Whether you are eating ice cream on a hot day, starting a busy day with a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop, or relaxing during a much-needed massage, the anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties of CBD can really enhance the experience. 

Not all CBD is created equal though, and in this loosely regulated industry it is paramount to find products that are third-party tested from transparent companies. One such company is Austin’s own One Farm, which you may have seen at Farm Yoga at Boggy Creek or Barks and Booze, which we highlighted in our Things to Do in August.

One Farm is a health and wellness brand that makes plant-based products, including some of the best Organic CBD on the market. All of their products are made with organic ingredients, grown using sustainable practices, and sourced directly from the farmers that grow them. This commitment to transparency means that nothing is outsourced. Every product – including CBD oil, skin care, and beverage boosts – are formulated, manufactured, and fulfilled directly by them. 

Interested in enjoying CBD in some new, fun ways this summer? Check out our list of top local businesses serving up CBD in unique ways. 

1) Cinnamon CBD Ice cream at Gati

It’s hard to imagine summer without ice cream, the combination of cold and sweet make it the best treat on a hot summer day. On the next 100°F day when you’re looking to satisfy your ice cream craving, try Gati’s Cinnamon CBD ice cream. Gati’s ice cream is coconut milk based, so it is dairy-free and extra refreshing. They make all of the ice cream in small batches at their shop at 1512 Holly Street, with most flavors containing no more than four ingredients. Their Cinnamon CBD ice cream is made with organic Ceylon Cinnamon which pairs amazingly with the coconut milk and gives it a refreshing, sweet, and completely unique flavor. The 20mgs of organic CBD provides an extra chill to make eating ice cream even more relaxing.

Gati was started by Jam Santichat, the owner and chef at Thai Fresh. and does not just serve the best dairy-free ice cream, but also has Thai coffee, matcha, and gluten-free baked goods.   

2) CBD Iced Coffee at Greater Goods

There is nothing quite like an iced coffee on a hot summer day; it’s both refreshing and delicious. I did not think it could get any better, until I tried Greater Goods Coffee Co.’s Vietnamese Chicory Iced Coffee with CBD. Their classic dark blend, Rise & Shine, is combined with a spoonful of ground chicory root and brewed Vietnamese-style. It’s smooth, sweet, and complex, with notes of dulce de leche, brown sugar, and a hint of smoky cedar. Add One Farm’s Water-Soluble CBD for an extra $2 to give it a relaxing benefit which makes it the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up. 

Greater Goods travels the world to find the best coffee produced by farms that provide fair wages and utilize sustainable practices to protect the environment. They were named Best Coffee in Texas by Food & Wine Magazine.

3) Mushroom CBD Mocha at Elle’s Café

Odds are you have had a mocha before and are aware that chocolate and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly; however, you might not be aware that they can be made with powerful adaptogens to make it healthy and delicious. Elle’s Café at 3944 Ranch Rd 620 in Bee Cave makes a delicious mocha using a blend of mushrooms, CBD, and single-origin organic cacao. Mushrooms like maitake, turkey tail, and cordyceps help boost your immune system by increasing your white-blood cell count and the CBD reduces anxiety and helps combat any caffeine jitters. The cacao Elle’s uses is from Rizek, a 5th generation Dominican farm that grows, process, and distributes some of the highest quality cacao on the planet.       

4) CBD Donuts at Gourdough’s

If you have a sweet tooth and have not tried Gourdough’s, then let me introduce you to your new favorite dessert. They have two locations, a food truck on South 1st street and Gourdough’s Public House at 2700 S. Lamar. Both serve the biggest, fattest, most unique doughnuts that you will ever eat. All their doughnuts are made to order, served hot, and topped with everything from bacon to bread pudding. If you are feeling especially ambitious, try the Super Baked. It’s a plain doughnut slathered with cream cheese icing that’s been infused with 30mg of Organic CBD. They then pile on marshmallow crème, brownie bater filling, brownie bites and cookie dough bites, and top it off with graham crackers, potato chips, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. It is like a deconstructed s’more on steroids, and one of the most delicious and impressive looking desserts around. The 30 milligrams of CBD make this the perfect dessert to have before an afternoon nap. 

5) CBD Yogurt Bowl at The Well

Want to look good in a bathing suit this summer, but still want to eat delicious food? Check out The Well in Downtown Austin — they blend top-tier nutrition, local and sustainable farming, and authentic flavors to create healthy and tasty food and drinks. Their menu is completely gluten free, soy free, and refined sugar free. One of our favorite breakfast options is “The Chill”. Like all their smoothies, it can be served in a smoothie or a bowl and is a combination of blue majik spirulina, Culina coconut yogurt, banana, One Farm Organic CBD Oil, ashwagandha, reishi, and organic housemade nut milk, layered over chia and basil seed pudding. The blue spirulina makes this smoothie beautiful, the nut milk makes it delicious, and the 20 milligrams of CBD will leave you feeling like the name suggests…chill. 

6) CBD Kombucha at Two Hands

Two Hands is a relaxing café with costal inspired interiors that serves nutritious, simple, and delicious food paired with exceptional drinks. If you are looking for a filling brunch, try the wagyu steak and eggs, made with grass-fed beef sourced from the owner’s farm in Hudson, NY. It is served with a fried egg, crispy potato hash browns, charred carrots, and salsa verde. Pair this hearty breakfast with a glass of Buddha’s Brew CBD Thai Basil kombucha for a refreshing carbonated beverage. 

7) CBD Cocktail at Ani’s Day + Night

This community-oriented coffee shop and bar in East Austin is in a beautiful thirties-era Victorian house, serves amazing drinks, and has a great outdoor seating area that makes it perfect for hanging with friends and family on a nice day. Their mixologist has formulated the Brewed Awakening, which might be the greatest hair of the dog ever created. It combines mezcal, chili liqueur, and cardamaro with turmeric, orange, house-made cold brew, and a mocha simple syrup made with honey and One Farm’s Mushroom Cacao blend. Add CBD for $3 and take it to the next level. This cocktail tastes amazing and the blend of healing botanicals, caffeine, and mezcal make it the perfect cocktail to keep the party going. 

8) CBD Massage at Viva Day Spa

Is it possible to make The Austin Chronicle’s Best Massage in Austin even more relaxing? All of Viva Day Spa’s massages include a warm neck pillow, aromatherapy, and a hot herbal steam towel treatment on the back, neck and feet, but for an extra fee they will upgrade the massage lotion to include 20 milligrams of Organic CBD. The CBD lotion gives your body an extra calming sensation and the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD will help reduce typical soreness following a massage. They offer the CBD massage at all three locations, so come by Austin’s favorite spa and treat yourself to the most relaxing massage you have ever had.

9) CBD Turmeric Post massage at Alive + Well

If you have a knot that just won’t come out, we highly recommend Alive + Well’s Head Neck and Shoulder massage. This thirty-minute targeted massage, by some of Austin’s most skilled therapists will get all those stress and anxiety created knots out and leave you feeling calm and relaxed. For some added relief and calming, ask them for the Turmeric Relief Cream add on. For an extra fee they will rub your neck and shoulders with this powerful blend of botanicals and CBD which provides instant pain relief while fighting inflammation. 

10) CBD Seltzer by Left Hand Brewing

If you are looking for a beer alternative this summer while out on the lake, check out the CBD seltzer Present. Crafted by Left Hand, one of Colorado’s famous brewers, it contains, zero calories, zero sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. It is made using nothing but rocky mountain water, essence, and organic CBD. It comes in three flavors, blood orange, lemon-lime, and natural, and each can has 20mg of full-spectrum CBD to make early morning paddle boarding even more relaxing. It can be found at various stores around town, including PeoplesRX, Royal Blue Grocer, and Alive + Well. It can also be purchased online and is shipped throughout the United States.


If you have questions or concerns about CBD like how it might interact with medicine, what to look for, how much should you take, or anything else, swing on by one of Austin’s local pharmacies. The staff at People’sRX and Martin’s Wellness are supper friendly and knowledgeable and will gladly answer any of your questions. They also have a good selection, so ask them what their favorites are. And if you have a pet that is suffering from anxiety or joint pain, go by one of Austin’s many local pet shops to see if CBD could help your furry friend. Tomlinson’s, Healthy Pet, and Bark N’ Creek are all great local stores with knowledgeable staff that can answers any questions you might have. 

About One Farm

One Farm is a health and wellness brand that makes plant-based products showcasing the best nature has to offer. All One Farm products are made with organic ingredients, grown using sustainable practices, and sourced directly from the farmers that grew them. This commitment to transparency means that nothing is outsourced.  Every product, including CBD, skin care, and beverage boosts, are formulated, manufactured, and fulfilled directly by One Farm. To learn more about One Farm’s products, ingredients, farms, and where to buy, visit onefarm.com or follow on Instagram @onefarmbywaayb


Born and raised in Austin, Emily thrives off sunlight and a good happy hour. In her free time she enjoys finding hidden spots along the greenbelt and frequent trips to Austin Pets Alive! She graduated with a degree in PR and has spent the past four years as a social media manager and writer.