Friends, it’s looking like we may be stuck at home for a while. But if we are looking for a bright side—and we always are these days!—the truth is that many of us will have more time to do the things we’ve been putting off for years. In 2020 there are countless online options for getting in shape. YouTube is full of basically any workout you can imagine and most everything you can do in your living room.

Since we’re all about local love around here, we wanted to highlight a few Austin fitness businesses that are going online and helping us stay fit during these days of social distancing. Check them out below and if you’d like your spot to be added to the list, give us a shout at Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

Wanderlust Yoga

Wanderlust Live Streaming yoga classes are now available!

Register for your class as you normally would with your membership, class pack, or a drop in. You will receive an email from them 30 minutes before the start of class with the Zoom meeting information. You must have a Zoom account, get yours free here. Go to the Zoom link at class start time and enter the passcode your unique meeting ID.

Expect online classes to be available soon which can be accessed 24/7.

Castle Hill Fitness

Here’s an awesome workout from the folks at Castle Hill that will surely kick your butt and it doesn’t need to be done on a beach to be super effective. This equipment-free workout with Amid, on their Instagram IGTV channel, will be just the movement your body needs today.

» Jackknife x 4 + Bicycles x10
» Jumping Jacks x 6 + High Knees x10
» Mountain Climbers x 20 + 20 second sprint
» Switch Lunges x 6 + Lunge Hop x6
» Walk to Push-Up Position with Straight Legs + Push-Up + Downward-Facing Dog + Push-Up + Knee to Elbow Tucks + Push-Up + Walk Back to Beginning Position with Straight Legs

Do each exercise for as many rounds as desired—Amid recommends three!

Classes with Gustavo

Our favorite local fitness guru, Gustavo Padron, is taking his classes online with the help of the Glo online portal. Glo is currently offering a free trial membership and you can sign up for Gustavo’s yoga and bootcamp classes, and thousands of other classes as well.

E+E Fitness

E+E is live streaming classes and building a library of videos for purchase. Members can view for free as part of their membership and anyone else can purchase for $9 per class.

They are also offering a bootcamp style class just outside of the studio on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m., Saturdays at 10 a.m., and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. This class will be limited to eight participants and equipment will be optional.

East Austin Athletic Club

EAAC has allowed members to checkout gym equipment and use it for their at-home workouts. They’re currently offering EAAC Strengthen & Shred (dumbbells, kettlebell, and body weight) and EAAC Power Yoga & Gentle Yoga classes virtually.

Black Swan Yoga 

Now you can experience it at the fun and super unique atmosphere of Black Swan classes at home. While their studios are temporarily closed, the online donations you provide for the practice will support the BSY Teachers we all know and love. Online donations are available in each of the studio’s live feed pages.

Camp Gladiator 

Camp Gladiator is all of the country these days, but a bunch of their workouts around town are run by local entrepreneurs. To combat COVID-19, they’re introducing the #HustleFromHome Series live on Facebook.

Tune in Mon-Fri at 5 a.m., 8 a.m. & 5:30 p.m. CT and Sat at 8 a..! They will also have printable workouts you can knock out any time, anywhere. More details here.

MOD Fitness

MOD Fitness Austin

For all your barre needs, MOD is currently offering several virtual classes daily. Rather than viewing pre-taped classes on youtube, take a live virtual class with your favorite instructor.

Crux Climbing Center

Instructors at Crux Climbing Center are live streaming workouts on their own social media platforms. You can find their live streaming schedule on their website at here. Along with live workouts there is also previous live sessions on their site that you can steam at anytime! To keep things fun Crux has introduced Weekly Challenges to bring the community together. Tag them in your try-hards, fails, and successes on social media, so they can share with others!

Soma Lux Pilates

As most of us are either sheltering at home, or on the front lines providing essential services, it’s becoming even more important to keep our bodies and minds healthy and engaged. Soma Lux Pilates is excited to be offering the following virtual opportunities for movement, wellness and connection- group classes, customized sessions, and an array of tips and tricks to boost your mental & physical well-being. Find all of their virtual classes here.

Class Pass (But Make It Local)

We understand they’re a national brand, but membership includes virtual access to some of our favorite local gyms and studios, like Athletic Outcomes and Black Swan Yoga.

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