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LoveATX Festival

July 1, 2012 12:00 pm
July 1, 2012 7:00 pm
LoveATX Festival 2012
Some Vida
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1210 Rosewood, Austin, TX, United States, 78702


Our mission is to empower YOU by connecting you with local resources and communities creating a sustainable shift in culture.  The Fest will feature Austin organizations, businesses, and artists supporting a healthy, creative, conscious, and sustainable lifestyle. :)

 LoveATX Fest is:

  • Providing a place for local communities, organizations, and businesses to connect
  • Sharing inspiration for healthy, creative, conscious, and sustainable living
  • Encouraging involvement and collaboration within the local community


Soma Vida ~ Noon – 7pm

Talks by leaders in the local movement:

  • EcoBrandi Clark Burton of Austin EcoNetwork - discussing the local sustainability movement and how to get involved. Sign up for their most comprehensive EcoNewsletter here!
  • Erin Hickok of Community Cultivators and Go Local will catch you up on shift going down in Austin.
  • Soma Vida – Holistic Health Panel Q&A with Wellness Practitioners
  • Shelly Sollohub from The Tesla School - The evolution of education and the rise of alternatives
  • Acts of Sharing – Sharing economy. An online ” shared toolshed” where you’ll find more than tools. Saving money and living simply, we have more TOGETHER!
  • Austin Time Exchange Network (ATEN) - Encouraging systematic social change, economic equality, and community empowerment

Workshops: yoga, wellness, sustainability

  • Yoga Opening – As usual, we’ll start the day with a community yoga class. 12pm! by Laura Vandenbergh Alpha Kitten Yoga
  • Food is Free Project – Learn how to make a drought proof water-wise wicking garden bed. Join the Food is Free movement and start your own front yard garden.
  • Chakraology - Purpose of Life 101 – Enhance your understanding of your most essential “parts”- the 7 Chakras, what the theys are, what they do, and what you do with them.
  • Art Workshop – by Elizabeth Decker of Moody Me Workshops. Let your highest creativity flow. Get your artist on.
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Midwifery care and natural childbirth info and short film by Illysa Foster of Sisters Midwifery
  • Schedule and More TBA

Local organizations, businesses, artists, healers, and craftsmen

  • Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan - 
  • Creation Flame – meditation, art, healing, and eco-friendly open source construction
  • Food is Free Project - grow free food and community in your front yard
  • Austin EcoNetwork - most comprehensive listing of green events on the EcoCalendarBlogs written by green thought leaders, and hosts the EcoDirectories which list the green businesses, environmental organizations, and government departments that are helping advance sustainability
  • Austin Time Exchange Network - Encouraging systematic social change, economic equality, and community empowerment
  • Acts of Sharing - Sharing economy. An online ” shared toolshed” where you’ll find more than tools. Saving money and living simply, we have more TOGETHER!
  • Amala Foundation - The Amala Foundation inspires the diverse youth of the world to live in unity, serve compassionately and lead peacefully.
  • Breathe Eat Dance Evolve - The BEDE wellness system delivers nourishment to body and mind allowing you to be more present and connected in all that you do.
  • Windhorse Medicine - Rupesh Chhagan L.Ac – Hakomi, Acupuncture, and Herbs
  • Edgy Mystic~Spiritual Counselor & Intuitive Healing - Melynnda
  • AmaranthHealing & Consulting/ Pandora’s Hoops
  • Teysha - a platform for global citizens, artists, entrepreneurs, farmers, travelers, and everyone in between to create socially and environmentally just enterprises that celebrate and protect the beauty of planet Earth.
  • La Via Sana - making a difference in the lives of people who face mental health challenges. Encouraging good nutrition, physical exercise, mediation and other destressing techniques.
  • Dr Rawsome’s Cacao - raw, healthy, delicious chocolate made locally with the best Cacao. Balinese Cacao has the highest magnesium and iron values out of any cacao/cocoa in the world.
  • Pure Living Paradise - Pure Living Elixirs, Waters, and Wisdom. Chaga Chi (mushroom tea), Wow Water
  • ZenDesign Outdoors - original landscape design, permaculture design, vegetable gardening
  • Chakraology - chakra education, combines the 7 Chakras with the 7 planets of ancient astrology to paint a dynamic, simple and profound picture of the Human experience.
  • Hippie Health Coach – offering wisdom to support healthy and balanced living
  • Chris Long Ceramic Arts – clay pottery and creative pieces
  • Creatilla el’a kayla – hand made ceramics, bracelets, necklaces, and visual art


Healing Space: massage, reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture

+ Community Drum Circle – starting at 6:30pm and directing the LoveATX Fest Sidewalk Parade to Kenny Dorham’s
+ Art Exhibit
+ Live Music


Eastside Yoga ~ 2pm – 4:30pm

  • Healing sessions every 15 mins, small groups or individuals 2-3:30pm
  • Yin Yoga, a series of slow deep stretches, restorative class 3:30pm – 4:30pm


Kenny Dorham’s Backyard After Hours Show 7pm – 10pm

7pm - LoveATX Fest Sidewalk Parade arrives to kick off after hours show, drum circle continues, circus play begins…

Transformative performances by:



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