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comedy in austin

    The ‘Sad Clown with the Golden Voice’ is here with his heartfelt anthems and a suitcase full of Kleenex! This Pity Party is not all sadness and longing. The show is peppered with a brilliant sense of the absurd, mixing lots of humor with the awkward, tender moments.

    Don’t miss him LIVE at The Paramount Theatre of Austin on March 22nd!

    After yesterday’s post I figured I needed a post,  that was light hearted, fun, and a good way to kick of the weekend – something also that can only be experienced in the Great City of Austin, Texas . . . Esters Follies!

    It is hard for me to put into words what exactly happens nightly at Esters Follies, I can say that a comedy and magic show at its best. They are able to incorporate everything from local Austin political rumbo jumbo to Hollywood celebrity mockery and jokes. Their show is always up to date with what is the latest in the news so you can see it time and time again and it never gets old, it will leave you laughing out loud time and time again. All and all it is the perfect way to head downtown and get your weekend started.

    It is a great place to take out of town guests! If you are a local in town and have always heard about it but never have checked it out, go at least once! This is a list item that I am saying you have to do before you can call yourself a True Austinite.

    Friday Night Shows are at 8:00 & 10:00 pm.

    Tickets are $20.00, it is best to try and get your tickets ahead of time as they tend to sell out at the door!

    Esters Follies is located downtown at:
    525 East 6th Street
    Austin, Texas 78701