sounds of The Urban Achievers Brass Band
  • One voting card to nominate your favorite sausage offering
    You get to pick the winners!

Must be 21+ to attend. Please consider using Uber or Lyft to and from the event!


“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from the store. Maybe Christmas…perhaps….means a little bit more!” -Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Gather round with friends and family while your favorite Christmas movie comes to real life. And after all, you could use a little social interaction.

Door No. 4 is putting on a one-of-a kind Christmas feast of epic proportions. The feast will be hosted by the one and only – The Grinch! You will be among other Whos in Who-ville. Costumes are encouraged and rewarded; there will most certainly be prizes for the best lookin’ Whos in town!

Be prepared to escape all the stresses related to Christmas shopping and step into the magical, winter wonderland that is Who-ville. Guests will feast on a delicious, four-course meal (Grinch themed – think green eggs and ham). You’ll be entertained throughout as The Grinch himself will host this evening of fun; he’ll retell stories, lead you in Who-games, and may even carve The Roast Beast! If that’s not enough Christmas fun for you, there will be a full bar, live music, interactive theater and an elaborate set design.

Buy tickets here!
Dinner and lunch menu can also be found here.

Ticket Information
Adult Dinner:
Friday December 11, 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Saturday December 12, 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Ticket includes: Four-course meal, two drink tickets, live music and entertainment

Kids Lunch:
Saturday December 12, 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Ticket includes: Three-course meal, non-alcoholic beverages,  and entertainment
*Note there will be no alcohol served at the family lunch

You’re invited to THE Austin Holiday event of the season!
365 Things To Do In Austin and Sourced Craft Cocktails welcome you to the party and a chance to GIVE THE GIFT OF AUSTIN to a friend from anywhere in the continental United States. That’s right, wear the Tackiest Christmas Sweater of the party (bonus points for Austin-y tie ins) and you’ll win one free round-trip airline ticket to fly anyone you want into Austin this holiday season! Additionally, you’ll get two tickets to all the best “tourist” excursions our great city has to offer, including the Duck Boat Tours, Segway Rides, and tours of the Capitol.
Your $30 entry fee and a Tacky Christmas Sweater gain access to the following:

The Black Cherry Old Fashioned. One of the five Sourced Craft Cocktails that will be available to guests.

  • Beer from Austin Beerworks
  • Hand Cut Ice Demonstrations
  • Music from DJ Gatsby
  • Live Painting by Zuzu and BLVD of SprATX
  • Pictures with Santa

Our last 365 Things Austin branded event sold out in less than 24 hours, so purchase tickets NOW.

Tickets: $30

When: December 10th

Time: 6pm – 10 pm

411 West Monroe Street
Austin, Texas 78704


*Must be 21+ to attend.

*There is ZERO parking at the venue, and we don’t want you driving anyway! Please use Lyft or Uber.

*Airfare is one round trip coach ticket from inside the continental US with at least 14 day advance notice booking. Trip dates are valid between 12/24-4/1/16 and winner will be selected at the solo discretion of 365 Things Austin’s editors.

This Monday, November 16th, guests at WeWork will have the opportunity to satisfy their thirst for knowledge (and cocktails) by attending the third installment of The Hot Seat with Bob Metcalfe. The event is free and open to the public.

Bob Metcalfe is a University of Texas Austin Professor of Innovation, Ethernet inventor, scientist, and tech guru—he basically invented the Internet, okay? The guy also has a wicked sense of humor. During The Hot Seat, he’ll grill some of Austin’s most innovative, and charismatic entrepreneurs. It’s a show worth going to for itself… but wait, there’s more!

Along with the riveting discussion at WeWork Austin, free cocktails will be provided by Sourced, and guests will also be able to build their own burgers!


In this installment of The Hot Seat, Bob Metcalfe will be “grilling” Doreen Lorenzo on various aspects of her career and other topics. Lorenzo has been a global creative innovator who advises firms and Fortune 100 companies from all over the world.

Her expertise lies in “soft skills”—that is, skills anchored in emotional intelligence such as empathy and humor. Can these overlooked business tactics actually result in success? Lorenzo isn’t the only one who believes so—that’s why Bob invited her to this discussion.

Stop by and enjoy a drink, build a burger, and check out the awesome shared workspace of WeWork Austin.

RSVP: Click here

When: Monday, Novermber 16th  at 5:30pm

Where: WeWork Austin

Article written by Dani Barrow for 365 Things Austin

The Austin Events Calendar highlights over 250 events and activities around the city, and has become the go-to authority for everything Austin. From Eeyore’s Birthday to the Zilker Kite Festival, this wall calendar keeps Austinites in the loop year round.

To Celebrate its 10-Year Anniversary and the launch of the 2016 Calendar, they’re hosting a walkable, photo scavenger hunt that will take participants to to several iconic Austin locations! The after party will feature fun prizes and local entertainment.

Who: Teams of two to four; participants must be 21+ to purchase tickets 

Where: The scavenger hunt starts and ends at Zilker Park, and all stops will be within walking distance

When: 10am Saturday, November 21st

Cost: $10 per person- includes wall calendar, afterparty and a chance at awesome prizes

Details: www.yellowchase.com


We’ve all experienced the headache and heartache in traveling from Austin to Houston or Dallas. I-35 is more often a parking lot than a highway and Houston can feel like it’s as far as Louisiana. The options to travel back and forth between these cities have always been time consuming. Driving and fighting through 5 hours of stop and go traffic is exhausting, and a 50 minute flight on southwest airlines is usually a 2 hour ordeal with security and battling through cattle call like lines.

Luckily, and recently, we discovered the membership based, private scheduled flight service RISE. RISE is a former start-up turned operational and fully functional membership service with the noble goal to give time back to travelers and enable members to work in Dallas or Houston but live in the great city of Austin.


RISE was started by CEO Nick Kennedy out of necessity. A frequent traveler, Nick realized how much of his life he was missing waiting for and being delayed by commercial travel. In 2014, Nick started RISE to give dignity back to frequent travel.

RISE offers a subscription membership for $1,650 a month for unlimited scheduled flights among Austin, Dallas, Houston and Midland. That’s about the same cost as flying commercial 4 times a month! And the flights are on Beechcraft King Air 350s that seat 8 people comfortably and fly back and forth between these cities several times a day.


When RISE says you’ll fly from Dallas to Austin in 45 minutes, they mean it. The security check is done before you even arrive to their private hangar and only a drivers license check is required before stepping onto the plane and taking off into the air 5 minutes later. There are no bag fees or waiting in lines. When you arrive in Austin you step off the plane immediately and into your preferred method of ground transportation. It really is that simple.

RISE is truly a membership based service. Members are treated exceptionally well with exclusive amenities and weekend getaways to desirable vacation cities like Sante Fe, New Mexico and Telluride, Colorado. Most recently,

RISE announced that on November 14th they’d be flying to Marfa, Texas for an artist retreat within the West Texas mountains.

Visit iFlyRise.com