Calling all soccer-loving art fans! When it comes to Austin and its diversity, how can you not combine art and soccer? Beginning today, the Austin FC Club launched the “ATXFC Artist Initiative” program. 

The program plans to work directly with local artists over the next decade to create an ongoing piece that incorporates original Austin artwork into the fabric of the stadium to support and shine a light on the Austin art community. 

The goal of the club is to become a flagbearer for Austin and highlight all things that make Austin the way that it is (weird), which is awesome of course! The Austin FC Club believes that connecting the cultural part of the city with those who have a passion for the sport will spell success for this program. 

In addition to using the walls of the city, artists will now have the opportunity to show off their creative skills on a new canvas, the Austin FC stadium! New artists will be featured throughout the season to elevate the creative community and contribute to the rotating mural that will be placed in the entryway of the stadium. 

Those who are interested in showcasing their art skills are encouraged to reach out to the Austin FC Club to participate in this new cultural phenomenon. No matter the project, we will be first in line to experience the continued growth of the Austin art community!