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puppy love

    Treasure Truck “Pup Fest” is a free amusement park of activities and treats to celebrate dogs and dog owners. Treasure Truck will surprise-and-delight dogs (and their owners) with obstacle course activities, a tasting kitchen, barkery and photo opportunities galore.

    This event celebrates our love for dogs! Whether you have a four-legged friend to bring along or want to check out local dogs that are up for adoption, this is a great event to connect with the community and receive free dog products including, a travel water bowl, dog treats, free grooming services and so much more.

      Puppy Mill Awareness Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the lives of dogs who have survived a horrible experience and those people and organizations that dedicate their time, energy, and resources to reducing abuse and neglect that is associated with the commercialization of dog breeding. Making people aware that Puppy Mills do exist in all shapes and sizes and the awful things that happen to these animals as a result of their existence. PMADTX brings together Central Texas Rescue Groups and supporting organizations in an event setting open to the public to help educate as well as assist people in their search for that wonderful addition to their family.

      We are a city that loves our pups. I take my dog on any adventure that is considered “dog friendly” and while he loves every waking moment of these adventures as summer nears and the temps heat up our journeys will have to move to early mornings and late evening to avoid those summer temperatures.


      I am spending this last month of bearable temps for dogs exploring as many dog friendly things as possible. One of my favorite stops is the amazing “Puppy Love” street art on the side of Mud Puppies. It is an easy stop and the mural is so fun to take a picture of you and your better half!

      I have been several times to show friends and take my own photos in front of this fun piece of local art. I would recommend not going at noon or early afternoon as the light is a little harsh at that time and it is a little trickier to get your perfect picture!

      Mud Puppies
      2015 E. Riverside Drive
      Austin, Texas 78741