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Austin is often heralded as a place where it’s easy to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. There are citywide opportunities for indulging, festing, finding our zen, or even finding your brand. You can run the trails around Town Lake and blaze trails in your career! But even Austinites need a respite from the inevitable strains of life, like constant communication, mounting stress, and demanding schedules.

So listen up, all you overworked entrepreneurs, you hustling-and-bustling and carpooling parents, and anyone out there who is simply in need of a little getaway: I’ve found a 19-acre waterfront remedy for all of life’s craziness. Say hello to Lake Austin Spa.

lake austin spa

Among their many accolades, Lake Austin Spa was recognized in Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2016 World’s Best Awards as a Top 10 Destination Spa in the U.S. And this “destination spa”, fellow Austinites, is a whopping 40 minutes from downtown.

So if you take one bit of advice from me in this year’s 365 things to do, let it be this: Relax, rejuvenate, and recharge at Lake Austin Spa. (Fear not, internet addicts. You don’t have to go totally off the grid. They have perfectly functioning Wifi.) If you can’t commit to a heavenly overnight experience, wet your appetite with a “daycation” at this little slice of heaven in the Hill Country. Here are just a few reasons you should go.

lake austin spa

  • The Design – From magazine photo worthy interior design to top-notch service, it is the most welcoming environment you could imagine—luxurious retreat meets rustic lake house. You almost feel as if you’re staying at a friend’s (really nice) place. It’s homey, cozy, and relaxing. There’s nothing hoity-toity about it.
  • *The Cabanas – They have 40 cabanas (some lakefront and others overlooking the garden) so even at capacity, there is a max of 72 guests. Let’s talk specifics of the rooms. Easily one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in. The pillows + mattress + comforter combo make you want to spend all day in bed. Hey, to each his own when it comes to how you want to spend your vacation! Their rooms feature their in-house line of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash – all a divinely lavender concoction that make you want to spend all day in the shower.

lake Austin spa pool barn

  • Pool Barn – There has never been a barn that I have loved more. Their pool barn is in a class of its own. The picture says it all. Perfect for swimming laps or avoiding the Texas sun.

lake austin spa blue room

  • The Blue Room – There is definitely no feeling blue in this room. After wrapping yourself up in a signature spa robe, you will be directed to this room to spend a little time sipping flavored water or herbal tea before and after your treatments. After taking in the elegance of this space, perfectly decorated in all shades of blue, you are guaranteed to achieve new levels tranquility.
  • Friendship Table –Are you solo on this staycation? No problem. They have a “friendship table” in their dining areas where those who want to be social and meet new people can dine. It’s a special touch that warmed my heart.

lake austin spa dock

  • *Lake Swimming- This was perhaps one of my favorite experiences while at the spa. In the afternoon of our second full day, after we had entirely enjoyed the spa’s many pools, we grabbed our most faithful companion (a bottle of champagne), a couple of floats and took to the lake for a change of scenery. We were happily sipping while submerged. It was a real highlight and pure bliss.
  • *Yogurt Button- There is a button overnight guests may press anytime to receive immediate frozen yogurt. They offer two flavors daily, and while the button is reserved for overnight guests, day visitors are still eligible for yogurt-on-demand; they just have to order it the old-fashioned way… by voicing their request to a staff member.

lake austin spa

  • *Garden Room- As I mentioned before, the interior design is superb. This particular room is cozy, quaint, and the absolute perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee with a good book.

lake austin spa outdoor shower

  • Outdoor Showers- After enjoying one (or more) of the hundreds of spa treatments to choose from, all guests are welcome to enjoy all of the amenities of the 25,000-square-foot spa. That list of amenities, just to name a few, includes a hot tub, steam room, and a glorious offering that should not be overlooked: the outdoor showers.

Lake austin spa cabana pool

  • Cabana Style Pool- This is the resort style pool that is situated at the spa, but from now on, I’m going to call it a lagoon. The vegetation around this lagoon is intoxicating to the senses. There are plenty of cabanas and day beds to lounge around on in the lagoon. The lagoon offers areas of sun and areas of shade. You can eat and drink at the lagoon. You can meander back and forth from the lagoon’s crisply cool pool or steamy hot tub. This lagoon will have you feeling very far away from Austin.

Lake Austin Spa garden

  • *Garden-There is a beautiful garden to stroll through where you can get herbs to add to your tea or drinking water. You can even pick fresh flowers for your room if you so desire!

lake austin

  • *Boat Ride- One of the daily activities you can participate in is a boat ride. Lasting about an hour, we cruised the lake, took in the sights, and stopped for a dip in the water to cool off. Highly recommend it!
  • *Classes- They offer countless classes for all interests and skill levels. I’m talking anything from Bollywood dancing to hoola hooping, from boot camp to guided meditation, from cooking classes to card making. They have truly thought of it all when it comes to spa activities.
  • The Service- From the moment we arrived, the service was a ten. After spending a few days there, you start to see the same faces. There is something to be said for the familiarity of knowing and being known. In no time at all, we were on a first name basis with the staff who excelled in accommodating our every need. Prepare yourself for some serious pampering.

lake austin spa lake pool

  • *The Lake Pool- It’s a pool on the shore of Lake Austin. In any direction you look, you will be met with the lake and all of its lush, green surroundings or the meticulously cared for grounds of the resort or the smile of a friendly worker who will happily pour you and your fellow staycationer(s) another bottle of champagne.

lake austin spa hydro bike

  • *Activities/Workout Room- This is your staycation so you can participate in as many or as little activities as your schedule or desire allows. They do have a beautiful workout room overlooking the lake, though. So if you want to take some time on the treadmill, it will be a session with one seriously gorgeous view. Our workout of choice? We took to the hydro bikes and peddled up and down the lake! Stand up paddle boards are also readily available for another on lake activity.

lake austin spa view

  • Science- If I haven’t said enough to convince you to find time to experience Lake Austin Spa for yourself, don’t trust me. Trust science. Research has shown that simply standing next to a moving body of water has real health benefits. The movement creates negative ions in the air, which our body absorbs and those negative ions help alleviate depression, anxiety and create a sense of euphoria. And in case you didn’t know, Lake Austin is an extension of the Texas Colorado River, a moving body of water. So even laying on one of their hammocks by the lake shore will do the trick in giving you the mood boost that you need!

The * designates event items that are exclusive to overnight guests.

Lake Austin Spa
1705 S Quinlan Park Road
Austin, Texas 78732



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