Travel Light! Now You Can Rent Everything You Need for a Day on the Slopes

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The barrier to entry for skiing is nearly as high as the mountains themselves: On top of lift tickets and ski rentals, newbies often have to outlay hundreds on the “soft” stuff, such as jackets, snow pants, goggles & gloves. Now, though, a new Denver company offers a middle ground between financial destitution and skiing in soggy denim. For prices starting at $35 per day, Slope Threads’ users can rent everything they need for a day on the slopes.
Founder Sarah Laughlin, a Colorado-native, dreamed up the concept after her out-of-town friends mailed their winter duds to their rental condo before embarking on a ski trip. Following suit, Slope Threads sends its setups directly to customers’ hotels or mountain rentals, reducing the load vacationers must stuff into their luggage. Customers return the gear in a pre-paid package when they’re done. Laughlin’s company caters to non-tourists too, positioning their rent-as-you-grow model as a good fit for kids.
“With the increase in airline baggage fees, the prohibitive cost of purchasing name-brand apparel and the time and hassle involved in getting a full ski outfit together, I realized that many people may not be fully enjoying what should be an amazing experience on the slopes — or they are missing out on this experience entirely,” Laughlin said. “We wanted to simplify this process and ensure everyone has the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beautiful mountains.”