If the thought of keeping social distancing rules in mind over this spring break and possibly longer has you wondering what on earth you’ll do to keep the kids entertained, you are not alone. Parents across the globe are facing the sometimes daunting task of keeping kids of all ages limited to their houses and yards with no social interaction to serve as a distraction.

With our recent “unofficial SXSW” family-friendly concerts being canceled, we’ve been following our favorite family music performers on their social media channels as they have started to offer live performances. What better way to get some wiggles out as your family dances along to some kid-friendly jams? Push the furniture aside, make a dance floor, and cut a rug with the family!

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child on KUTX

Tune into KUTX 98.9 on Sundays at 6 pm CST for Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. Bill Childs plays tunes that are easy on the adult ears while also appealing to the little ones. For an hour each Sunday evening, start a new tradition by tuning in and make it something your family looks forward to every week.

Check out the Dance-A-Long at home live performance options that Bill has put together below.

  • Red Yarn: Austin native Andy Ferguson has three half-hour Facebook Live events planned – Monday at 10 am, Wednesday at 10 am, and Thursday at 5:30 pm All times are PST. Find him here on Facebook.
  • Laura Doherty: A Chicago favorite for families, Laura will be on Facebook Live on Wednesday at 3 pm CST.
  • Lloyd H. Miller: Lloyd was scheduled to do a sensory-friendly show at Jalopy today (Sunday, March 15th) at 11 EST, and will do it via Zoom instead. Because he wants to keep it focused on kids who will specifically benefit from that format and to ensure everyone involved in the interactive portion has the right permission, it’s an invite thing: email him at lloydhmiller@gmail.com. He is also doing Facebook live shows Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:30 am EST.
  • Dan and Claudia Zanes: Dan and Claudia have been doing a delightful series of “Social Isolation” videos on Facebook Live. They’re just lovely.
  • The Lucky Band: Lucky Diaz and Alisha–frequent SXSW visitors and the best humans around–will be playing live on their Instagram story at 10 am PST and is on at that time pretty much every day. Starting tomorrow (March 16) it’ll be on their Facebook page as well.
  • 123 Andrés: Frequent Austin visitors Andrés and Christina will be live on YouTube today (Sunday) at 5 EST and probably more times coming.
  • Joanie Leeds: Joanie Leeds–who you just heard guest DJ last week in connection with her kick-ass new album All The Ladies–is jumping into helping in this situation with characteristic full power. She’s got the Quarantine Kids Concerts with a subscription-based service with daily shows for both Jewish songs and secular songs. There’s a charge, but it’s pretty modest given the number of live shows you’ll get. (Plus, if you go with the larger fee, you’ll get not just a couple of weeks of live shows, but also her entire catalog, including the new record.)

If you’d like even more streaming concerts to check out, Amelia from Mil’s Trills has created this handy Google doc that lays out all of the online streaming performances by the day!

Lastly, if you have some extra money to spare, consider supporting these amazing musicians through this tough time. With canceled concerts, not just in Austin but across the globe, musicians are among those who are hard hit right now. And we all know that music heals the soul and carries us, humans, through the tough times…. so show your support by donating to your favorites.



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