There is a new gallery in town and they are opening with a bang! West Chelsea Contemporary welcomes the public to its newly renovated space with the exhibit “Concrete to Canvas” featuring the biggest names in street art. The show is epic in scope, visceral in feel, and articulates a movement that continues to be hugely important to art history (with artists whose markets are only appreciating in value).

With almost 8,000 square feet of exhibition space, “Concrete to Canvas” is a celebration of graffiti, street art, and the artists born of these movements. The exhibition is a rare opportunity to see and collect internationally recognized artists. The show includes an original painting by Banksy and a Basquiat print, two art legends whose work has never been shown in Austin.

The show will run through December 31 and features artists who successfully made the transition from walls and subways to studio work, including Banksy, Basquiat, Mr. Brainwash, Henry Chalfant, Cey Adams, CRASH, DABSMYLA, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, JonOne, JR, KAWS, Kobra, Kool Koor, Steve Lazarides, Daniel Maltzman, Barry McGee, Eric Orr, José Parlá, Cleon Peterson, Ricky Powell, Rammellzee, Blek Le Rat, RETNA, Risk, Kenny Scharf, Schoony, Seen, Stik, Swoon, and Vhils.

When: now through December 31st

West Chelsea Contemporary
1009 W 6th St


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