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    YOGA & GOGA, Austin-based yoga studio specializing in yoga with baby Nigerian Pygmy Dwarf goats, will appear on Shark Tank on Sunday, March 3. Co-Founders Rachael Phillips and Trey Kitchen will host a celebration of their appearance on the show at their studio in Hill Country Galleria, featuring a free yoga class at 3 p.m., a cocktail hour at 7 p.m. and an episode viewing at 9 p.m.. In addition, guests can enjoy appetizers from Chisos Grill, Thirsty Goat Amber Ale from Thirsty Planet Brewing, beef jerky from ATX Homemade Jerky and Waterloo Sparkling Water, in addition to wine and other snacks. There will also be a raffle with prizes including four $50 gift cards to Jules Design Bar, and a yoga mat and strap from Lululemon. Guests interested in attending must RSVP via Eventbrite, and registration will close once max capacity is reached.

    Her eyes brightened like she was talking about her own child. She smiled to herself and went on explaining the thoughts behind Empire’s “Cookie” played by Taraj P. Henson. Wendy Calhoun, co-executive producer of Empire joked with creator and writer Danny Strong about show dynamics, actors, and the high-stakes, high-drama, hip-hop soap opera that has become Fox’s insta-hit Empire. Though it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime moment to be two feet away from this conversation, it wasn’t. The ATX Television Festival brought this incredible opportunity to thousands of people last weekend.

    The lines wrapped around the corners of 6th Street and Congress Ave as the ATX Television Festival raged on around the Stephen F Austin Hotel, State Theatre and Paramount Theatre. Austin is now known for its incredible festivals from Austin City Limits to South-by-South West Interactive to the X Games to the Formula One races. But the ATX Television Festival was another monster entirely. Celebrities weaved through the throngs of people equally excited to be in the weirdest city on earth as much as we were. They stopped to chat with fans and take pictures, while scoping out the panels of writers, actors and producers alongside television fans from all over the globe.

    Panels ranged from writers room reunions, to discussions about diversity in television. Conversations ranged from favorite moments in the Gilmore Girls series, to whether or not the “N” word was appropriate to use in certain contexts. But, no matter the discussion, the panelists, or the location ATX Television Festival goers were engrossed with the business, passion and stories that were being shared.

    Strangers met in lines waiting to hear about Justified’s last season on air and how the iconic character of “Raylan” was conceived; and instead of talking about seeing celebrities or going to bars with producers they were talking about cinematic prowess, and the emotional connection that was able to be made from the TV to the individual. These people didn’t like TV, they lived TV. It was a part of who they were and how they understood the world. Little did producers, writers and actors know that they were forming the way the world was perceived for countless individuals around the globe through characters on Dawson’s Creek, and The Fosters alike.



    I’m not going to lie, the fangirl in me just about cried when I saw Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy walking through the entrance to the Stephen F Austin hotel a mere five feet from my mortal shoes (and I won’t lie I had to get a selfie with him.) But the festival had brought us together and given me the incredible opportunity to hear one of the most talented actors in television right now a chance to talk about why we love TV and Austin.

    All I can say for the ATX Television Festival is this; it brought together celebrities, writers, moms, and college kids all under the umbrella that shields us when we need it most: television. It connected me to people who have written and created stories that have changed my prospective and taught me so much. Where else can you find that? Or have coffee with Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman Palladino?

    Coverage and photo by Hannah Turner