If you’ve been downtown recently, things have been looking a little sad. With restaurants and forced to close, there are boarded up windows everywhere you look. Thankfully, because Austin is Austin, artists have stepped up to make something beautiful out of an ugly situation. 

As part of the new Hope for Health campaign, which has a goal of supporting Austin’s creative community during the pandemic, artists have painted inspirational messages on the boarded up windows of various downtown bars along Sixth Street. This art has the message of togetherness in our community during a time when we all are having to be physically apart by turning the blank boards into messages of hope and wellness during this unpredictable crisis.

Here is a list of the amazing artists who have contributed to the campaign so far:

Bijou Lounge (415 E 6th Street): Jasmine Gonzales (@jrg3796), Carmen Rangel (@vivalapainter), Morgane Xenos (@morgane_xenos)

Burnside’s Tavern (413 E 6th St): Sadé Channell (@coslawson), Kimie Flores (@kimieflores), Stellar Roz (@stella_roz)

Pour Choices (401 E 6th St): GRITO (@gritoemuerte), SQUID (@squidnarx), David ‘Daaru’ Russell (@daaru_art)

Touche (417 E 6th St): ER (@erthink), Brittany Johnson (@brittpaintsalot), Unruly (@nokia3310teecf)

Toulouse (409 E 6th St): Niz (@elennizzle), Nathan ‘Sloke’ Nordstrom (@slokeone), Mez Data (@mezdata)

The Lodge (411 E 6th St): Bern (@akbernal), Aaron Darling (@acsogod), Jiminai (@jiminai)

 Library Bar (407 E 6th St): Matthew Trujillo (@mattru22)

The HOPE Campaign is also creating 200 HOPE for Health Wellness bags consisting of nutrition and immunity items for our community of artists and creatives that not only need to maintain their health during this quarantine, but also their careers and livelihood. Click here to donate to this amazing cause! 


In her previous life, Kristy was an uninspired realtor who was feeling a little bit bored with her day to day. So on January 1, 2010, she made a New Year’s resolution to write about one thing to do each day in her beloved city of Austin, Texas. And thus, 365 Things Austin was born.