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Girls Empowerment Network’s latest Lead With Your Voice Spark Kit is here to inspire tween and teen girls to make today’s dreams tomorrow’s reality. Their mission is to increase self-efficacy and ignite the power in girls by teaching them the skills to thrive and believe in their abilities to become unstoppable. 

For the Lead With Your Voice Spark Kit, girl experts created more than two dozen fun activities that help girls discover and use their voices today and learn how to lead in the future as voters and community leaders. They may not be old enough to vote yet, but they can learn more about their identities and experiences regarding culture, democracy, and civic engagement. 

The activities will help them gain the confidence they need to make decisions for themselves and their communities. The Spark Kits also connect girls to girl experts and peers on weekly calls, increasing their sense of community and self. 

What’s Inside?

The Lead With Your Voice Spark Kit features a colorful journal and all the supplies for 25 hands-on activities and aims to cultivate girls’ beliefs in their own abilities to become leaders. Every page features prompts and activities that help her use her own voice to understand her values and community, embrace creativity, and declare her own vision for her future. 

A sample of activities include: 

  • My Place in My Community Girls write and draw about their families, city, state, and country where they live to explore their communities and where their families came from.
  • How Diverse is Your Universe? – This colorful activity creates a threedimensional example of diversity in her life. 
  • RGB Collar – By making a collar inspired by those of the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, girls learn how one woman can elevate the voices of all and be herself at work and in the world.
  • Stump Speech and Say It Loud and Proud – After she imagines and defines her vision of the world at its best, she communicates her beliefs through a six-word stump speech. Then she makes a personalized megaphone to share her slogan and stump speech with friends and family.   
  • Voting Bracelets – Girls will create a sliding bead bracelet as a tool for stress management and celebrate someone in their life who exercises the right to vote.

The activities are self-led and come with virtual check-ins with girl experts via phone, text, or video call, which are available through the end of February 2021, making this an ideal holiday gift for girls, too. 

Spark Kits are so much fun girls will never know it’s designed to teach them skills for life.

How Do I Get One?

Lead With Your Voice Spark Kits are available to order online

Valued at $500 each, the kits are made possible with the support of donors and sponsors, making the cost to families and schools only $35 plus tax, with shipping calculated at checkout. Spark Kits can be mailed anywhere in the United States. 

Spark Kits can also be hand-delivered via a “Spirit Squad” within a 30mile radius of its Austin and Houston offices during weeks designated on the website. Deluxe Spark Kits are $50 and include fast shipping plus a limitededition Girls Empowerment Network t-shirt while supplies last. 

Additional Opportunities include sponsoring a Spark Kit, as well as Girls Empowerment Network virtual volunteer opportunities, such as writing relatable role model letters to girls.

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