Got big plans later? Probably not! So thank goodness our pals at Luck Reunion have spun this up! And it’s a weekly serving of live, cook-along events that will not only pass the time but be super  fun.

Luck Presents: Prime Cuts will kick off on Friday, April 10, as an interactive cooking program. Each week a host chef will present a make-at-home recipe, offering the opportunity for viewers to tune in with questions throughout the program.

Prior to each episode Luck and its partnering chefs will share a recipe card featuring ingredients that can be found at home, or can be added to the viewers’ lists for their next necessary grocery visit. The episodes will feature guest chefs and mixologists, and be garnished with live performances from some of our favorite Luck Family artists.

When: Weekly episodes kick off Friday, April 10th

Watch here or on Facebook Live!

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