Kriser’s Natural Pet Now Open in Austin

Pets in Austin have it made. Sunshine, sidewalks, beautiful weather, and parks galore! Now they also have the pack of pet lovers at Kriser’s Natural Pet standing by to help them live happier, healthier lives, naturally.

Founder Brad Kriser was always at his happiest sitting on the floor, surrounded by pets. Upon giving up a career in the dot-com world in 1999, he opened a grooming, daycare, boarding and retail business, seeking a day-to-day life that he could be more passionate about. In doing so, Brad also discovered the benefits of feeding his pets an all-natural diet and vowed to stock only natural products in his stores.

Fast forward 10+ years, and Brad is still happiest on the floor surrounded by pets, only now that floor is in one of his Kriser’s Natural Pet stores, including the newest one on Research Blvd (next to Sprouts).


“I love our stores, our customers and the Kriser’s Pack so much, and feel honored to get to do as a career,” says Brad, with a content grin. “Having all the pets and their people around, educating pet parents, helping organization and rescues with our support, and getting to meet so many new faces…it just makes me feel great about why we turn on the lights every day. Each store is a new opportunity to help a group of pets discover the healthy pet movement.”

Brad and his entire Kriser’s pack are 100% dedicated to the helping pets in Austin by providing a selection of 3000 items that are Kriser’s Approved. The store is a pet paradise, with an array of natural food, treats, supplies and accessories, all selected by Brad himself, and a professionally staffed grooming salon.

“The items that we call ‘Kriser’s Approved’ are all carefully selected for what they can bring to a pet’s life, whether it’s the best nutrition, toys for physical and mental engagement, or high quality accessories we are proud to carry,” said Brad. “For instance, our food products contain no corn, soy, wheat or animal by-products, and our treats are all sourced from responsible, trusted locations, never from China.”


While the Kriser’s brand has extended beyond Texas, this family-run business still operates every store like it’s the only one, and Brad has staffed each location with a remarkable group of passionate pet lovers to help ensure the wellness of pets. Brad notes, “We train our Pack Members to be exceptional educators and provide outstanding customer service. We get excited about every customer that allows us to be part of their pet’s lives, and strive to exceed expectations every day. We want Kriser’s to be somewhere that pets and their humans LOVE to visit, not just an errand on their list.”

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