You’re invited to THE Austin Holiday event of the season!
365 Things To Do In Austin and Sourced Craft Cocktails welcome you to the party and a chance to GIVE THE GIFT OF AUSTIN to a friend from anywhere in the continental United States. That’s right, wear the Tackiest Christmas Sweater of the party (bonus points for Austin-y tie ins) and you’ll win one free round-trip airline ticket to fly anyone you want into Austin this holiday season! Additionally, you’ll get two tickets to all the best “tourist” excursions our great city has to offer, including the Duck Boat Tours, Segway Rides, and tours of the Capitol.
Your $30 entry fee and a Tacky Christmas Sweater gain access to the following:

The Black Cherry Old Fashioned. One of the five Sourced Craft Cocktails that will be available to guests.

  • Beer from Austin Beerworks
  • Hand Cut Ice Demonstrations
  • Music from DJ Gatsby
  • Live Painting by Zuzu and BLVD of SprATX
  • Pictures with Santa

Our last 365 Things Austin branded event sold out in less than 24 hours, so purchase tickets NOW.

Tickets: $30

When: December 10th

Time: 6pm – 10 pm

411 West Monroe Street
Austin, Texas 78704


*Must be 21+ to attend.

*There is ZERO parking at the venue, and we don’t want you driving anyway! Please use Lyft or Uber.

*Airfare is one round trip coach ticket from inside the continental US with at least 14 day advance notice booking. Trip dates are valid between 12/24-4/1/16 and winner will be selected at the solo discretion of 365 Things Austin’s editors.

This Monday, November 16th, guests at WeWork will have the opportunity to satisfy their thirst for knowledge (and cocktails) by attending the third installment of The Hot Seat with Bob Metcalfe. The event is free and open to the public.

Bob Metcalfe is a University of Texas Austin Professor of Innovation, Ethernet inventor, scientist, and tech guru—he basically invented the Internet, okay? The guy also has a wicked sense of humor. During The Hot Seat, he’ll grill some of Austin’s most innovative, and charismatic entrepreneurs. It’s a show worth going to for itself… but wait, there’s more!

Along with the riveting discussion at WeWork Austin, free cocktails will be provided by Sourced, and guests will also be able to build their own burgers!


In this installment of The Hot Seat, Bob Metcalfe will be “grilling” Doreen Lorenzo on various aspects of her career and other topics. Lorenzo has been a global creative innovator who advises firms and Fortune 100 companies from all over the world.

Her expertise lies in “soft skills”—that is, skills anchored in emotional intelligence such as empathy and humor. Can these overlooked business tactics actually result in success? Lorenzo isn’t the only one who believes so—that’s why Bob invited her to this discussion.

Stop by and enjoy a drink, build a burger, and check out the awesome shared workspace of WeWork Austin.

RSVP: Click here

When: Monday, Novermber 16th  at 5:30pm

Where: WeWork Austin

Article written by Dani Barrow for 365 Things Austin

The Austin Events Calendar highlights over 250 events and activities around the city, and has become the go-to authority for everything Austin. From Eeyore’s Birthday to the Zilker Kite Festival, this wall calendar keeps Austinites in the loop year round.

To Celebrate its 10-Year Anniversary and the launch of the 2016 Calendar, they’re hosting a walkable, photo scavenger hunt that will take participants to to several iconic Austin locations! The after party will feature fun prizes and local entertainment.

Who: Teams of two to four; participants must be 21+ to purchase tickets 

Where: The scavenger hunt starts and ends at Zilker Park, and all stops will be within walking distance

When: 10am Saturday, November 21st

Cost: $10 per person- includes wall calendar, afterparty and a chance at awesome prizes



We’ve all experienced the headache and heartache in traveling from Austin to Houston or Dallas. I-35 is more often a parking lot than a highway and Houston can feel like it’s as far as Louisiana. The options to travel back and forth between these cities have always been time consuming. Driving and fighting through 5 hours of stop and go traffic is exhausting, and a 50 minute flight on southwest airlines is usually a 2 hour ordeal with security and battling through cattle call like lines.

Luckily, and recently, we discovered the membership based, private scheduled flight service RISE. RISE is a former start-up turned operational and fully functional membership service with the noble goal to give time back to travelers and enable members to work in Dallas or Houston but live in the great city of Austin.


RISE was started by CEO Nick Kennedy out of necessity. A frequent traveler, Nick realized how much of his life he was missing waiting for and being delayed by commercial travel. In 2014, Nick started RISE to give dignity back to frequent travel.

RISE offers a subscription membership for $1,650 a month for unlimited scheduled flights among Austin, Dallas, Houston and Midland. That’s about the same cost as flying commercial 4 times a month! And the flights are on Beechcraft King Air 350s that seat 8 people comfortably and fly back and forth between these cities several times a day.


When RISE says you’ll fly from Dallas to Austin in 45 minutes, they mean it. The security check is done before you even arrive to their private hangar and only a drivers license check is required before stepping onto the plane and taking off into the air 5 minutes later. There are no bag fees or waiting in lines. When you arrive in Austin you step off the plane immediately and into your preferred method of ground transportation. It really is that simple.

RISE is truly a membership based service. Members are treated exceptionally well with exclusive amenities and weekend getaways to desirable vacation cities like Sante Fe, New Mexico and Telluride, Colorado. Most recently,

RISE announced that on November 14th they’d be flying to Marfa, Texas for an artist retreat within the West Texas mountains.


Although it doesn’t feel like it yet, it’s officially fall in Austin. And since we don’t have the luxury of the leaves changing, etc; we like to focus on the dishes and other delights of the season that really get us in the mood.

With help from our friends at Favor Delivery, we’ve compiled a list of fall-centric items to help us celebrate the season. All available for delivery straight to your door:

1. Pumpkin Pancakes from Kerbey Lane


Fall in flapjack form.


2. The Scarecrow and Turkey Mole Tacos from Torchy’s


‘The Scarecrow’ is October’s Taco of the Month and includes pumpkin seed breaded chicken and roasted poblanos. November welcomes the ‘Turkey Mole’ (pictured above), and includes fried turkey, mole and avocado.


3. Mac & Cheese from Hillside Farmacy


Note the crispy cheese on top, gooey cheese on the sides. Instant happiness.


4. Pumpkins for Carving from Trader Joe’s


Our favorite fall “Thing to do.”


5. Fall Floral Arrangement from Whole Foods


For delivering the feels of the season to a friend, or your own living room.


6. The Pumpkinator from Hey Cupcake


Also great for gifting. Photo credit:


7. Pumpkin Pie Shake from P.Terry’s


Available November 1st, start planning accordingly.



8.Tomato Basil Soup from The Soup Peddler


Pair it with a grilled cheese… and a snuggie.


9. West Texas Chili from Lucy’s Fried Chicken


No beans of course.


1o. Fall Spice Latte from Jo’s Coffee


The local version of the PSL, available iced or hot.

Use the code: 365Austin to get $5 Off your first Favor delivery:

Eating healthy is difficult for people on the move, but locally grown business, Cilantro Lime, is here to help. Their easy meal kits squash many of the excuses that busy Austinites provide for why they eat out so often. Whether your personal reasons include the lack of time for trips to the store, a lack of funds to supplement expensive ingredients, or (like me) you get frustrated with the amount of food that’s wasted when you’re only cooking for two people; Cilantro Lime has you covered.


They offer same-day delivery for orders placed before noon, and with most meals-for-two priced around $20, you can get dinner delivered to your door for about the same price (or less) as you would spend at the store.

Most importantly (for my own issues), they portion out all of the ingredients perfectly for the recipe I’ve selected. Which in addition to making meal prep a breeze, also saves me from throwing away nine-tenths of that bushel of cilantro I’m forced to buy at the grocery store.

The menu selections on their website have badges based on the recipe’s nutritional values, and you can view by categories including paleo, gluten-free, high protein, low carb, and light. Which is super convenient for the “low carb” kick my roommate is currently on (I can deal), but could be an issue if she decides to move to full paleo.


Lastly, they provide remarkably simple instructions with every order. The recipes are interesting enough to have some fun with on a date night, but simple enough that even the most novice chef (shoutout to 365 founder, Kristy Owen) will have no problem executing.

They’re offering a deal for any first time orders for 365 Things Austin readers, enter the code ‘365Austin’ for free delivery.

Every once in a while, a service launches in Austin, and it reminds us why the city we live in is the greatest on earth. On Tuesday, the fine folks at Sourced stopped by our office, and turned a typical workday into a pleasant afternoon spent sipping craft cocktails.


They showed up with a barrel that included everything we needed to create both classic and cutting edge libations. We got to choose the particular cocktails that appealed to us most from the monthly menu available on the Sourced website. We decide to go with Sourced’s take on the Old Fashioned, as well as the Texas Mule- but more on that later.

The beauty of Sourced is that they handle EVERYTHING. We’re talking recipes, spirits, ingredients, knowledge, barware, glassware- even the proper ice cubes!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Order: Open the web page, scroll through cocktails, read ingredient details and order the cocktail experience.
  2. Package: Sourced receives paymentpre-measures and pre-cuts ingredients and the partner retailer supplies the spiritFrom there the Sourced team packages everything to embody the perfect cocktail experience.
  3. Delivery: Sourced delivers the cocktail experience and they check the consumer’s ID and payment information. The Sourced expert provides needed instructions on returning barware.
  4. Enjoy: Unpack ingredients, and create and enjoy the cocktails.
  5. The Next Day: Pack up the barware and Sourced retrieves the items.\


Now more on the drinks themselves… You know what separates the typical drink you make at home from the ones you pay $12+ for at your local craft-cocktail joint? Lets start with the glassware.

For our Texas Mule, Sourced provided beautiful, and functional copper mugs. They also brought absolutely PERFECT crushed ice, you know, that good stuff like they serve at Sonic drive throughs for the Mules, and stunningly-clear, large, symmetrical cubed blocks for our Old Fashioneds.

They also provided cards with ingredients and directions on how to construct the cocktails. Making the drinks is half the fun!


Lastly, lets talk about ingredients. Did you know that the standard sugar cube you’ll find at any grocery store in Austin is twice the size of what you need to make a proper Old Fashioned? We didn’t, and thus, we’ve been messing up the recipe for years!

For our Mules, they brought local Hellfire Bitters, with a dropper to ensure we got the recipe just right, and crystalized ginger as a garnish that was as aesthetically pleasing as it was delicious.


Sourced is set-up to serve as few as two people (wink* wink* perfect first date), into the hundreds (hello every holiday party we host both at home OR the office).

Give them a try this weekend with some French 75’s before heading out to ACL, or have the cocktails set-up when you get back home the fest for the ultimate after-party. You’ll want to be the first one of your friends to host a Sourced experience… We promise everyone in attendance will leave impressed!

Visit them or setup an order at:

Still have questions? Check out their FAQ section for info on delivery times and more.

Part of the allure of Lockdown Austin is the mystery of the experience, and I promise not to spoil any of the surprises. I knew there would be a room that my friends and I would be “locked” into for about an hour, and that we’d need to figure out a series of puzzles to find our way out. I didn’t realize how much fun it would be, nor how quickly that hour would pass!

Lockdown Austin recently opened its doors, just behind Doc’s on South Congress, and its “Live Escape Experience” is an absolute blast. As I said before, I can’t include a ton of details without ruining the experience, but you’re basically tasked with saving the world by solving various puzzles throughout the room. Figure it out in under an hour, and you win!


This is a great destination for team-building with co-workers, or as a fun activity with friends before catching a game or drinks at Doc’s (like we did). It’s also challenging; only 20% of groups actually finish the puzzle, but it’s still a ton of fun even if you don’t quite figure it out (like we didn’t).


  • You don’t need to bring booze, surprising, I know. You’ll be engaged for the full hour, just grab a drink afterwards.
  • Dress casually. There’s no physical activity, so don’t feel like you need to bring athletic gear.

They’ll be expanding to a second room and experience shortly, but for now, you’ll get to try the same WW3 challenge that we did! Tickets are priced at an affordable $25 a person. You can purchase a “date night for two” for $50, or rent the room out for $150 total.

***It’s best to keep groups to six people or less. We had a group of six ourselves and I think that was the perfect group size.

Visit for booking, or give them a call at (512) 808-0851.

You know we love exploring Austin with friends, but sometimes getting everyone together and actually getting out there is difficult. Our friends at Ping Social realize this, and they believe people need to find a way to log off their screens every once in a while and spend more time doing things with each other. They’re working to facilitate a more fun and more active generation.

So, they created an app to help. It revives the idea of spontaneous hangouts, it makes getting together with friends and actually doing something easier than ever before, and, most importantly, it pulls us back into the now. OK, yes, we are fully aware of the fact that it’s an app that’s supposed to get you off your phone… but bear with us for just a second…

Your Timeline is an activity hub. It’s where you can check to see what your friends are doing around Austin each day.

Ping 1

By clicking on an Event, you can check out when and where people are hanging out and other details of a get-together.

Ping 2

You can see who is attending.

Ping 3

You can get directions from their Map feature.

Ping 4

You can comment on an Event and share photos.

Ping 5

The founders of Ping are on to something. They realized that making plans with friends happen can be tiring, difficult, and often requires a way-too-long chain of communication. You can leave someone out, a lot of people don’t respond. The potential flaws go on. In the end, people end up frustrated.

Now, people Ping.

Ping 6

You invite your friends. It is super efficient to use their group feature and invite a lot of your friends with one click.

Ping 7

You can even invite your friends who don’t have the app yet.

Ping 8

And now you are hosting your own event.

It is simple. It is easy. It is functional.

They had a soft launch at the University of Texas in the last weeks of the Spring semester and saw great results. Within the first six weeks, they had 2,000 users and 1,500 Pings had been created. People were doing more.

Some major benefits of Ping:

  • You don’t have to suffer through 30 minutes of incessant group texts as all of your friends try to plan a single event.
  • You don’t have to continue receiving seemingly infinite messages and listen to people talk about an event when you can’t attend but are still stuck in a never-ending group text.
  • You get to see and reconnect with those friends who you care about, but wouldn’t necessarily text to hangout.
  • You can access a low-stress way to invite someone to hangout. Texts can sometimes feel too intimate, but a Ping feels just right.
  • You can be social more often and more efficiently than ever before.

Ping Social is about making a generational statement.  They are done just talking. They won’t let schedules and inefficient communication dominate our existence. They are going to do things.

Ping is offering an easier way to coordinate day-to-day, real time interactions with people. No longer do you have to click through cyberspace, liking photos and posts of things that have already happened. Now, it’s time to make your own memories.

Hit the App Store, download Ping Social, create your profile, and start Pinging. You won’t regret it.

Download Ping Social on iOS

Download for Android 

Ping Social Facebook Page

Ping Giveaway

Do you want to have an acca-awesome night? Check out Pitch Perfect in the Park.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Dogs, picnics, and lawn chairs are welcome. Alcoholic beverages, glass and styrofoam are not permitted in the park.

Here is the Fall Movie in the Park Schedule:
9/17 at Beverly Sheffield NW District Park | 8:15pm – Pitch Perfect
10/22 at Dick Nichols District Park | 7:30pm -Casper
10/29 at Republic Square Park* | 7:30pm – Beetlejuice
11/5 at Palm Park | 6:30pm -The Dark Knight

Beverly Sheffield NW District Park
7000 Ardath Street
Austin, Texas 78757