On a chilly October evening that was unseasonably cold, I perused the internet for the perfect dinner I could eat on my couch. TaLad Thai and Lao Street Food popped up in my results and I decided to search no further. This spot had been on my “must try” list for a while, and it’s always nice when a food truck has a functioning website. TaLad’s website makes it super easy to order delivery or pickup online.

I opted for the Roti and Curry Sauce, which might be the freshest, chewiest roti I’ve had in Austin, along with dipping sauce that was flavorful without being overbearing. I also tried the Moo Ping, thin slices of pork on wooden skewers that were perfectly charred, and accompanied with another sweet dipping sauce that was so good that I stopped dipping and poured it directly over the skewers.

Moo Ping (Pork Skewers) from TaLad

Choosing the main course was the most difficult decision, but after clicking through all of the dish descriptions multiple times, I decided I should go for something that looked relatively healthy (after ordering multiple appetizers), and went with the Pad Kana with Chicken. Juicy slivers of chicken were mixed with tender gai lan (Chinese broccoli) in a delicious brown sauce with plenty of garlic and soy.

If you love Thai food, or you’re fortunate enough to be familiar with Lao food; or you just want to gain more knowledge of either, I highly recommend TaaLad. Oh, and they also have Pad Thai, which I’m sure is amazing if you want to stick to something you know!

Website: www.taladaustin.com

1606 E 6th
Austin, TX 78702

Tues – Sat, 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Sun, 6 p.m – 10 p.m.