Dry skin can be such a drag. Here a five tip for getting that glowing complexion we all crave!

1. Ditch The Morning Cleanse

If you’re nighttime routine is on point, the morning cleanse can be skipped. This allows your skin’s natural barrier to repair and protects against over-stripping. A hydrating mist should be used as your first step.

2. Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Retains moisture, leading to smoother, plumper skin. Serum should always be applied to clean, dry skin underneath your moisture routine.

3. Facial Oil

The perfect non-comedogenic facial oil can be a game changer with dry skin. Omegas provide protection from aging, inflammation, and dullness.

4. Drink It Up

This is obvious but cannot be stressed enough. 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Over 64 ounces per day is recommended, though in the texas heat, I would recommend even more than that. Our bodies become accustomed to dehydration so you might be lacking water more than you even realize.

5. Weekly Masking

There are so many on the market. Sheet Masks are a major trend right now. Once per week can bring your skin to better balance and give you the glow your skin is craving.

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