Welcome to another weekend. This week, we’ll feature more events and fewer words, along with a top recommendation for each day.


Top Pick: Attend the music festival of your choosing. This weekend there are two great music festivals happening, one down in South Austin called Psych Fest, and another out in Lexington, TX, called MOCO Music and Arts fest. Check out the lineups and choose your vibe.

Also happening multiple days this weekend:

A new restaurant, Ezov, is opening from the group that brought you Emmer and Rye, and various other restaurants in town. Reservations are still available as of this publishing.

It’s also opening weekend for Barks for Beers. $30 gets you THIRTY beers throughout the month of May (plus this weekend) at various Central Texas breweries. Money raised will go to Divine Canines, a local group that provides free therapy dog services.

And do some strolling and shopping in some of the great Farmers’ Markets around Austin. You’ll be so grateful to yourself when your fridge is packed with fresh and local ingredients for the week ahead. It’s also a great family activity in general.


Top Pick: We mentioned La Popular in last weekend’s guide, and we had a great experience there. Reservations are hard to come by, but they have a large bar area and happy hour from 3-6 p.m. daily.


Top Pick: Austin Blues Festival has a stacked lineup and it would be a great opportunity to check out the Moody Amphitheater at Waterloo Greenway if you haven’t been out there yet.


Top Pick: With a current forecast of 82 and sunny, we’ll definitely be headed out to Ski Shores on a boat shuttle from Float On. The boat picks you up at Walsh Landing (right next to Hula Hut) and takes you on a quick tour of Lake Austin on your way to Ski Shores. They’ll have complimentary bevs on the boat from Watertight Cocktails, and riders will receive expedited seating and a complimentary cocktail from BODY vodka at the lakeside bar and restaurant.