Put Down Your Phone and Enjoy the Experience with Kandid.ly

Big things are happening in your life all the time—things you really want to remember. There are birthday parties, housewarmings, weddings, showers, going-away happy hours, and holidays with the fam. Since research shows that we can’t be in the moment and take a photo of it, too—wouldn’t it be nice to put down your iPhone and let someone else capture it all for a change?

A new local company called Kandid.ly wants to disrupt the stressful process of hiring a professional photographer and make the experience much easier for everyone, while also making better photography more accessible. The site lets you compare local photographers, ranging in style and price, and then book them at a price that works for you.

Kandid.ly verifies their photographers’ identity, making it safe for you to connect with them. They also use a secure service to process your payment and the photographer gets paid only when you receive your photos.

There are basically infinite ways to use this service, but a few came to our mind right away:

Idea # 1: Your next party, birthday, or corporate event.



Kandid.ly captured by Rodney Martinez


Kandid.ly captured by Cassandra Klepac

Idea # 2: Portraits for dating profiles and LinkedIn



Kandid.ly captured by Cassandra Klepac


Kandid.ly captured by John Marcus

Idea # 3: Adorable photos of your pets!



Kandid.ly captured by Liz Moskowitz


Kandid.ly captured by Ellie Chavez

Idea # 4: Personal paparazzi. Beyonce has one, why shouldn’t you? – #squadgoals #weekendwarriors



Kandid.ly captured by Josh Lona


Kandid.ly captured by Kayla Snell

Idea # 5: Because you really don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime shot: Engagement photos!

Kandid.ly captured by Liz Moskowitz

Kandid.ly captured by Cary Noel