People are loyal to their barbers, and as a result, the industry is very competitive. But a new brand of multifaceted barbershops with two locations in Austin is stepping things up by creating an experience rather than just a service. Olde Soul tries to be one step ahead of traditional barbershops, including great prices. 

They are bridging the gap between the $20 barbershop and the $90 salon by offering full-service haircuts and facial grooming for an average of $55. They also offer waxing services, personal care, and grooming products. 


The Olde Soul takes pride in ensuring that all barbers are knowledgeable and passionate about classic barbering. Every client consultation is tailored and customized to each individual’s needs and desires. They also offer beverages, light massage, and a hot towel with every service!

Groomsmen Experience 

Are you planning a wedding in Austin? For the biggest day of your life, you and your groomsmen can’t look anything less than ready. Olde Soul will sharpen up the gents the night before or the day of your wedding and make sure you all look your best for the main event. Booking includes drinks, masseuse, and more.


The Olde Soul is also helping sell their unique goods with a great online retail experience. Their marketplace has a diverse range of unique, high-quality products that can’t be found at big retailers, including personal care products, apparel for men and women, accessories, home goods, and lifestyle accessories like prints and stickers. They feature over 200 small businesses across the United States. 

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