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baylor street art wall

Driving down Lamar Boulevard near 11th Street, you might notice what many locals call “the foundation,” which is the colorful ruins of an old commercial construction project that never got off the ground. Decades ago, it was the start of condo building that was abruptly abandoned and over the years it became a destination for partying teens and neophyte street artists. As the murals and graffiti accumulated on the foundation walls, the collective project became known as The Baylor Street Art Wall, and it has slowly become an iconic piece of Austin lore.

But what was once a free-for-all is now regulated by the nonprofit HOPE Events. Rechristened as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery in 2011 with the help of famous contemporary artist Shepherd Fairey, the wall is now an educational project, serving as a destination for school field trips, live art projects, and gardening classes, among many other benefits to the community. It’s also a popular spot to take maternity and engagement photos, and to host children’s birthday parties.

Though the days of wandering up the steps to the old foundation to throw a tag up while drinking a six pack of Lone Star with friends are gone, the proprietors of the land and the folks at HOPE are still proponents of local artists. You can receive a paint pass to HOPE Outdoor Gallery with proof of ID, a submitted questionnaire, and a mock-up of your design.

To participate in the mural project, or to learn more, email


As many of you know the Baylor Street Art Wall is one of my absolute favorite spots in this town. I stop by almost weekly to reflect, take it all in and see what has changed since my last visit. When I learned that they were doing an event during SXSW I was immediately intrigued.


Yesterday they buffered the wall and today a over 30 artists will help with Texas’ biggest mural installation. Let me tell you, standing at the bottom of the mural with clean walls under the gray sky was oddly eerie.  Today will be a completely unique experience and a great way to appreciate art and Austin at the same time.

They will also have a shuttle from downtown to the event.

When: today, March 10th

Time: noon – 7:00 p.m.

Baylor Street Art Wall
11th Street & Baylor
Austin, Texas

Baylor Street Wall Tour

This is one of those Austin gems that really showcases what the city is all about. It’s one of the largest graffiti walls in Austin, full of life, character and charm. You really have to just venture out there yourself to fully appreciate it. The girl I used to babysit and I would always go to the “castle & art wall” for an adventure because it was such a unique thing to do.

baylor street

I was there last week with my friend while she was getting her engagement pictures taken, and it’s still such a cool and interesting place.

You can climb around and see so many different layers to the art, and it also has a pretty incredible view of downtown. It’s usually not too crowded, but there were several people there last time I was there taking pictures and enjoying the truly wonderful canvas in front of them.

11th & Baylor Street
Austin, Texas 78701