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    Join Austin Film Festival for a free live script reading of The Olympian, Winner of the AFF 2017 Sony Pictures Animation Comedy Award, written by Troy Anthony Miller. When a gifted but rebellious teen javelin thrower is kicked off her high school track team, her only hope for Olympic glory is to seek out the rowdy, reclusive former champion to be her coach. The result is a story that is both comedic and full of heart. Enjoy delicious Indian food and help to support local writers, filmmakers, and actors!

      Want to test the water before you decide to take the plunge? RSVP for this free class and you’ll get a sample of our style and see how far you can develop your improv skills in just a few weeks, as we play fun, fast-paced games. This class is for those who want to learn how to think faster on their feet, be more spontaneous and in-the-moment, reconnect with their creativity, be more confident speaking in public and just have more fun! You’ll get a sample of our style as we make up songs with a live musical improviser. It’s like karaoke, but you make up your own words! You don’t need to be a great singer, you just need to enjoy singing.

        The ‘Sad Clown with the Golden Voice’ is here with his heartfelt anthems and a suitcase full of Kleenex! This Pity Party is not all sadness and longing. The show is peppered with a brilliant sense of the absurd, mixing lots of humor with the awkward, tender moments.

        Don’t miss him LIVE at The Paramount Theatre of Austin on March 22nd!

          In this musical comedy set in 1870s Texas, an army officer stands between an outlaw family and vigilantes, while a wronged woman seeks her own brand twisted justice. A one hour show with a live band. More information

          Okay, you’ve procrastinated long enough. It’s Friday; you’ve worked hard this week and the weather is perfect for fest-ing. My advice: Do it. Take a half day, buy a ticket, and get down to Auditorium Shores.


          This is one of my favorite festivals of the year because it’s so much more than just a celebration of music. For example, this year they have SpraTX onboard to host an ‘art hide-n-seek’ event where they’ll be hiding pieces of art throughout the festival and sharing clues on Instagram (follow @spratx and @seagate for details). I also saw pictures of this year’s skatepark online today and it looks AWESOME. What other fest lets you watch bike and skate dudes show off their skills all day? In one word, this festival is FUN.

          Post fest there will be numerous concerts downtown that are free with your festival wristband. If you signup for FFF, you’re probably in for a weekend of craziness filled with good memories and a side of hangover.

          Tickets: $79 single day  $179 three-day  $325 Ultra Smooth (VIP)

          When: Today, November 8th – Sunday November 10th

          Auditorium Shores
          800 W. Riverside Drive
          Austin, Texas 78704

          PHOTO CREDIT: Fun Fun Fun Fest Facebook page

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