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Event Booze

If your venue is BYOB there are a ton of great options in the Austin area. Also a great time to start thinking about whether you want a full bar, beer and wine only or a mixture of beer, wine, small bar with basic liquors like vodka, whiskey, tequila, and then having a signature cocktail. Doing a partial bar can still ensure your guests have ability for fun cocktails and a small liquor selection without breaking the bank. When formulating your signature cocktails, try to tie it back to something personal like naming after a hometown, sporting team, or college – adds a little something extra!

Twin Liquors has case discounts on wine and sparkling year round, and great wine selections. Some of their newer stores are massive and the staff is always very attentive and helpful when making selections. Tons of locations!

Twin Liquors

Spec’s has an amazing BYOB policy where if you don’t use it, you can return it!

Central Market (Wine) – Very reasonably priced wine and a large selection. 

Total Wine – Very attentive and knowledgeable staff, large selection and bulk discounts.

Pro Tip: Think about adding something fun here like a drink trailer – they have several champagne trailers or craft cocktail trailers (i.e. Spicy Margs). Our favorite is Drink Slingers

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