They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That probably has something to do with the success of instagram. Below are a list of 25 Austin stops that you most likely have instagrammed or if your travels take you there, you will. Use this guide as a way to play tourist in your own town. Tag me in your pictures so that I can see them (remember I can only see your picture if you have a public profile)!

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1. Mount Bonnell 


2. Selfie Looking Cute In The Donn’s Depot Bathroom


3. Sunset at The Oasis

photo 3-1.PNG


5. Cruising Over Congress at Sunset 

photo 5.PNG

6. The UT Tower – day, night, after a win or just on a random day, Hook ‘Em!

photo 2-1.PNG

7. The First Time You See Bluebonnets In The Spring

photo 1-4.PNG

8. Being Cute With Your “Butter Half”

photo 1-1.PNG

9. Your SnoBeach on a Hot Summer Day

photo 2-2.PNG

10. Anything Mustache Related 

photo 4-3.PNG

11. The 360 Bridge 

photo 3-2.PNG

12. The Frost Bank Building on a Clear Day

photo 4-2.PNG

13. Welcome To Austin Postcard

photo 4.PNG

14. Circuit of the Americas Tower 

photo 1.PNG

15. Your Pet At The Dog Park 


16. When You Discover The Baylor Street Art Wall 

photo 3-4.PNG

17. The Time You Finally Go On A Tour of The Capitol 

photo 3-3.PNG

18. When You Are About To Take The Plunge At Barton Springs

photo 3.PNG

19. Your “Welcome To Austin, Please Don’t Move Here” T-Shirt 

photo 5-1.PNG

20. Watching The Bats Fly 

photo 4-1.PNG

21. The Afternoon You Spent Kayaking 

photo 5-2.PNG

22. Indulging Yourself At Gourdough’s 

photo 1-3.PNG

23. The First Time See You Live Music At The Airport 

photo 2-3.PNG

24. Your Hey Cupcake Box of Goodness

photo 1-2.PNG

25. Just About Any Austin, Texas Sunset 

photo 2-4.PNG

Here are some bonus items that should be included but I have yet to instragram them so I don’t have an example.

  • The long line at Franklin BBQ
  • The one time you met Mack Brown
  • “Art” Cars

Lastly for a few laughs, check out this instagram parody.


In her previous life, Kristy was an uninspired realtor who was feeling a little bit bored with her day to day. So on January 1, 2010, she made a New Year’s resolution to write about one thing to do each day in her beloved city of Austin, Texas. And thus, 365 Things Austin was born.