Introducing the 365 Things Austin Planner

Planning the ultimate day in Austin just got much easier! We’re excited to unveil the 365 Planner on our site and mobile apps, an interactive way to map out everything you don’t want to miss while you’re keeping it weird in Austin.

Designed with our partners at Visit Widget, this tool is an interactive way to explore everything the city has to offer, including upcoming events, popular restaurants, shops, bars, and landmarks. View it all at once or search by categories like Music, Coffee Shops, Breweries, Parks, Family, and Free Fun.

See a live show you don’t want to miss? Click “Join” and the venue will be added to your plan.


That restaurant everyone keeps telling you about? Click “Add to Plan” and you won’t forget to try it.


If you’ve got friends in town you can even share your plan with them directly.

No need to waste another sheet of paper – planning is now digital. With this planner, 365 Things Austin can help you get organized and maximize your stay.


Already on your way to Austin? Download the app for your iPhone or Android and take your plan with you!

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