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    Still a dish at 30, Peter Greenaway’s shocker serves up haute thrills as Helen Mirren has all she can eat when her gangster-restaurateur husband (Michael Gambon) becomes an acquired taste. Fabulous sets and Jean-Paul Gaultier-designed costumes make this a feast for the eyes as well.

      Here is a double feature of some of the best video mixes from LA-based media manipulators EXP TV. BOLLYWEIRD features the “strangest musical numbers in Bollywood history” and POMEGRANATES is a selection of the music and movies of pre-Revolutionary Iran with a music mix by Andy Votel of Finders Keepers Records.

        Presented in partnership with The Texas Observer, who will host a panel discussion with experts following the screening. Panelists include filmmaker Giorgio Angelini, Texas Housers, Austin Justice Coalition, and Housing Authority City of Austin. Moderated by Texas Observer’s Senior Editor, Megan Kimble.

        Exploring US cities from the lens of their post-war housing policies, OWNED exposes the dark history of institutional racism that has determined access to home ownership in the United States.

          Brand new 4K restoration.

          David Lynch’s unsettling slice of alternate-universe Americana is still potent today. The film features a dream cast, including Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern, and Dennis Hopper.

            Join us opening night (6/21) for a minimal synth-pop set by DJ Troller at 8 PM.

            Like any teenage girl, Simone is obsessed with love, music, and R. but, unlike any girl, Simone is willing to stop at nothing to get the object of her desire.

              Nina Menkes’ no-budget 1991 study of an alienated Las Vegas blackjack dealer (played by the filmmaker’s sister and muse Tinka Menkes) seems especially prescient now, considering subsequent trends in world cinema. Made with a series of very long, contemplative takes, it envelops the viewer in the psyche of the protagonist, who haunts the streets and corridors of a city that sleeps all day.

                Proceeding from the central premise of Ernest Hemingway’s very short story of the same name, this technically astounding, flashback-filled noir has two of the most memorable performances in the canon, from Burt Lancaster, as a boxer who makes too many bad decisions, and Ava Gardner, as a femme fatale who derives so much pleasure from being bad it’s almost unseemly.

                Additional screening:

                Sun, June 23 @ 4pm – $9.00 tickets

                  In Jamaa Fanaka’s low-budget wonder, made while he was a student at UCLA, a young black woman, born and raised down South, comes to Los Angeles when her mother dies. In the big city she finds injustice as well, so she fights hard with all the tools at her disposal.

                    AFS Doc Days, our second annual festival of non-fiction cinema, features outstanding new documentary work from around the world with filmmakers in attendance. Doc Days is an opportunity for Austin’s vibrant documentary community, filmmakers and audiences, to come together, see new work, and meet with visiting filmmakers. Last year’s seven-film program included three films that went on to be nominated for Academy Awards.

                    Single tickets and schedule to be released in May. Series passes are now on sale.

                    Save 10% on purchasing your tickets with a series pass.

                      Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Anthony Burgess’s dystopian fable about technological culture’s struggle with the unsavory aspects of human nature is, if anything, too effective. Chilling, disturbing, and undeniably powerful.