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Pumpkin Patch Austin

    Come visit the best pumpkin patch in Austin!! Bring your camera, kids, pets…the whole family and take pictures at the patch. FREE to visit, various prices for pumpkins. $10 paint a pumpkin (discount for large families). Enjoy activities for the kids, treats for the pets and wine for the moms and glamaws.

    It is definitely fall in Austin, and that means it’s prime pumpkin carving time!

    After hearing about the place to go in Austin for great pumpkins, I finally made it there last night with a veteran (Hi Ashley). I hate to admit it, but this was my first experience at the pumpkin patch and I totally got lost in it. There were so many different colors, shapes, sizes, and a bunch with weird wart-looking imperfections. I found myself gravitating toward those because they were different and had character. After taking way too many pictures and taking it all in, I finally settled on two pumpkins that were so uniquely shaped I won’t even need to carve them.

    As I was checking out, I told them I bought one of the pumpkins for my boss because she had a bad day — everyone laughed and wondered what my boss will say when I show up today with a sympathy pumpkin. She likes fall, so I think she’ll love it.

    Needless to say – go! It’s an incredible photo opportunity and it’s nice to just slow down and enjoy one of the simple things in life! The prices were pretty reasonable, and October weather in Austin is tough to beat.

    I heard that years ago the pumpkins used to line the front of the church yard so you couldn’t miss it when you drove down 2222, but now they set them up in the back. There are a few others around town, so don’t miss out on what’s a cool fall tradition.

    And I’m off for work, so let’s hope the pumpkin is hit!


    Sunday:12 – 6 p.m.
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.
    Tuesday &Thursday: 2:30pm-7:00pm


    St. Johns United Methodist Church
    (right across from Lamar Middle School)
    2140 Allandale Drive
    Austin, Texas